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Kick-off local time : Sat, 15 March 2014 - 18h00
Kick-off : Sat, 15 March 2014 - 19h00
Venue : Saint-Denis
Referee : Steve Walsh (Australia)
Match status : Result
  France Ireland
Tries Jonathan Sexton (22min) and Jonathan Sexton (48min)
Penalties Jonathan Sexton (53min)
Conversions Jonathan Sexton (27min) and Jonathan Sexton (49min)
Penalty tries
Yellow cards
Red cards
Minute Commentary


15m scrum to Ireland with huge pressure on them, having been penalised at their last scrum. The first scrum goes straight to ground and is reset... One last scrum... It's a tighthead! France have the ball and Vahaamahina runs it forward, but he gets held up and Ireland win the scrum! That is FULL-TIME and Ireland have won the match and the Six Nations! What a finish! What a game! Ireland have won their first Six Nations since 2009 and have given the dream send off to their retiring legend Brian O'Driscoll. It was a incredible match with plenty of swings in momentum, from trailing 13-22 and looking down-and-out, France were just a forward pass away from stealing the win at the end and handing England the title. On such fine margins are titles won and lost. It wasn't to be though and it was Ireland's day and Ireland's championship. That's the end of our Six Nations LIVE coverage for another year, be sure to join us next week for more Super Rugby action.


Ireland build phases in the French half as they look to wind down the clock. They keep it tight and keep possession secure, until after 17 phases Guirado causes Madigan to hold on. France don't find touch! But it doesn't matter as they get the ball back and Maxime Mermoz runs strongly down the left hand side. They send it back to the right hand side and Chouly goes over in the corner to score what could be the match-winning try... But it looks like there was a forward pass from Papé to Chouly. We go to the TMO to check... It's called forward! Ireland breath again!


Chouly wins the lineout ball and Doussain breaks away but Guilhem Guirado flies into the ruck from the side and gives away a penalty. Madigan can clear from his own half and finds touch on the France 10m line


Tales puts up an up-and-under and Rob Kearney marks it in his 22m area. He boots it clear but France run it back. Bastareaud gets a good offload and to Medard but the wing is tackled into touch. Ireland lineout on their 10m line. Toner catches and Ireland maul it up, before Eoin Reddan kicks ahead, deep into French territory. Dulin runs it back before Bastareaud charges up once more taking defenders with him. Tales kicks ahead and Madigan finds touch inside the French half as time ticks away


Ireland get dominated on their feed and concede a penalty. Jean-Marc Doussain is on the park for France and he lines up the kick which he misses! Huge moment, the kick was just to the left of the upright, 30m out


France win their lineout and Bastareaud crashes it up into Sexton. Play is stopped as Sexton is down and looks somewhat dazed. It looks as if the forearm of Bastareaud connected with face of the Irish flyhalf and Sexton is worse for ware as they call for the stretcher. The crowd applaud warmly as Sexton is carried from the field. Ian Madigan takes over at flyhalf for Ireland


France win the lineout ball and Sébastien Vahaamahina crashes the ball up, but the ball becomes unplayable at the ruck and the hosts get the scrum as they were going forward. Healy is penalised for an incorrect angle at the scrum


France look to strike again and build 8 phases before Machenaud kicks and Rob Kearney returns the favour and finds touch on the 10m line in the French half


Machenaud adds the CONVERSION


France send it wide from the scrum and Machenaud bashes it up with great momentum, Machenaud snipes and looks to score but eventually Szarzewski scores the TRY against the padding of the post. It looks somewhat like it could have been knocked on, but it matters little as the try has been awarded


Huget breaks away now and finds Medard. The wing fires an inside pass but O'Driscoll tackles the support player before he gets the ball. Penalty to France. They setup a lineout on the Irish 22. Debarty cahrges forward and then Bastareaud makes vital metres towards the tryline. 5m out now as Pape runs strongly, Machenaud goes blind to Debaty who is stopped just short. They go wide and Tales boots a cross-kick but it is way too far and goes over the deadball line. France had an advantage so they get the penalty. The crowd boos as what looks like a headbutt from Cian Healy is shown on the big screen. Picamoles gets some ice to his head but Healy is not penalised.


