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Kick-off local time : Sat, 08 March 2014 - 14h30
Kick-off : Sat, 08 March 2014 - 16h30
Venue : Dublin
Referee : Nigel Owens (Wales)
Match status : Result
  Ireland Italy
Tries Jonathan Sexton (7min), Jonathan Sexton (61min), Sean Cronin (69min), and Jack McGrath (80min) Leonardo Sarto (25min)
Penalties Jonathan Sexton (31min)
Conversions Jonathan Sexton (8min) and Jonathan Sexton (39min) Luciano Orquera (26min)
Penalty tries
Yellow cards
Red cards
Minute Commentary


Ireland are searching for their 7th try as McFadden chips and chases into the Italian 22. He regathers and the attack continues. The home side wins another penalty and batter away at the Italian line. Jack McGrath picks and go and crashes his way over the line to score a TRY! Jackson misses the conversion and that is FULL TIME! Ireland have thrashed Italy at an emotionally-charged Aviva Stadium to give Brian O'Driscoll a great send-off in his final home Test match as well as giving Ireland a great chance to win the Six Nations should they beat France in Paris next week. Stay with us for more LIVE coverage as Scotland host France next!


The home side bring it down from the line-out and look for another try. They send it wide but can't find any gaps until McFadden gets his hands on the ball and runs hard and straight and powers over for the TRY under the poles. Jackson drop kicks the CONVERSION


Ireland have the scrum and win the penalty for Italy's illegal scrummaging. Reddan takes it quickly and wins his side another 10m. Jackson kicks to the corner and finds it 5m out


Ireland go again and attempt to run the ball from their own 22, but D'Arcy's pass to Trimble drifts forward. Italy don't use the chance though as accidental obstruction halts their charge - Barbieri runs into Geldenhuys at the scrum


Paddy Jackson adds the extra two points for the CONVERSION


Toner drops the ball at the line-out but O'Connell collects it. They send it wide to Chris Henry but it gets stolen from Esposito but Ruddock returns the favour and regains possession for his side. The ball is sent through the hands and Sean Cronin goes over in the corner for the TRY!


Ireland string together the phases in the Italian half now. D'Arcy runs strongly and then Rhys Ruddock as Ireland reach the Italy 22. Italy enter the ruck from the side and Paddy Jackson (who has replaced Sexton) boots the ball into touch 8m out from the line


Italy attack now and look to strike back, but they lose it after being held-up by the Irish defence. Collapsed maul and the ball is given to Ireland at the scrum.


Sexton misses the conversion and O'Driscoll is replaced by Fergus McFadden - and the veteran Irish centre leaves the field for the last time in a Test match in Ireland to a standing ovation!


Heaslip breaks away and sets up the play. They send it to the left and O'Driscoll releases a fantastic reverse pass to open up the space out wide to Kearney who sends Sexton over in the corner for the TRY!


Italy win the scrum and send in through the hands but a losse pass from Garcia turns the ball over. O'Driscoll snaps it up and goes on a run downfield but he can't fins any support runners as an Italian hand gets in the way of his pass. Scrum to Ireland


Ireland are hungry for more points now and Rob Kearney runs strongly, and then Dave Kearney makes a good run. Toner carries it on but knocks the ball forward. Campagnaro kicks it clear but Rob Kearney runs it back once more. The play break down as D'Arcy sends his pass forward.


Sexton misses the conversion attempt from a difficult angle


There is big pressure on Italy at scrum time and it shifts on to McLean and he tries to clear, and he does not make much ground. Ireland set-up another maul from the line-out and make it into the Italian 22. Sexton plays a good pass to Heaslip who makes ground. They send it wide to O'Driscoll who sends a flat pass to Trimble and the big wing is tackled just short. A penalty ensues and Reddan takes it quickly but is stopped short, Cian Healy picks it up and barges over for the TRY!


