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Kick-off local time : Sat, 17 May 2014 - 19h10
Kick-off : Sat, 17 May 2014 - 19h10
Venue : Bloemfontein
Referee : Marius van der Westhuizen (South Africa)
Match status : Result
  Cheetahs Brumbies
Tries Robbie Coleman (32min)
Penalties Nic White (21min), Nic White (40min), and Nic White (61min)
Conversions Nic White (74min)
Penalty tries
Yellow cards Scott Fardy (16min)
Red cards
Minute Commentary


Don't forget we have one more game tomorrow where the Lions will face the Waratahs in Sydney - if they can win there it will be a clean sweep for South African teams against foreign opposition


A great day for South African Rugby with the Sharks recording a famous victory with only 13 men against the Crusaders, the Stormers over coming the Force and the Cheetahs doing ever so well to topple the Brumbies!


The Cheetahs secure the ball at the scrum and send it out to Watts on the wing who boots it into the stands for a famous victory for the Cheetahs! - That is FULL TIME


Coenie does well to get his hands on the ball to quash the Brumbies attack, he is awarded a scrum for the ball becoming unplayable. The Cheetahs look to eat up time and the ball becomes unplayable again so it is another scrum


Goosen makes sure of the touch finder from his 22 trying to keep the Brumbies away from their half, the line-out is skew so the Cheetahs take the lineout and it is sent to Goosen who goes for a snap DROP GOAL that just sneaks over


TRY - Moore holds the ball at the back of a really good maul that makes it over the line for the score. White adds the CONVERSION


Speight does well on the blindside to break a few tackles and offload to JP Smith, the Brumbies get within 5 metres until Brussow steals the ball illegally, the whistle goes and Brussow kicks the ball away so he is shown a YELLOW CARD


Brumbies have a scrum in the right side of the field, Speight bashes the ball up but McVerry coughs the ball up under no pressure, the ball comes to Watts eventually who puts in a territory kick that puts the Brumbies back towards their half


Mogg makes a critical error that seems to sum up their attitude - he tries an up and under that skews off the side of his boot and is out on the full - The Cheetahs secure the ball from the line-out but the ball gets knocked on by Watts with plenty numbers on the outside


Exciting bit of play as the Brumbies get close after gathering up a Le Roux kick, Carter finds some space before offloading to Moore, but it is Brussow who gets in between them to intercept allowing Watts to clear


The Brumbies have a chance to strike right back as Coenie is penalised for trying to poach the ball - White steps up and nails the PENALTY from far out


The Brumbies have a scrum about 8 metres out but they are immediately penalised so Goosen steps up and pops over the easy PENALTY


The Cheetahs now get a penalty scrum of their own as Coenie gets all the pasts on the back - a massive kick by Goosen sees them inside the 22 with the line-out platform to attack from


Cheetahs are looking far more alive this half as they get themselves into a bit of a kicking battle that ends with a Brumbies knock on


TRY! the ball comes to Watts who puts in a very well weighted cross kick for Goosen, now at fullback, he gathers the ball ahead of little Coleman he runs the five metres for the try line and scores. Goosen adds the CONVERSION


Brumbies put in a brilliantly touch-finder that goes in behind Willie le Roux - it is a pressure lineout on Strauss who does well, the ball comes for Prinsloo who is a wrecking ball in close, the Cheetahs put in a kick that is well chased, it sees the ball bundled into touch for a Cheetahs lineout


TRY - Willie le Roux is over! Venter does well to take an inside ball from Brussow at the fringe of the ruck, Venter then swings the ball wide for the wing to run in and score in the corner. Goosen kick does not hold its line as it slips wide


Benjamin picks up a kick from his own tryline and is able to duck under some tackles and make a good run, he sends it wide to Hendricks who tries the hand off - the ball is kept alive as Boom Prinsloo benifits from the ball coming backwards off a Brumbies hand, eventually Daniller can't hang on so there is a scrum but the Cheetahs are penalised again... White clears


Brumbies win an early penalty that is kicked for the corner but not out so Goosen sends the ball back but Mogg takes it quickly - a kicking battle ensues


We are back for the SECOND HALF as Toomua kicks off straight down the middle


The ball is turned over briefly but Moore knocks it on, but the referee was playing advantage for a previous knock-on - the scrum goes down as the hooter sounds but the ref wants another one, it becomes a penalty for White to shoot at goal from very far out - he nails the difficult PENALTY. That's HALF TIME


The penalty is turned around for White attacking Brussow so the Cheetahs can now clear their lines


Ben Mowen hits a half gap but is brought down just a yard short, Brumbies get close and also get the penalty - a fight breaks out between White and Brussow so the referee want the TMO to adjudicate...


Brumbies put in a massive scrum that wins them a well deserved penalty, The ball is put into the corner as Hendricks tries to keep it in play but his foot is just on the line - Brumbies line-out is secured as Auelua gets them close, it is good defense that sees Kuridrani into touch


TRY - a great break from Nic White on the blindside sees him past Strauss, he puts it on the boot for Coleman who sprints into the corner, slides early and scores! White's attempt at the conversion is wide


Brumbies get some reprieve at scrum time as Coenie is penalised - White steps up for his second kick of the match nut he has a bit of Lealiifano's curse as he hooks it wide


There are multiple reset scrums here as the Cheetahs look to hold them out. The Brumbies waste their chance as a free kick is awarded for the Brumbies shoving early - Goosen clears well. The lineout is then stolen by the home team but Mahoje knocks it on


Toomua puts in a real teasing grubber that bounces up in the in-goal area just infront of Le Roux who taps it backwards to Daniller who touches the ball down - Brumbies scrum


The Cheetahs attack is killed when they get isolated in front of Henry Speight who gets over it to win his team the penalty - Toomua clears to halfway as the Brumbies set a maul of their own


Brumbies do some good work at a Cheetahs line-out to steal back posession by Mogg's kick is out on the full so the home team have another go from the line-out which is secured and a maul set


Brussow tries to enact a steal on the ground but is clearly off his feet. