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Kick-off local time : Sat, 17 May 2014 - 17h05
Kick-off : Sat, 17 May 2014 - 17h05
Venue : Cape Town
Referee : Chris Pollock (New Zealand)
Match status : Result
  Stormers Force
Tries Juan de Jongh (20min) and Ruan Botha (48min) Matt Hodgson (72min)
Penalties Peter Grant (16min) Sias Ebersohn (21min)
Conversions Peter Grant (20min), Peter Grant (38min), and Peter Grant (48min)
Penalty tries
Yellow cards Cheslin Kolbe (69min) and Jaco Taute (70min) Adam Coleman (37min)
Red cards
Minute Commentary


Stay with us as we head over to Bloemfontein for the Cheetahs taking on the traveling Brumbies!


The Stormers are caught for numbers at the line-out so the Force tap-and-go. The whistle goes for a Stormers penalty for the Force holding on, it is booted out for FULL TIME


The Stormers have a line-out in the Force's half with just a minute to go - they secure and look to hold out for the final whistle, but the penalty comes for the Force who have time enough to set a line-out of their own


The ball is swung out from the scrum to Chris Tuatara-Morrison he gets swamped but puts in a beauty of a no look pass to Hayward who looses the ball over the line as he was going down to score - Stormers scrum which they do well to hold up as the Force are penalised for walking around


Cummins has space on the wing but he can't bash though the cross-cover defense, Van Wyk doing well to keep him out. The ball becomes unplayable so it is a Force scrum


Hayward gets the ball on the wing from a scrum, he puts the ball to boot and it falls to Damian de Allende to come in from his wing to kick the ball out for a Force line-out. The Force secure the ball and push up through the phases looking to exploit the numbers


The Force scrum well enough to see Ben McCalman break from the scrum and get close - they go through the phases again as the ball eventually comes to Hodgson who has space in front of him to score the TRY - it had to come. Ebersohn's conversion fades to the left


Another YELLOW CARD - Taute is off for putting his hands in the ruck in the red-zone as the Force set a scrum from their penalty


There is a card for the Stormers for offsides, Kolbe sees the YELLOW CARD, the referee had warned them. Force's penalty is a tap-and-go as they look for a hole in this defense which is down to 14.


The roles seemed to have changed as the Stormers sit on their lead leaving all the attacking to the Force. A penalty comes for the Force as Deon Fourie comes in from the side - Ebersohn sets a line-out 5 metres out


The referee had a look back at a pass that he says is forward so the scrum acctually goes to the Stormers who secure the ball and clear


Force take a tap-and-go penalty as they look for a hole in this Stormers wall, they are going backwards though... Ebersohn finds a bit of a gap and gets them back near the line, the ball looks to be held up and it is a Stormers scrum


Force getting through some phases in their build up - they have reached the Stormers half and have also been awarded a penalty - Ebersohn kicks it to the corner to set up a line-out which is secured at No.1, they are only a yard out now they bash up a few more phases


Another Stormers penalty that is very kickable, so Vermeulen gives the call to go for goal. Grant misses the kick which, to be honest, was a sitter


Force are not getting the rub of the green, their attack looks flat and as they go forward they are penalised for sealing off after Vermeulen disrupts the ball - Grant sends the ball out into touch for a Stormers attacking platform


Damian de Allende clatters into the midfield defense smashing players out of his way but Hidgson is on hand to do what he does best and poach the ball for Ebersohn to kick out into touch


Vermeulen spots some space behind the defensive lines and puts in a grubber, the Stormers try and chase it down but it beats them into touch. Stormers get a penalty as Kolbe puts in a massive hit on a bigger man. The lineout is poor from Fourie as he over-throws and the Force clears


Force get back to their defensive ways as Matt Hodgson gets over the ball to win a penalty - Ebersohn kicks to touch on halfway and the Force look for some holes


Vermeulen picks and goes from the scrum putting them on the front foot, a few more crashes up the middle sees Ruan Botha over the line for a TRY with the help of two of his team mates who push him over. Grant adds the CONVERSION


Hayward has some space to run but a flailing hand hits him and he coughs up the ball, the Stormers counter through De Jongh who outs in kicks. The Stormers are only five metres out as Grant gets pulled down, the ball is recycled quickly and it looks like Deon Fourie is over - the TMO will tell us... no try, it is held up again! - Stormers scrum


The Force get through some phases but as the ball is swung wide the ball gets knocked on by Pek Cowan who was thinking he had No.13 on his back. The Force get a tighthead at the scrum with seven men!


Early penalty in the second half for the Force, it is an opportunity to get some points... but Hodgson turns down the shot so Ebersohn sets the lineout - without a lock?


We are back for the SECOND HALF as Ebersohn kicks off onto the the hosts!