Ireland's kicking game is working for them now and then win a scrum after a high ball is knocked on . Murray grubbers ahead and Dulin returns well and finds touch on halfway from a tight angle


Trimble runs strongly once more and offloads to Sexton who thinks he's taken out by Chouly - but referee Steve Walsh disagrees. It's a lineout to Ireland inside their own half. Sexton puts up a high ball and Dulin catches well. They break blind and Medard charges away but when he tries to get his pass away to Bastareaud, the big centre knocks on


Ireland win a penalty as France slow the ball down at the breakdown and Sexton kicks for touchand finds it on the French 22. O'Connell wins the ball and they set up a maul. Yoann Maestri strays offside at the maul and Ireland get the penalty. Sexton lines up the kick from the 15m line on the right hand side and lands the PENALTY


Sexton adds the CONVERSION


It's end to end-to-end action now and Ireland break out of their own half with a superb break from Trimble who surges down the right hand touchline. He draws the last defender and sends it to O'Driscoll but the centre is caught and can't get over to score. It's recycled and Sexton canters in to score a TRY under the poles.


Ireland aren't looking after their possession well at the moment and Mike Ross spills a simple catch to pile the pressure back onto his side. Scrum to France in Ireland's half. Vincent Debaty replaced Domingo at half-time as this scrum goes well for France. Rabah Slimani gets a poor pass and the replacement sticks his boot out and hacks it ahead but Rob Kearney gathers and clears


Machenaud finds a good touch on the halfway line and Ireland have to launch an attack from 50m out. Sexton chips and chases but Fickou reads it very well land secures it for France. Maxime Médard chips and chase now and makes ground before it goes through the hands and Chouly runs strongly. Ireland are under siege in their own half but win a penalty and can clear their lines


Sexton gets the second half underway!


Scrum reset again, and when we get a good engagement Domingo is penalised for the third time today for collapsing. Sexton kicks to touch and finds it on the French 22. Jamie Heaslip finds a lot of space from the lineout and charges forward. Now Domingo plays Murray before the ball is out of the ruck and gets penalised. Sexton misses the relatively straightforward penalty attempt and that it HALF-TIME! Both sides had periods of dominance in that 40 minutes with France racing to a 6-0 lead before Ireland shooting past to enjoy a 12-6 advantage at one stage. However, France had the final say and take a slender one-point lead into the interval. Sexton has missed two kicks for Ireland and that could come back to haunt them. Join us in 10 minutes for the second half


22m drop out to Sexton. Huget catches on the halfway line. Ireland do great work at the breakdown and manage to hold the ball up and win a scrum. An intricate set-piece move from Ireland goes wrong and Sexton throws a forward pass and then Fickou throws a forward pass too so France can't take advantage


France steal the lineout and Chouly runs strongly and then Fickou does as they make progress towards the Irish 22. Tales decides to take a shot at a drop goal but it drifts to the right hand side of the posts


Ireland attack and O'Driscoll sends a good inside ball to Rob Kearney who makes ground. Sexton puts up an up-and-under which Dulin marks in his 22. The French fullback finds touch on the Irish 10m line


Machenaud lands the sideline CONVERSION and France take the lead


Pape wins the lineout ball and France maul. The rumble towards the line before Nicolas Mas has a crack at the line but it stopped. They send it to the backs and Tales launches a cross kick towards Yoann Huget who taps it back in field towards Dulin who dots down. Referee Steve Walsh checks with the TMO and the TRY is awarded


Ireland have a lineout and they maul it up a few metres before Murray launches a high ball. Dulin takes well and sends it to Bastareaud who loses it. Ireland run it back but Bastareaud atones for his error and wins a penalty, by causing the ball carrier to hold on. Tales finds touch 5m out


This time Sexton adds the CONVERSION


Ireland win their scrum and send it to the backline where O'Driscoll runs well. Murray breaks away quickly around the fringes, beats a tackler and draws the last defender to send Andrew Trimble over for a simple try


France get a chance to attack and Brice Dulin embarks on a jinking run before he is forced into touch. O'Connell wins the lineout ball and Ireland maul it up before Murray puts up an up-and-under. Louis Picamoles catches very well and France boot it back but when Murray returns with another punt, Picamoles spills the high ball


Sexton misses the conversion from the 15m line on the right hand side


Another scrum reset now, it seems to be happening every scrum. When we do get a good scrum, France are penalised once more, Domingo collapses again. Sexton kicks for touch and finds it just inside the French 22 and Conor Murray snipes around the fringes at the lineout and makes ground. Henry takes it up to the 5m line, Ireland string the phases together until Sexton crashes over to score they TRY!


