Six Nations

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Kick-off local time : Sat, 15 March 2014 - 13h30
Kick-off : Sat, 15 March 2014 - 14h30
Venue : Rome
Referee : Pascal Gauzère
Match status : Result
  Italy England
Tries Leonardo Sarto (69min) Mike Brown (13min), Owen Farrell (33min), Mike Brown (39min), and Chris Robshaw (80min)
Penalties Luciano Orquera (6min) and Luciano Orquera (23min) Owen Farrell (11min)
Conversions Owen Farrell (14min), Owen Farrell (33min), Owen Farrell (40min), Owen Farrell (53min), Owen Farrell (62min), Owen Farrell (68min), and Owen Farrell (80min)
Penalty tries
Yellow cards Marco Bortolami (51min)
Red cards
Minute Commentary


Italy don't get far out of their 22 before they knock on. Scrum to England and the visitors win a penalty. Farrell finds touch on the Italian 5m line. Robshaw catches and they setup a maul. It collapses and Italy are penalised. England go again but they knock on. Parisse picks and has a go from the scrum, just metres from his line. They send it wide to McLean but they lose the ball and England strike! George Ford makes the break and sends the pass to captain Chris Robshaw who dives over to grab the seventh TRY! Farrell adds the CONVERSION and that is FULL-TIME! A commanding performance from England but they have fallen eight points short of passing Ireland on points difference - they will need a France win over Ireland later to secure the Six Nations title. Stay with us for more LIVE COMMENTARY as Wales host Scotland next before France host Ireland for the final game of the tournament!


England win another tighthead and can attack again. Morgan runs well and gets close but play is stopped as their has been an incident of foul play. Assistant referee Nigel Owens comes into play and says Farrell made a high tackle on Edoardo Gori off the ball. A very dangerous action as he flung the player by the neck. Lucky not to receive yellow there


Tom Youngs enters the ruck from the side and Allan kicks for touch and finds it in the English 22. They can't keep secure the ball though and Robshaw pounces on it. England build the phases in their own half before Dave Attwood makes a terrific break, deep into the Italian half. After 12 phases Lee Dickson knocks on at the base of the ruck. Pity for England who need 16 more points to pass Ireland on points difference


Italy attack from deep once more. Campagnaro runs very strongly again and break a few tackle but the attack breaks down as a knock on is forced and England can clear


Allan misses the conversion


TRY - England look to attack once more but Sarto intercepts! He races away to score in the corner, much to the delight of the crown, who break into song


5m to England, they bring it down and pick and go, before sending it wide and Tuilagi brushes off a few tacklers with ease and strolls over under the sticks for a TRY! Farrell adds the CONVERSION


Italy win their lineout and send it to the backs but Allan knocks on. Scrum to England 30m out. Tuilagi bashes it up but Campagnaro steals it for Italy and they clear. Nowell runs it back and they make it into the 22 but McLean steals it back on the ground - illegally


Farrell launches a huge punt and sends the Italians back into their own half.


Farrell kicks the CONVERSION


England attack and Nowell runs strongly and offloads to Brown, running at pace. Manu Tuilagi, who has replaced Burrell, now goes close. Billy Twelvetress runs hard and straight and beats a few defenders and offloads in the tackle to Vunipola who canters in a few metres to score a TRY under the poles


McLean kicks the ball out on the full as he tries to find touch inside the English half and they go back for a scrum on halfway


Italy attack and win a penalty for Farrell sticking his hands in the ruck. They kicks it out and find touch on the England 22 and McLean switches with Campagnaro as Italy make ground, but Launchbury wins a penalty as he forces his opponent to hold on


Farrell adds the CONVERSION


England opt for a scum, 5m out from the Italian line. Morgan flicks it to Care who shifts it to Farrell, who gives a pop ball to Brown wrapping who sends the pass to Nowell and the wing canters in for the TRY. Wonderful set-piece play from England


England can attack now but it comes to nothing as Ghiraldini holds up the run of Morgan and it's a scrum to Italy. Big scrum from England and they win a tighthead, shortly after Italy had made two substitutes in their front row. England win a free kick but Vunipola knocks on and the home side get a 5m scrum but England win another penalty at the scrum. Care takes it quickly and Burrell charges for the line but he is stopped and Marco Bortolami receives a YELLOW CARD for being offside


It's a very strong Italian scrum and they milk a penalty from it after having driven the English pack back more than 5m. Tommy Allan is on and kicks the penalty into touch inside England's half. Italy close the gap at the lineout and are penalised


England win the penalty at the scrum for the Italian front row pulling in to ground. Better scrum for the visitors that time. Farrell kicks to touch and finds touch on Italy's 22. Farrell makes a halfbreak and sends an inside pass to Nowell who drops the ball. Italy scrum


Both sides have a chance to run the ball to start the second half but it comes nothing as Italy knock on. England win the ball at the lineout and roll forward with a maul, and then Care kicks and Nowell chases and knocks on. Italy send it wide and Michele Campagnaro break away but when he tries to draw and pass the final defender his pass drifts forward


Orquera gets the second half underway!


Farrell adds the CONVERSION, we restart but it's scruffy and a knock on leads to HALF-TIME! England have dominated all facets of the game except at scrum time. However they have still had more than enough ball and look very dangerous when they send the ball through the hands to their backline. Italy have had some chances but errors have plagued their attacks. Join us in 10 minutes for the second half!


Italy win their lineout but then Tebaldi kicks it out in the full... England lineout ball just outside the 22. Burrell sends an inside ball to Farrell who beats a tackler and offloads in the next tackle to Brown who speeds through to score a TRY! The fullback's second of the day.