Ebersohn has time for a restart, the Stormers go through two phases and then give the ball to Taute who boots it out for HALF TIME


Damian de Allende gets himself over the line but it is more incredible defense that sees him held up - Stormers scrum against seven men. The scrum marches forward... and a PENALTY TRY awarded! Grant adds the easy CONVERSION


Referee has had it, the Stormers maul is collapsed short of the line so he sees a YELLOW CARD - the Stormers set another line-out


Force are back on the attack as they hit the 22 but it is very short-lived as Vermeulen ets over the ball to win the penalty - Grant clears again, the Stormers are now in opposition territory - Rhodes gets interfered with in the air so it is another penalty for Grant to kick them closer to the try line


Force are finally working through some phases just inside opposition territory. Ebersohn tries a little dink over the line but Taute is there to gather it up - Groom clears the ball, but not very far


The Force take their time in going to the boot for an exit, but it does eventually come to Ebersohn who puts in a low angled kick - Stormers lineout leads to a maul as they cross back into the Force's half. The ball gets held up so the Force get the scrum


Stormers set another maul, maybe looking for another penalty or even a card? The ball is put to boot and Cummins does brilliantly to snatch the ball out the air. The call comes back to the Stormers as the Force look for some territory but Taute knocks the ball on


Another penalty against the Force at the maul so Pollock calls Hodgson over for a warning, Stormers boot the ball into touch and make some more metres, back in the Force half now


Force effect their turn-over game plan as they pinch a ball from Groom, the ball is kicked behind Van Wyk and it rolls into touch about 5 metres out - it's a Force line out but from their maul they are penalised and Grant gives them a little bit of relief


The Force can strike straight back as the Stormers are penalised in front of their posts from the kick-off. Ebersohn gets his first PENALTY kick over


Stormers camping on the Force line again and finally it breaks! De Jongh is over for the TRY as the ball gets swung wide, Kolbe draws and passes well to see the centre score in the corner. The CONVERSION is good as Grant slots a difficult one


Rugby is getting softer... The referee has a second look at a Ben McCalman jump towards Grant who was clearing, it is a simple clash of bodies but he is penalised so the Stormers can clear and attack once again


PENALTY - Grant gets the Stormers three points after spending basically all of the game camped on the Force's try line


Stormers get a lucky call as the linesman gets his call wrong giving them the line-out on the 22. The Stormers are spending more time in the Force's 22 as Grant continues to be a running flyhalf - the Force are penalised as Adam Coleman goes off his feet


Stormers keep attacking in waves, they are back in the 22 and making ground. Carr gets held up but does fantastically to offload over his head to Grant who gets within centimeters but he can't get over the line! This defense is incredible! The Force clear from a penalty and set the line-out


The scrum is solid as Vermeulen breaks from the base and gets over the line but is shunted back! He looked over for all money! The referee has sent it upstairs to see what Groom has done because it looks like he may have gotten the ball over the line... But it is a double movement - no try and the Force get a clearing penalty


Stormers get close to the line from the line-out as they try and bash past the last few metres to the line, Taute tries to run a different angle but is smashed short as the Stormers look to build again. They have spent 18 phases on the try line but the Force's defense stays solid - it is a Stormers scrum for the ball becoming unplayable


The Stormers are trying to get to ball moving forward but the Force are masters at slowing it down, they slow it down too much for the referee's liking so he gives the penalty which Grant kicks into touch - it was definitely a kickable one...


First scrum of the game is for the Force but it needs some settling as the Stormers push early, referee resets it before he then hands a free kick to the Stormers for Prior taking his time putting the ball into the scrum


Grant puts up a high bomb that the Force do not deal with very well as De Jongh puts pressure on, it forces a penalty for the Stormers as Grant lines up for an early penalty kick - the direction is good but it falls short as the Force clear


We are underway as centurion Grant puts the ball up at the kick-off!


The Weather in Cape Town is glorious! The sun is out and there is not much wind to speak of


The Stormers have suffered a big injury blow with Schalk Burger withdrawing from the match, there has been a cloud over him all week and he has not made it through - Siya Kolisi comes into his spot


The Force are in their best season ever in Super Rugby and we know already that they can win on tour having beaten the Cheetahs last week. There has been a change up in their centres with Chris Tuatara-Morrison and Luke Burton coming in forcing Cape Town boy, Marcel Brache onto the wing


Welcome to the second half of Super Rugby's Super Saturday! we are in Cape Town for our first match as the Force take on the Stormers with many of the coaches and players feeling pretty comfortable back in the Cape!
15 Jaco Taute
14 Gio Aplon
13 Sailosi Tagicakibau
12 Juan de Jongh
11 Cheslin Kolbe
10 Kurt Coleman
9 Nic Groom
8 Duane Vermeulen
7 Schalk Burger
6 Nizaam Carr
5 Ruan Botha
4 Michael Rhodes
3 Patric Cilliers
2 Tiaan Liebenberg
1 Alistair Vermaak

23 Seabelo Senatla
22 Peter Grant
21 Louis Schreuder
20 Siya Kolisi
19 Manuel Carizza
18 Martin Dreyer
17 Martin Dreyer
16 Sithembiso Sithole
15 Jayden Hayward
14 Dane Haylett-Petty
13 Junior Rasolea
12 Chris Tuatara-Morrison
11 Nick Cummins
10 Zack Holmes
9 Ian Prior
8 Ben McCalman
7 Matt Hodgson
6 Brynard Stander
5 Wilhelm Steenkamp
4 Sam Wykes
3 Kieran Longbottom
2 Nathan Charles
1 Pek Cowan

25 Sias Ebersohn
23 Luke Burton
22 Justin Turner
21 Alby Mathewson
20 Chris Alcock
19 Adam Coleman
18 Ollie Hoskins
17 Tetera Faulkner
16 Heath Tessmann