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Kick-off local time : Fri, 18 April 2014 - 19h40
Kick-off : Fri, 18 April 2014 - 11h40
Venue : Melbourne
Referee : Andrew Lees (Australia)
Match status : Result
  Rebels Force
Tries Nick Cummins (80min)
Penalties Sias Ebersohn (4min), Sias Ebersohn (19min), and Sias Ebersohn (50min)
Conversions Zack Holmes (80min)
Penalty tries
Yellow cards
Red cards
Minute Commentary


That is the end of the action for today, but join us again tomorrow for four more games as the Chiefs take on the Crusaders before the Waratahs host the Bulls - we then head to South Africa where the Cheetahs take on the high-flying Sharks before ending at Newlands where the Stormers host the Lions


The maul is set but it is slow going, edging closer the Force are patient as they get the penalty advantage. The Rebels had been warned for slowing the ball down, so Ellison is YELLOW CARDed - eventually they go wide and it is none other than Nick Cummins who gets the TRY under the posts, and the CONVERSION is good from Holmes - That's FULL TIME!


Force get the ball back and have one last chance to get a a losing bonus point if they score a converted try - the Force get a penalty and go to the lineout, about 10 metres out


The Force try and keep ball in hand as they work it out from their line - they earn a penalty and decide to tap and go - still pushing up over the halfway line. The Rebels manage to steal the ball back and kick it into the goal area where it is dotted down for a 22


The Force loose the ball and the Rebels go for the counter - a long pass is thrown and Hodgson tries to take man and ball but he takes him in the air so the Rebels take the PENALTY kick and Woodward slots a long one


Force have another crack at attack from the line out, they earn a penalty advantage for Mitch Inman not rolling away - the Force have decided on a lineout on the Rebels 22 after kicking the penalty down field


Force finally get themselves into the Rebels 22, they really need to make something of this chance - they are going well, with a good patient build up but it all comes to an end when Godwin is slammed in a tackle and the ball is lost forward


Rebels still working hard on stretching the lead as the Rebels now turn over the ball in the Force's half, putting them on to the defensive - Innman makes a good run to open up the play as the Rebels keep making yards


The Rebels get reward for their persistence as Stader in pinned for an infringement - Woodward misses an easy kick at goal though


Rebels look determined now as they kick another penalty down field to set the lineout - the Force have tackled all of last week and all of this week and you wonder if it is starting to take its toll


TRY - It is a simple pick and go from Higginbotham who runs directly at Ebersohn and Prior - the two smallest players for the force - and stretches for the line. The CONVERSION is over from Woodward


The ball becomes unplayable so it means a Rebels scrum five metres out as they look for the first try in the match, but again the scrums need some more managing from the ref


Rebels see themselves deep into Force territory after a good break from Woodward tight on the touch line - they are going though the phases again as Horie finds some space and makes some yards


The referee looses patience and pins Longbottom for collapsing - the Rebels take the PENALTY kick and it is more points to Woodward form a long way out


Scrums are still an issue in the second half, the Rebels cough up possession for wielding but even now on the Force put in it requires multiple resets


Force earn another penalty as Fainga'a has his hands in the ruck, they are right on the line but this time decide on the PENALTY kick which Ebersohn pops over


Force get close to the Rebels line after the Rebels allow the ball to bounce Marcel Brache collects the ball and passes to Hodgson, he has not go the pace to make the line, the Rebels have consolidated their defense but the Force have a penalty - it is taken quickly by the captain as they apply the pressure, only inches out now!


Rebels now have another penalty, but now right in front of the posts - Woodward lines up the kick and the PENALTY is over


Rebels have come out with the same attacking intention but will be desperate to make their possession count and get some points on the board - the Rebels have a penalty for offsides and decide to set a lineout just outside the opposition 22


We are back for the second half as Woodward kicks off


Rebels try and get some points just before half time but a knock on brings about the HALF TIME whistle


Rebels look to maul the ball up outside the opposition 22, it is then swung wide as they look to bash it up in the centres - the Force are able to turn the ball over but cant get the ball out so the Rebels are handed the scrum on the half time hooter


The Force get lucky as a ball is charged down and the bounce finds its way in to Longbottom's hand, the Force have open field play to try and exploit as they build up nicely, only 5 metres out now - ball is popped to Ebersohn who is looking where he want to go before he has control of the ball and it is knocked on with a massive overlap!