Sexton kicks to the corner once more, from a very kickable penalty. He finds touch 7m out. They setup a maul, and Henry carries it forward but it comes to nothing and Italy win the scrum for a collapsed maul. Good Italian defence


Ireland try an intricate move but Joshua Furno reads it and goes for the intercept but he knocks it out. Trimble runs it back but there's no advantage. A scuffle ensues and a large number of players from both sides get involved. Referee Nigel Owens send it up to the TMO to check the incident for foul play. Bortolami and O'Connell are the main protagonists and Ireland receive the penalty


Italy win the line-out and they try to run it out of their own half, until Tebaldi puts up a box kick. Rob Kearney runs it back and gives the ball to Healy but Campagnaro rips it in the tackle and the Italians have it back. Not for long though as O'Driscoll forces McLean to hold on. Sexton finds touch on the Italian 22


Best finds Toner. Time for another maul and they make some ground until they spread it wide and O'Driscoll puts in a little chip kick towards the corner flag - but Sexton is in front of the kicker and gets penalised. Italy can clear and relieve the pressure


Tebaldi puts up an up-and-under and Dave Kearney knock it forward into the waiting hands of Orquera whos finds a good touch in the Irish half. Ireland maul it up from the line-out and make 20m until Derbyshire is penalised from entering the maul from the wrong side.


Sexton gets the second half underway!


Ireland look to attack once more but O'Driscoll has had enough for once half and his grubber finds touch. That's HALF-TIME! Ireland dominated possession and territory for large parts of the first 40 minutes but Italy had their good moments too and, apart from their try, gave Ireland a few more scares as well. An interesting second 40 minutes awaits. Join us in 10 minutes!


Sexton adds the tricky sideline CONVERSION


It's scrappy ball from the scrum for Ireland and Rob Kearney rushes his clearance. Line-out to Italy on the Irish 22. The visitors set-up a maul and then Robert Barbieri breaks. Quintin Geldenhuys runs it up but is forced to hold on by Chris Henry. Ireland take a quick tap and break downfield through O'Driscoll and then Rob Kearney. Ireland build the phases in Italy's 22, as they spread it from side-to-side. A turnover for each side follows in quick succession and the hosts attack again. Magic from O'Driscoll eventually creates a TRY - he dummies one defender and then plays a great ball over the top of another to put Trimble away who steps passed Tebaldi to score


Italy have their turn to attack now after the kick-off and they recycle the ball well. Luke McLean makes a good break but just get dragged down in the tackle from Reddan. He would have been clean through! Tito Tebaldi knocks on from the base of the ruck and the Irish are let off the hook.


Ireland look to strike back and managed to win a scrum in the Italian 22. We had a couple of resets at scrumtime as the pace of the game slows. Reddan breaks blind and is tackled just metre from the line. Great thinking from the scrumhalf. Nothing comes of the following phases but Ireland win a penalty as Bortolami enters the ruck from the side. Sexton lines up the kick at goal and slots the PENALTY


Orquera adds the simple CONVERSION


TRY - Trimble puts in a huge tackle on Paul Derbyshire but the Italian flank get his pass away to Leonardo Sarto who motors down the wing, beats the tackle of Rob Kearney and the covering Sexton to dot down under the poles!


Ireland launch another attack and O'Driscoll carries strongly, so does Toner and the home side makes progress until O'Driscoll tries a chip kick in behind the defence which comes to nothing. Italy run the ball out of their 22 but lose it when Mike Ross rips it from Alberto De Marchi in the tackle


Bortolami wins the line-out ball and McLean clears and finds a decent touch. Best finds his jumper and Irealnd surge into the Italian 22 once more. Gordon D'Arcy, and then Cian Healy charge the ball forward but a knock forwards comes just a metre from the line.


