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Kick-off local time : Sat, 19 April 2014 - 19h35
Kick-off : Sat, 19 April 2014 - 09h35
Venue : Hamilton
Referee : Garratt Williamson (New Zealand)
Match status : Result
  Chiefs Crusaders
Tries Tom Marshall (40min)
Penalties Gareth Anscombe (14min), Gareth Anscombe (30min), Gareth Anscombe (32min), and Gareth Anscombe (38min) Colin Slade (5min), Colin Slade (9min), Colin Slade (16min), Colin Slade (49min), Colin Slade (68min), and Colin Slade (70min)
Penalty tries
Yellow cards Dominic Bird (28min)
Red cards
Minute Commentary


Chiefs are making metres as they approach the halfway line! It is patient play, penalty advantage is given on the halfway dot! Anscombe steps up for a 50 metre kick to win the game two minutes after the hooter... penalty falls short! the Crusaders win! It is heart break for the Chiefs! That is FULL TIME!


Crusaders secure their penalty lineout and have to hold onto the ball for just over a minute - the Saders keep it tight as the clock ticks dow - the Crusaders spill the ball and the Cheifs have one last shot inside the 22! But it is again lost by the Chiefs! Ellis sends the ball down field into touch, the Chiefs take it quickly and try again - this time deep in their half!


Dagg is very busy as he collects multiple chips and grubbers from the Chiefs who want to get within the scoring zone - Dagg clears the ball as the ref looks up at the big screen for a high tackle from the Chiefs; it could become a Crusaders penalty, giving them the lineout up field - the ref awards the penalty!


Both teams are looking for territory - Chiefs want to score while the Saders want to secure the win, it comes good for the Chiefs as Pulu finds some space behind the wings and the Crusaders have a pressure lineout on their 22 - they secure the ball and maul


Crusaders look to attack through McNicholl on the touchline - the pass is forward and the Chiefs get the scrum, they really need to get into the Saders half as time ticks away - the front rows go down and the scrum is reset... More time wasted


Crusaders have taken the momentum back as Slade has a good break and again the Chiefs conceed a penalty - the Saders are back in the red zone as they secure a pressured lineout


Crusaders back on attack as they look to take the lead - the visitors have a lineout on the Chiefs 22, they go blindside and the ref awards a penalty for offsides! Slade has a chance to snatch the lead from the edge of the field - he nails the PENALTY kick and it's a one point game


Crusaders get a penalty in a good position as Tameifuna comes in from the side fairly blatantly - Slade steps up and again hits the post! This time the Crusaders were chasing and they gather the ball, advantage is being played and the Crusaders take it - Slade stepping up again, right in front of the posts - he doesn't miss this PENALTY kick


Nadolo does really well to break some tackles but the ball is spilled forward by him - the ref thinks it has been ripped so plays on - the ball gets dotted down in the Chiefs in goal area but there is another knock on by the Saders before so the home team have a five metre scrum - the Crusaders push early and the Chiefs can clear with a pressure relieving kick


Crusaders scrum is solid but it is badly handled by Ellis, he swings it out where Taylor decides to put it up off the boot, Marshall runs on but can't gather the ball as the Saders have another scrum this time just inside the Chiefs half


Crusaders set a good maul and when they use the ball the keep it in close through Crotty, but the Saders are still isolated and the ref penalises them for holding on - Chiefs kick the ball deep down field and set the line out


Crusaders still putting pressure on the Chiefs defensive line but it forces them into a speculative chip kick that rolls out for a Chiefs line out


Crusaders are looking for metres now as the forwards bash it up from halfway - now a bit of space as Luke Whitelock tries to offload to Matt Todd, it's a high pass and Todd can't control and its a Chiefs scrum


Chiefs are looking to get back into that attacking mode that got them points at the end of the first half - but the Crusaders defense is impressive as they are given a penalty kick that allows them to clear and set a line out down field


Crusaders having a run now through their attacking backs in Dagg and McNicholl but it's the little errors costing the visitors, the ball is thrown out over the touch line and the Chiefs take it quick - Crusaders flood the ruck and push the Chiefs off their own ball, Anscombe holds onto the ball and gifts the Crusaders another peanlty that Slade kicks into the upright, it bounces into a Aki's hands and the Chiefs counter


Chiefs put some pressure on themselves now through a skew line out, the Crusaders have a scrum inside the opposition 22 now and will be desperate to take some points from this visit - the scrum is wielded by the Chiefs and it turns into a PENALTY that Slade slots over easily


The scrum is reset, as well as being in an awkward position for the Saders, the goal posts are in the way of the kickers who would want to clear the ball. The Crusaders get lucky as the Chiefs push early and give away a free kick


Chiefs are only five metres out now as Retallick has a go for the line, he is just short as Ben Tameifuna also has a crack at a try - he too is short, great defense by the Saders right on their line. The ball is finally spilt by the Chiefs in another attempt at the line and the Crusaders have an important scrum five metres from their own line


It is not a good start for the Saders as the kick return from the Chiefs is massive and the home team are able to steal the lineout and attack just out side the Crusaders 22


We are back for the SECOND HALF - the Crusaders will be looking to fight back as Slade kicks off


Crotty makes a hash of the wet ball as the Chiefs come through onto the ball - it looks like Sam Cane was the one to turn it over and in the meantime wins a penalty advantage for his team, but Tom Marshall has other ideas as he slides through the defense to score a TRY in the corner after the half time hooter! the conversion is short by Anscombe as they head in for HALF TIME


Bird returns from the bin just before halftime as Read is confirmed to be out of the rest of the game, failing the concussion test. The Chiefs pump the ball high into the air as Dagg takes the ball well inside the Chiefs half - Saders looking for points before the whistle


