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Kick-off local time : Fri, 16 May 2014 - 19h35
Kick-off : Fri, 16 May 2014 - 09h35
Venue : Wellington
Referee : Jaco Peyper (South Africa)
Match status : Result
  Hurricanes Highlanders
Tries TJ Perenara (38min)
Penalties Beauden Barrett (7min) and Beauden Barrett (26min)
Penalty tries
Yellow cards
Red cards
Minute Commentary


That is all we have for today but join us again tomorrow for four games and then again on Sunday for another match!


The hooter sounds as the ball is put into the scrum, Aaron Smith picks the ball up and hands it to Emery who boots it to row Z - That is FULL TIME


Highlanders looking to keep the ball inside the Hurricanes half. it rolls into touch and they can eat up some time as the Canes look to trudge up 70 metres of the field - the ball is knocked on in the lineout and the Highlanders have possession in the right place


Hurricanes were doing so well offloading through the tackles but it was all to much as the ball is knocked forward, the Highlanders try and kick the ball away but the advantage is not found so they go back for the scrum


The ball is over the line - but the referee is worried about some obstruction. Peranara has definitely grounded the ball but Aaron Smith is also clearly taken out buy Ash Dixon - no try!


Hurricanes look to get back into the right side of the field as they cross halfway. A break barn-storming run from Blade Thompson sees them now on the 22 - they will be happy with a penalty noe, but it is Peranara who finds some space as they get within 7 metres after 20 phases


The penalty from Taylor is misses - it was a simple one - highlanders hold onto the lead


A Highlanders line out goes wrong as they slap the ball down the Hurricanes rush through and secure the ball, they are now attacking from about 10 metres out - Bateman hits a gap well as the referee puts his hand out for a penalty advantage - the hurricanes still continue to attack


Hurricanes look to attack through their backline, ball comes to Conrad Smith and as he shapes to kick the ball slips out of his hands under no pressure - Highlanders scrum


Highlanders getting close through their big potential All black Fekitoa, now only 3 metres out, the ball gets messy from the ruck and comes to Parker who is going backwards so goes for a snap DROP GOAL that sails over


A Good blindside pass finds Victor Vito in some space, he puts in a chip, but it is clearly not his normal skill set as the ball goes straight out


Andre Taylor misses the penalty kick keeping this game tight


Hurricanes are back on attack just inside the Highlanders half, some of the big boys doing some hard work - Savea and Fekitoa clash once again in this game with Savea definitely coming of the victor this time as he bounces him backwards. The Ball comes back to the backline and Barrett stabs a kick in but Parker is able to dot it down - they go back for a penalty advantage


Peranara puts in a little chip from a maul that puts pressure on the Aaron Smith have to carry the ball into the dead ball, The Hurricanes have a 5 metre scrum that is quickly penalised as the Highlanders boss the scrum - Parker clears the line


It is a powerful scrum by the Hurricanes but illegally so, the penalty goes to the Highlanders. Parker points to the posts for another long range PENALTY, its a solid strike as it kisses the cross bar! Highlanders are back within one


A scrappy lineout from the Hurricanes, they throw it skew onto the Highlanders side and the referee awards a scrum


Peranara is really pressuring Aaron smith as once again from the scrum his hassling wins them possession, in fact it even forces the Highlanders to concede a PENALTY which Andre Taylor knocks over


Fekitoa and Manu are looking devastating as the No.8 bashes through some tackles while the centre is happy to try and run around the defense. This front foot ball forces a PENALTY out of the Hurricanes that PARKER pops over to bring them within one point


We are back underway for the SECOND HALF. Barrett, who is till on the park, kicks off!


Highlanders have one more go around the opposition 22 as the hooter sounds. A penalty comes for the visitors for players being off their feet - Parker steps up to kick the PENALTY and bring HALF TIME


The ball is thrown skew by the Hurricanes so it is a Highlanders ball, at the scrum Peranara hassles Smith and slaps the ball out his hands, Peranara picks up the ball and is over the lone - but the referee wants to see if everything is legal... the TMO is happy the ball was knocked backwards by the Hurricanes scrumhalf so they TRY stands! Andre Taylor is kicking the CONVERSION with Barrett limping a little - he does well as the two points are added


Barrett puts up a cross kick for Savea who leaps high to gather the ball against Buckman, the play shifts back to the other side of the field and Barrett tries the same tactic again! Savea gathers well but is under pressure in the air so the referee has a look on the big screen ... referee decides it is only a penalty so the Hurricanes set a lineout frive


Hurricanes get a penalty for the Highlanders swimming up the side of the maul, it is probably just out of range for Barrett so he put the ball into touch to set a lineout