Again the Force are penalised as the Rebels attack, this time they have not released the man on the ground - Woodward has stepped up to try and take the lead from far out, but the kick comes up short


Eventually the referee has had enough and calls Pek Cowan for collapsing - the Rebels kick into the Force's 2 and they have yet another chance to attack


Scrums are not looking good for the Force, or really in general as this one requires a few resets on the Rebels ball.


Kicking game has ensued as the back tree try and test each other out, it falls on to Heagarty who decides to put it out, but it is a definite net gain for the Force


Finally the rebels get a chance for points as the Force scrum buckles and the ref decides the Rebels deserve the PENALTY which is slotted by Woodward


Again it is the Rebels making all the phases, pushing their way to the Force's 22 and again it is the Force that manage to turn it over at a critical time - the Force hold up the maul and are given the scrum - this is what the Perth based team were so successful at last week against the Waratahs


It is still all the Rebels on attack, but the Force's defensive line is holding strong as they keep them out of the 22. Rebels are peanlised for Horie holding back a Force payers off the ball - it is something the referees have been told to watch


Force pile on the pressure at a Rebels break down, enough so for them to be awarded a penalty - Ebersohn steps up and kicks the PENALTY over


Rebels look to run the ball out of their half after securing the ball from their own 22 - the ball gets charged down but is collected by Prior, they are still happy to hold onto the ball


Force finally get their hands on the ball and they look dangerous as they sweep into the Rebels 22, the Rebels do well to stop the offensive of Charles by bundling him into touch


Rebels have had most of the ball in these earlier phases but the Force are not adverse to some defending as they turn the ball over at a critical moment - the Force's run doesn't last long either as there is some obstruction and the Rebels have a PENALTY that Woodward converts


An incredible scrum as the ball sits in the middle of the channel, both teams giving it all to hook that ball, eventually the Rebels are strong enough to effect a tighhead - the Rebels keep their attack going through the forwards as they reach the 22


Rebels going through phase after phase as they look for gaps in the Force's defensive line, Higginbotham runs hard at the line but the ball is spilled forward and the Force have a chance from the scrum


The Force's persistence in defense sees them win a penalty which Ebersohn line up. the PENALTY kick is solid and the Force are on the board.


Force have come out firing as they manage to steal a lineout off the Rebels, they attack the line before looking for some territory, Woodward picks the ball up and sets a lineout for the Force just inside the opposition half


We are underway in Melbourne as Ebersohn kicks off!


The weather in Melbourne is clear with very little wind to speak of but the temperature has dropped because of some showers that were around Melbourne earlier in the day.


The Force are on their hottest steak in their Super Rugby history as they attempt to make it five wins in a row, they have been the surprise package of the tournament after beating the Waratahs 28-16 with Nick Cummins scoring a hatrick
15 Telusa Veainu
14 Alex Rokobaro
13 Tamati Ellison
12 Mitch Inman
11 Tom English
10 Jack Debreczeni
9 Luke Burgess
8 Colby Faingaa
7 Scott Fuglistaller
6 Luke Jones
5 Cadeyrn Neville
4 Hugh Pyle
3 Laurie Weeks
2 Shota Horie
1 Toby Smith

23 Lalakai Foketi
22 Nic Stirzaker
21 Jordy Reid
20 Lopeti Timani
19 Sam Jeffries
18 Paul Alo-Emile
17 Cruze Ah-Nau
16 Pat Leafa
15 Jayden Hayward
14 Dane Haylett-Petty
13 Junior Rasolea
12 Chris Tuatara-Morrison
11 Nick Cummins
10 Zack Holmes
9 Ian Prior
8 Ben McCalman
7 Matt Hodgson
6 Brynard Stander
5 Wilhelm Steenkamp
4 Sam Wykes
3 Kieran Longbottom
2 Nathan Charles
1 Pek Cowan

25 Sias Ebersohn
23 Luke Burton
22 Justin Turner
21 Alby Mathewson
20 Chris Alcock
19 Adam Coleman
18 Ollie Hoskins
17 Tetera Faulkner
16 Heath Tessmann