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Kick-off local time : Fri, 28 February 2014 - 19h40
Kick-off : Fri, 28 February 2014 - 10h40
Venue : Melbourne
Referee : Angus Gardner (Australia)
Match status : Result
  Rebels Cheetahs
Tries Luke Burgess (39min) Jean Cook (45min)
Penalty tries
Yellow cards Scott Fuglistaller (52min)
Red cards
Minute Commentary


The Cheetahs have won last go from the restart and win a penalty for their efforts. Venter runs strongly as they make it into the 22 but the lose it forward and the Rebels streak away with the ball. Ben Meehan runs well down the left hand side and then the men from Melbourne send it right to the other side of the field where Higginbotham score a TRY in the corner. Roberts misses the kick and that is FULL TIME! The Cheetahs are been outplayed by a fired up Rebels side, and the five-tries-to-two victory for the Rebels is the perfect way to start their campaign. As for the Cheetahs, there is a lot of work to do before their next game on tour against the Reds next Friday. Join us later for more LIVE COMMENTARY as the Stormers host the Hurricanes in Cape Town.


The Cheetahs collapse the scrum and are penalised. Roberts lines up the kick from under the poles and scores the PENALTY


The Rebels attack from the restart as Tom English streaks down the wing, he releases the pass and it bounces around before Hugh Pyle picks up to score. We go to the TMO to check it's legality and indeed there was a knock from both sides in the build-up. 5m scrum to the Rebels


The home side has a crack from the scrum but when nothing comes from it Angus Roberts tries a DROP GOAL and lands it


The Cheetahs look to strike again and run it from their own 22, but Cook is penalised for holding on as Ellison forces the penalty. Angus Roberts lines up the shot at goal on the angle on the left hand side of the field and it drops short. Le Roux runs it from behind his own line but when he tries to pass to Daniller the latter knocks on.


CONVERSION - Goosen adds the extra two points


The Cheetahs win another penalty for a high tackle and find touch 5m from the Rebels line. They maul it up and Ryno Barnes dots down to score the Cheetahs' second TRY of the game.


The Cheetahs run it out of their own half. Le Roux draws and passes to Sadie who releases Hendricks but he throws it away to a Rebel. The Cheetahs get a penalty from the TMO after Inman hits Venter after he had passed the ball


The Cheetahs win a penalty at a scrum and Sarel Pretorius takes it quickly at breaks away. He pulls off a switch pass with Hendricks but the big wing drops the ball. Higginbotham picks it up but kicks it straight into touch.


The Cheetahs look to attack from deep but get turned over and Higginbotham has a run. The Rebels are getting over the gainline with ease as they march towards the Cheetahs line. Ellison has a stretch for the line when they had men over out wide. Eventually go wide and the Cheetahs are equal to it. They make nothing of the opportunity as Adriaan Struass makes a brilliant turnover on the line.


Hegarty adds the CONVERSION


The Cheetahs break out of their half through Venter who releases le Roux. The Rebels turn it over and build their phases once more until Tamati Ellison breaks the line and puts Hegarty away to score a TRY under the poles. Too easy - the Cheetahs tackling has been poor


Skew feed at the scrum leads to a free-kick for the Cheetahs. Hennie Daniller makes a good break but is dragged to ground. Inman forces a turnover at the breakdown and despite it looking like he was offside and he knocked it forward, play continues and the Rebels break away up field before a knock halts their progress.


Goosen kicks to touch but the Cheetahs lose they line-out and the 14-man Rebels can attack. They spread it wide and Inman carries it up, then Luke Jones carries strongly but Sadie intercepts and the Cheetahs break out as Sarel Pretorius looks to offload but a knock on is forced


Sadie hacks it clear and the Rebels runs it back, with Burgess making a good break. We go to the TMO for Scott Fuglistaller lashing out and punching Cook at the scrum. YELLOW CARD


The Cheetahs are penalised for killing the ball and the home side kick for touch and find it 5m out. The Rebels lose it forward from the line-out. A bit of a waste when three points was on offer


The visitors try to maul it up from the kick-off but they maul collapses and they don't use it. Scrum to the Rebels. They put a few phases together before Hugh Pyle makes a break into the Cheetahs 22. A Cheetahs hand gets in the way from the ruck and it's a scrum


Goosen lands the CONVERSION!


Venter runs strongly before giving the ball to Hendricks. De Jager carries the ball up well as the Cheetahs build the phases - Caylib Oosthuizen bounces off a few defenders now. The Cheetahs get a penalty for the Rebels going off their feet at Goosen kicks the the corner. They maul it up with huge momentum and Jean Cook reaps the rewards to score a TRY!


The Cheetahs clear to the halfway line and the Rebels win the lineout before going sideways and knocking on. Cheetahs scrum


Woodward gets the second half underway!


Hegarty adds the CONVERSION and that is HALF-TIME! The Rebels have blitzed the Cheetahs in the first half and the Cheetahs can count themselves lucky that they only trail by 17 points at the break. The Rebels had a few more good chances that they didn't take and the men from Bloemfontein missed both of their penalty shots at goal. Join us in 10 minutes for the second half.


The Rebels break out led by a strong Sean McMahon break, with the Cheetahs missing tackles left right and centre. Luke Burgess darts around the fringes and finds a hole in the Cheetahs defence and wriggles over to score a TRY!