Conor Murray leaves the field gingerly and Eoin Reddan makes his entrance. Ireland win a tighthead at the scrum and have the ball on the 22, Reddan puts in a cross-kick but it just doesn't stay in for the flying Andrew Trimble. Italy line-out just 5m out from their own line


Italy get a penalty for offside and kick it out but don't win their own line-out once more! Ireland on the attack again. They surge towards the Italian 22 , with Best and Kearney running well but an O'Connell knock stops their progress this time


Rory Best's line-out is skew but the Italians knock on the ball, wasting their chance. Sexton clears and Luke McLean runs it back strongly, as Italy enjoy some more possession and string together the phases. Good hands sends Angelo Esposito away but he is dragged down 10m from the line. Ireland manages to turn it over through and can clear. They get it back though and attack once more. Sexton makes a great break and offloads to Heaslip at pace. The break takes the hosts to the Italian 22 until a knock on halts their charge


Martin Castrogiovanni has to leave the field for Italy. That will be a big loss to the visitors' forward pack. Ireland clear from the kick-off and then Devin Toner wins the opponents line-out ball! Early problems for Italy at the set-piece. Ireland lose the ball forward and Italy get a chance to attack. It fizzles out though, when Michele Campagnaro is tackled into touch on the Irish 22m line


Sexton adds the CONVERSION to his own try.


The first scrum of the game is solid for Ireland - and they use it to great effect! O'Driscoll runs well and sends a brilliant wraparound pass to Sexton who bursts through the Italian line to score a TRY!


Ireland set an another maul, but it doesn;t go far. Conor Murray looks for runners and finds Jamie Heaslip. Patient build-up from Ireland here. They eventually send the ball through the hands and Kearney runs strongly. More patient building of the phases in the forwards. After 20 phases the Irish have made 20 metres towards the line, until Orquera attempts an intercept but drops it. Good defence from the visitors


Ireland steal the line-out through O'Connell and set-up a maul. The home side spread the ball wide and Kearney puts boot to ball. Italy clear to halfway


Ireland storm out of their 22 straightaway through Paul O'Connell. They recycle the ball and Sexton's clearance kick is a poor one


The formalities are a thing of the past and we are ready for the action! Luciano Orquera kicks-off!


The weather is clear in Dublin today, and the stadium is packed, so we should be set for a good game. The National Anthems are underway


The teams are on the field and the formalities are underway as they meet some dignitaries


Today will be Brian O'Driscoll's final home Test match, as he is retiring at the end of the Six Nations. Hiis teammates will want to send him off on a high in his 140th Test Match.


In the last encounter against Italy at this stadium, Ireland won 42-10. They will be looking for a similar result today to boost their points differential with as many as four teams currently tied on two wins from three in the competition this year - Ireland, England, Wales and France


When these two sides met in last year's Six Nations competition, Italy managed their first win over the Irish since 1997 - winning 22-15 in Rome


Both sides come into the match off the back of narrow losses, with Ireland having gone down 10-13 in a tight encounter versus England at Twickenham last game. While an 80th minute drop-goal from Scotland's Duncan Weir consigned Italy to a 20-21 reverse in Rome last time out.


This match sees 1st play 6th on the standings. Ireland top the table and need to win to keep their championship hopes alive, while Italy will be keen to register their first win of the competition this year.


Welcome to the Aviva Stadium, in Dublin, for this fourth round Six Nations clash!
15 Rob Kearney
14 Tommy Bowe
13 Rob Henshaw
12 Gordon D'Arcy
11 Simon Zebo
10 Jonathan Sexton
9 Conor Murray
8 Jamie Heaslip
7 Rhys Ruddock
6 Peter O'Mahony
5 Paul O'Connell
4 Devin Toner
3 Mike Ross
2 Rory Best
1 Jack McGrath

23 Felix Jones
22 Ian Madigan
21 Eoin Reddan
20 Tommy O'Donnell
19 Dave Foley
18 Rodney Ah You
17 Dave Kilcoyne
16 Sean Cronin
15 Andrea Masi
14 Leonardo Sarto
13 Michele Campagnaro
12 Luca Morisi
11 Luke McLean
10 Kelly Haimona
9 Edoardo Gori
8 Sergio Parisse
7 Samuela Vunisa
6 Alessandro Zanni
5 Joshua Furno
4 Quintin Geldenhuys
3 Martin Castrogiovanni
2 Leonardo Ghiraldini
1 Matias Aguero

23 Giulio Toniolatti
22 Luciano Orquera
21 Guglielmo Palazzani
20 Francesco Minto
19 Marco Bortolami
18 Dario Chistolini
17 Alberto De Marchi
16 Andrea Manici