England win a penalty for the Italian tackler not releasing and Care takes it quickly and they charge into the Italian 22 once more, but it breaks down when Robshaw runs into Ben Morgan. Obstruction


Italy gets a rare chance to attack but Gonzalo Garcia kicks it away. Brown kicks and chases but Tebaldi is there to clean up and he runs it into touch.


Lawes fumbles the lineout but it comes back on England's side. Launchbury charges it up, then Ben Morgan. Robshaw gets close to getting over the line, and eventually Farrell gets the TRY! Care broke blind and put the flyhalf in the gap and he strolled over the line and adds the CONVERSION quicky


Care goes from the scrum and break a few tackles before he offloads to Brown who does the same. Great momentum for England. May runs well now and the visitors make it into the Italy 22. Burrell almost finds his way through the defence but is stopped just metres short. Vunipola is tackled just two metres out but the tackler didn't roll away. Penalty to England and Care knocks it into touch


Orquera kicks to touch but Courtney Lawes steals the lineout but the big lock fumbles the ball and it's an Italian scrum. Early push at the scrum from England and Parrise taps quickly but Robert Barbieri knocks on


From the lineout Burrell break clean through the defence, wonderful run. He finds Care who sends it wide to May but the cover defence catches up and Italy managed to tackle the wing into touch. Italy win an offside penalty at the lineout. Farrell the culprit


England attack once more but Leonardo Ghiraldini makes a great turnover and Orquera kicks into touch inside England's half. The visitors seem to be forcing the play


Italy win a penalty at the scrum. Vunipola drops his bind and Italy's dominance at the scrum continues. Orquera kicks at goal and lands the PENALTY from the right hand side


Some frantic play ends with an England penalty. Burrell sends a poor pass to Nowell who drops it and Leonardo Sarto speeds away but it hauled down by Farrell in the 22. Italy infringe at the breakdown. England win the lineout and spread it wide where Brown runs strongly but gets untidy from there as Care knocks on


Joe Launchbury wins the ball and the lineout and Care breaks blind and slips a pass to Jonny May, but the wing get tackles into touch


Italy get a scrum soon after the kickoff after referee Pascal Gauzère got in the way of the ball. Solid scrum and the Italians play a good looking backline move but eventually McLean loses the ball forward inside the English 22


Farrell lands the tricky sideline CONVERSION


Danny Care catches the kickoff and kicks to clear to the 10m line inside his own half. Italy lose their lineout and England can attack once more. Vunipola makes good yards down the right hand side, they are struggling to tackle him. The ball goes down the left and Burrell beats a couple of tackles and releases a good pass to the flying Brown who speeds away to score a TRY in the corner


Farrell lines up the kick and nails the PENALTY


England want to strike back and Farrell threads through a grubber towards the corner, McLean cleans up but can only run it out. England lineout 10m out, they put together the few phases through strong runs from Mako Vunipola and Luther Burrell. Billy Twelvetress pass to Burrell goes forward and Italy regather it until they are turned over at the breakdown and Brown runs well. Play breaks down when England win the penalty for hands in the run


Another strong scrum from Italy. Tom Wood goes around offside at the scrum and the front row stood up early. Orquera lines up a kick at goal and lands the PENALTY


Italy win their scrum strongly, and setup camp in the English half before Tito Tebaldi kicks it away. Mike Brown marks it in his 22 and clears. Luke McLean runs it back before Luciano Orquera puts up an up-and-under but Brown and Jack Nowell collide and spill the ball. Scrum to Italy


Immediately Italy clear to touch on halfway. Dylan Hartley finds his jumper and England start to string together phases but play break down when they knock on


It's time for the action in front of a big crowd at the Stadio Olympico and Owen Farrell kicks off in the bright sunshine!


Time for the National Anthems in Rome!


The teams are making their way out onto the field. Italy led by Sergio Parisse and England led by Chris Robshaw


It's a sunny day in Rome, perfect conditions for running rugby - which should please the visitors


Last year's meeting between these two teams was also a close encounter, with England winning 18-11 at Twickenham


England have never lost to Italy in the 19 encounters between the two sides. The last time this two nations met at this stadium saw the Italians come the closest they ever have to a win over England, when they went down 15-19 in 2012.


For Italy, it's a last chance to register a victory in this year's tournament, as they have lost four from four this season. Can the Azzuri spoil England's day?


The situation for England is clear: they need to win to stand any chance of securing the Six Nations title. The bigger the win the better as they trail Ireland on points difference on the standings, however they can worry about that later when France host Ireland. Firstly they need to secure victory


Welcome to the Stadio Olimpico, in Rome, for this final round Six Nations clash!
15 Andrea Masi
14 Leonardo Sarto
13 Michele Campagnaro
12 Luca Morisi
11 Luke McLean
10 Kelly Haimona
9 Edoardo Gori
8 Sergio Parisse
7 Samuela Vunisa
6 Alessandro Zanni
5 Joshua Furno
4 Quintin Geldenhuys
3 Martin Castrogiovanni
2 Leonardo Ghiraldini
1 Matias Aguero

23 Giulio Toniolatti
22 Luciano Orquera
21 Guglielmo Palazzani
20 Francesco Minto
19 Marco Bortolami
18 Dario Chistolini
17 Alberto De Marchi
16 Andrea Manici
15 Mike Brown
14 Anthony Watson
13 Brad Barritt
12 Billy Twelvetrees
11 Jonny May
10 George Ford
9 Ben Youngs
8 Ben Morgan
7 Chris Robshaw
6 Tom Wood
5 Courtney Lawes
4 Dave Attwood
3 David Wilson
2 Dylan Hartley
1 Joe Marler

23 Marland Yarde
22 Owen Farrell
21 Richard Wigglesworth
20 James Haskell
19 George Kruis
18 Kieran Brookes
17 Matt Mullan
16 Rob Webber