The Cheetahs get another penalty. The whole Rebels backline was offside at the line-out. Goosen lines up the shot at goal from 40m and pushes it to the left


The Rebels spread it wide quickly once more, catching the Cheetahs defence napping - but Tom English fumbles the ball forward on the left wing. The Cheetahs get a penalty for the Rebels' front row pushing early


They can clear through le Roux but the Rebels send it back and van der Walt knocks on the high ball


From the scrum Burgess grubbers and finds touch just 10m from the Cheetahs line. The men from Bloemfontein have been pinned in their own half for most of the game


Phillip van der Walt picks it up from the base of the scrum and the Cheetahs backs get some ball. Le Roux plays a good pass to Francois Venter but the center knocks it on


Mitchell kicks and chases ahead and dots down to score what he thinks is a try. We go to the TMO and says that the ball bounced on the line and Mitchell was out when he grounded it. Scrum to the Cheetahs.


Another penalty against the Cheetahs as Coenie Oosthuizen is pinged for a high tackle. Bryce Hegarty lines up the attempt from 35m and he misses too


The Cheetahs look to strike back and start to look dangerous through le Roux and Venter before they are penalised once more.


The Rebels spread it wide and Woodward outpacing Rhule but le Roux is there to cover. The home side continue to build the phases. Labuschagne is penalised and the Rebels take it quickly, Scott Higginbotham puts in a cross kick to the waiting Woodward who catches to score the TRY in the corner! He misses the conversion


Now it's a penalty to the Rebels for a high tackle by Lodewyk de Jager. The men from Melbourne kick to the corner. They go to the short side but Cornal Hendricks makes a good tackle. They win the lineout ball and Pieter Labuschagne makes a strong run. Goosen then clears to halfway


The Cheetahs clear through Goosen and then Woodward returns the favour. Le Roux drops the high ball backwards but referee Angus Gardner curiously calls a scrum to the Rebels


The Rebels take a quick 22 restart and regather before Luke Burgess boots a good clearance and finds touch on the Cheetahs 22


The Cheetahs get a chance to attack and le Roux injects some pace. The home side were offside and Goosen line up a kick from 30m out and hooks the attempt


The 22m kick goes into touch but when the Rebels lose the ball Rhule breaks away and kicks ahead. The kick skews off into touch. Lucky for the Rebels as no one was covering


The Rebels catch and clear from the kickoff and the Cheetahs have a chance from the haflway line. Le Roux releases a good ball to Raymond Rhule who breaks away but is tackles and knocks the ball forward. The Rebels have their turn to attack and make it into the Cheetahs 22 once more, before they win a penalty for the Cheetahs leaving their feet. Woodward misses the easy penalty attempt


The Cheetahs lose their lineout and the Rebels attack with great pace. They take it all the way to the 5m line before they send it wide. Bryce Hegarty passes a good ball to Mitch Inman who sends a long pass to Mitchell who goes over in the corner for the TRY! Jason Woodward misses the conversion


The Rebels cough up the ball and the Cheetahs can attack straightway. Willie le Roux tries to get his ball away but a knock on is forced. A period of play with plenty of tactical kicking ends when Lachlan Mitchell puts the ball out of play on the Rebels 10m line


Johan Goosen kicks off and the action is underway!


The teams are making their way onto the field. The Cheetahs led by Adriaan Strauss and the Rebels led by Scott Higginbotham


It's been a sunny day in Melbourne and the conditions are clear and mild for the game


Meanwhile, the last time these two sides met in Melbourne, in 2012, the Cheetahs needed a last minute Piet van Zyl try to grab a 33-26 win.


The Cheetahs have never lost to the Rebels in Super Rugby in their three encounters. Last year's meeting saw the Cheetahs triumph 34-16 in Bloemfontein.


The Rebels start their Super Rugby campaign today, after some impressive results in pre-season matches - beating the Waratahs, Hurricanes and Reds.


This is the Cheetahs' third game of the season, and they come into the game off the back of a 15-9 win over the Bulls last week - after they suffered a 20-21 opening round loss to the Lions.


Welcome to AAMI Park, in Melbourne, for this Round 3 Super Rugby clash!
15 Telusa Veainu
14 Alex Rokobaro
13 Tamati Ellison
12 Mitch Inman
11 Tom English
10 Jack Debreczeni
9 Luke Burgess
8 Colby Faingaa
7 Scott Fuglistaller
6 Luke Jones
5 Cadeyrn Neville
4 Hugh Pyle
3 Laurie Weeks
2 Shota Horie
1 Toby Smith

23 Lalakai Foketi
22 Nic Stirzaker
21 Jordy Reid
20 Lopeti Timani
19 Sam Jeffries
18 Paul Alo-Emile
17 Cruze Ah-Nau
16 Pat Leafa
16 AJ Coertzen
15 Ryno Benjamin
14 Francois Venter
13 Joubert Engelbrecht
12 Raymond Rhule
11 Elgar Watts
10 Sarel Pretorius
9 Boom Prinsloo
8 Jean Cook
6 Tienie Burger
5 Francois Uys
4 Carl Wegner
3 Luan De Bruin
2 Torsten Van Jaarsveld
1 Kevin Stevens

24 JP du Plessis
23 Willie du Plessis
21 Henco Venter
20 Waltie Vermeulen
19 Neil Claassen
18 Rudolph Botha
17 AJ le Roux