Anscombe slots over another PENALTY as the Crusaders look to be loosing the plot a bit, being a man down has const them the lead


At the line out the Crusaders are penalised for being offsides as the Chiefs continue to try and take advantage of being a man up - Anscombe sets a line out for his team inside the Crusaders half, it is scrappy off the top but they do well to control it


The wet weather has now become a factor as Tom Marshall spills the ball forward gifting the Chiefs a scrum


PENALTY - Anscombe slots the penalty that was well deserved from the Chiefs pressure


The Chiefs are flooding over the Crusaders now as there is a big momentum swing in the game - the home team earn a penalty in range but in the meantime Read is looking wobbly and has gone off for a concussion test from a big, legal tackle


PENALTY - Anscombe takes the penalty kick after the yellow card and cuts the deficit to three


Bird is handed a YELLOW CARD for the tackle after the ref saw the tackle on the big screen - there was no attempt from the Saders lock to use his arms as he led with the shoulder


The Chiefs have been handed a scrum in a good attacking position after the Saders try and come through the ruck but knock it on. The Chiefs bash it up through their big men until Aki gets his hands onto it - the Chiefs continue to go through the phases as Squire runs hard into Dominic Bird and is flattened - he looks out of it!


It has become a far more tactical game with the back three of both teams always looking for territory. The Crusaders look to go for a run down the middle of the field but are hammered back by the Chiefs and that defensive work earns them a penalty which they send down field for an attacking line out


The Crusaders worked hard through the phases, up to 12 in total, but it all came to an end with a ball lost forward with Tim Nanai-Williams clearing nicely - the Saders secure the line out and go straight for the kick back down field, playing territory in the wet conditions


The rain is pouring down heavily now as Slade kicks down just outside the Chiefs 22 for a lineout - Saders set the maul and make headway into the Chiefs red-zone. The ball is swung to the back as they look for gaps in the defensive line


Dagg receives the ball at the back after some frantic play and decides to slow it down with a mark - the rain begins to fall as Anscombe takes the line out quickly, showing the Chiefs have very different intentions to the Saders


Read makes a great run and offload to Nemani Nadolo who absolutely steamrolls over Anscombe on the left wing. The Crusaders get onto the front foot and earn a penalty in front of the posts, Slade steps up and gets the PENALTY kick over.


Chiefs get their first chance at points as the Crusaders are penalised for not rolling away - its a tough kick for Anscombe but the flyhalf manages to slot it and the PENALTY is over


Crusaders kick and chase from a ruck through Heinz, the chase is excellent from the Saders as they flood on to the receiver but they get penalised for entry at the ruck and the Chiefs have some relief - but not before a bit of a scuffle between the teams!


The Chiefs try and impart some more pressure at scrum time but the referee hands a penalty to the Crusaders for Ben Tameifuna scrumming in - Slade takes the ball for a kick and the PENALTY is over


A massive scrum by the Chiefs puts pressure on the the Crusaders, they are able to secure it but being on the back foot means Heinz has to put boot to ball - Anscombe looks for some territory but it is overcooked and goes out on the full - luckily though the ref said it was touched by a Crusaders player and it becomes a Chiefs ball


A frenetic start to the match from both teams, they trade possession and keep the ball running, the Crusaders are eventually handed a penalty but Read decides to take it quickly to keep the ball moving - another Crusaders penalty and they decide to hand it Slade for a PENALTY kick which he duly slots over


The Crusaders scrum is looking strong as they get the ball away to Crotty who hoists it up high, the Chiefs take the ball and run it at the Crusaders line, going through a few phases


We are underway as Anscombe kicks off straight into touch, handing the Crusaders a scrum on half way


The weather in Hamilton has seen some rain during the day but at present it seems to be staying away - it would be a shame for a potential cracker of a game to be effected by damp conditions!


The Crusaders have really picked up their game in the last few rounds and with their form we have seen them climb the table and are looking a quality team again - this will be a real test in defining their season, if they can overcome the two-time-defending-champions they could be a real threat in the play-off stages


The Chiefs have been forced into a late change with Asaeli Tikoirotuma withdrawing due to injury, Jordan Payne comes off the bench to take his place on the wing while Dwayne Sweeney fills that vacant spot on the bench


Welcome to Saturday's selection of Round 10 games! We begin with the Chiefs taking on the traveling Crusaders who have returned from a successful South African tour, they defeated the Lions and the Cheetahs quite convincingly and will be wanting to keep their winning ways going
15 Dwayne Sweeney
14 Asaeli Tikoirotuma
13 Tim Nanai-Williams
12 Bundee Aki
11 James Lowe
10 Aaron Cruden
9 Tawera Kerr-Barlow
8 Liam Squire
7 Tanerau Latimer
6 Liam Messam
5 Brodie Retallick
4 Michael Fitzgerald
3 Ben Tameifuna
2 Mahonri Schwalger
1 Jamie Mackintosh

23 Tom Marshall
22 Gareth Anscombe
21 Augustine Pulu
20 Tevita Koloamatangi
19 Matt Symons
18 Nick Barrett
17 Pauliasi Manu
16 Nathan Harris
15 Israel Dagg
14 Kieron Fonotia
13 Ryan Crotty
12 Dan Carter
11 Colin Slade
10 Nemani Nadolo
9 Andy Ellis
8 Kieran Read
7 Matt Todd
6 Richie McCaw
5 Sam Whitelock
4 Dominic Bird
3 Owen Franks
2 Corey Flynn
1 Wyatt Crockett

23 Johnny McNicholl
22 Tom Taylor
21 Willi Heinz
20 Jordan Taufua
19 Jimmy Tupou
18 Nepo Laulala
17 Joe Moody
16 Ben Funnell