The Highlanders get a free kick at the scrum, Aaron Smith but the ball to boot but it is out on the full so they go back for the penalty advantage, Parker puts the ball up for this second free kick, the Hurricanes gather the ball and are given a penalty at the breakdown - Barrett clears the ball into touch


Turn over ball from for the Hurricanes as they send it through the backline, Smith hands it to Savea who is in some space but well tracked by Fekitoa who tackles him into touch


Hurricanes still pushing for the gaps, Jeffery Toomaga-Allen finds a hole and barges up about 15 metres, Canes on the front foot with the ball finding its way to the wings quickly. the Canes are handed a PENALTY which Barrett happily kicks over


Hurricanes are working hard to cross into the 22 through the forwards - Bateman has a good burst but the Highlanders still have them on the 22, the ball is spilt forward so Parker clears but the Hurricanes are back on attack


The Highlanders milk a penalty on the halfway line so Parker decides to give it a crack with a long range kick - The strike is good as the PENALTY kick sneaks over the cross bar


Highlanders are working through the phases inside the 22, they seem happy to keep it tight which only means that one of the big men cough it up for the Hurricanes to gather and kick way. The Highlanders have another line out and are soon back in the Canes 22 but just as they get there the ball is turned over again and kicked away


Hurricanes steal another lineout but it does not last long as the ball is turned over and a penalty awarded to the highlander, Aaron Smith taps it quickly and has a bit of a run


The Highlanders bundle over the line but it is a mess so the ref sends it to the TMO - it will be a try or a penalty back for the advantage... TMO decides it is no try so it falls to Parker to kick the PENALTY - it sails over


Christie does very well to get over the ball to compete for possession and he is given the penalty. The Highlanders penalty lineout is purposely overthrown to Dixon who makes ground, the Highlanders get to within two metres as they serch for the try - a penalty is coming.


Highlanders now steal a lineout of their own, Aaron Smith puts in a box kick to hand possession back to the home team - this sparks a bit of a kicking contest that ends with the Highlanders putting it out in opposition territory.


Hurricanes poach a lineout and look to attack from their open half a skip pass finds Conrad smith in some space, he offloads to Jane who is well tackled into touch but it is a Canes lineout because it came off a Highlanders hand


PENALTY - Barrett kicks the tree pointer quite simply


The Hurricanes persistence is starting to pay off as they wear down the Highlanders. The defense is sucked in allowing some of the Canes players to make some metres, eventually the referee awards the penalty and it's a chance for Barrett to get the first points of the game


Highlanders defense is solid in their own red-zone as they push back the Hurricanes back out of their 22. The 'Canes are still holding on to the ball but it is very slow


Positive start for the highlanders as they force a lineout in the Hurricanes half, Hoeata just manages to get a hand to it but from the resulting play they are penalised so it falls to Barrett to clear


We are off as Parker kicks of onto the Hurricanes!


Weather in Wellington is looking good for some New Zealand style running rugby, should excite the likes of Savea, Jane, Ben Smith and Malakai Fekitoa


The Hurricanes attacking form has been there through out but it is the way in which they have tightened up their defensive play that has seen them pushing for that top spot in the New Zealand conference.


The Highlanders have been rewarded for some of their players form. There has been a huge cry for Malakai Fekitoa to be included in the All Blacks squad and he rightly has; they also have the likes of the two Smiths (Ben and Aaron) in the squad.


Welcome to the only match of the day! It's a big New Zealand derby between the Hurricanes and the Highlanders from Wellington. The Hurricanes have been trudging on with some good momentum of late and a hard fought victory over the Rebels last weekend attests to that. The Highlanders must have had someone smiling down on them when they faced the Lions who had a conversion to win the game that hit the post and controversially was not retaken
15 Matt Proctor
14 Cory Jane
13 Tim Bateman
12 Hadleigh Parkes
11 Julian Savea
10 Beauden Barrett
9 TJ Perenara
8 Brad Shields
7 Ardie Savea
6 Jack Lam
5 Blade Thomson
4 Jeremy Thrush
3 Jeffery Toomaga-Allen
2 Dane Coles
1 Ben Franks

23 James Marshall
22 Cardiff Vaega
21 Chris Smylie
20 Adam Hill
19 James Broadhurst
18 Reg Goodes
17 Chris Eves
16 Ash Dixon
15 Ben Smith
14 Richard Buckman
13 Malakai Fekitoa
12 Phil Burleigh
11 Patrick Osborne
10 Lima Sopoaga
9 Aaron Smith
8 Nasi Manu
7 Shane Christie
6 Elliot Dixon
5 Joe Wheeler
4 Jarrad Hoeata
3 Chris King
2 Ged Robinson
1 Kane Hames

23 Gareth Evans
22 Trent Renata
21 Fumiaki Tanaka
20 Tom Franklin
19 Josh Bekhuis
18 JP Koen
17 Matias Diaz
16 Liam Coltman