France look dangerous with ball in hand and they have it again now but Bastareaud's pass to Szarzewski goes forward once more as a good chance was on


O'Connell takes the kick-off brilliantly. Sexton kicks for the corner and finds a good touch, 10m from the French tryline. O'Connell plays Damien Chouly in the air at the lineout and get penalised. Tales misses touch and the Irish can run it back


Machenaud lines up the PENALTY and lands it


O'Connell wins the ball and it gets send to the backs. Sexton plays a great inside ball to Dave Kearney who breaks away, but a few phases later Cian Healy drops it. France kick it clear and Ron Kearney takes the high ball brilliantly. O'Mahony runs strongly now but France is tacking well and they win a penalty as Ireland go off their feet at the breakdown


When the scrum takes place Thomas Domingo collapses and is penalised. Sexton finds touch on the French 10m line


This time it's a good scrum for France and they can attack. Machenaud snipes dangerously but his pass to Dimitri Szarzewski is knocked on. This scrum needs to be reset as well - a trend is developing


France have a chance from the lineout and Gaël Fickou runs well. They recycle the ball but it gets stuck in the ruck and France get the scrum. It needs to be reset


Ireland win their solid scrum and Jonathan Sexton clears. Peter O'Mahony steals the French line-out and Ireland can build some momentum. Sexton grubbers through but the ball beats Dave Kearney into touch


Bastareaud charges straight through the middle of the Irish centres but his pass out wide drifts forward as a try looked on. Luck for Ireland


Mathieu Bastareaud runs very strongly and it takes three green jerseys to take him down. France win a penalty as Chris Henry doesn't release the tackler. Maxime Machenaud lines up the kick and lands the PENALTY


It's time to get underway. Rémi Tales kicks off!


Time for the anthems. Ireland first up and then France as the tension builds


The teams are making their way out onto the field. Ireland led out by Paul O'Connell and the hosts by Pascal Papé


The last two encounters between these two side have both ended in draws. 17-17 at this stadium in 2012 and 13-13 at the Aviva Stadium in 2013. Ireland's last win over France was back in 2009 at Croke Park so they will have to change their recent history to prevail today


France will need a massive win of 71 points over Ireland to surpass England and win the championship so it is far more likely that they will play the role of kingmakers today. A victory for Les Bleus will see England become champions


It is Brian O'Driscoll final Test match for Ireland and his teammates will no doubt be highly motivated to provide the perfect sendoff for the legendary centre with a Six Nations title in his 141st Test match today


After England's 52-11 win over Italy earlier today, which didn't see them surpass Ireland's points difference on the standings, the situation is simple for the Irish: win the game and you win the Six Nations.


Welcome to the Stade de France, in Paris, for the final Six Nations match of the season. A crucial match which will decide this year's champions!
15 Scott Spedding
14 Yoann Huget
13 Maxime Mermoz
12 Wesley Fofana
11 Maxime Medard
10 Camille Lopez
9 Sebastien Tillous-Borde
8 Damien Chouly
7 Bernard le Roux
6 Thierry Dusautoir
5 Sebastien Vahaamahina
4 Pascal Pape
3 Nicolas Mas
2 Benjamin Kayser
1 Xavier Chiocci

26 Benjamin Fall
25 Mathieu Bastareaud
24 Remi Tales
23 Rory Kockott
22 Charles Ollivon
21 Yannick Nyanga
20 Yoann Maestri
19 Alexandre Flanquart
18 Uini Atonio
17 Alexandre Menini
16 Guilhem Guirado
15 Rob Kearney
14 Tommy Bowe
13 Rob Henshaw
12 Gordon D'Arcy
11 Simon Zebo
10 Jonathan Sexton
9 Conor Murray
8 Jamie Heaslip
7 Rhys Ruddock
6 Peter O'Mahony
5 Paul O'Connell
4 Devin Toner
3 Mike Ross
2 Rory Best
1 Jack McGrath

23 Felix Jones
22 Ian Madigan
21 Eoin Reddan
20 Tommy O'Donnell
19 Dave Foley
18 Rodney Ah You
17 Dave Kilcoyne
16 Sean Cronin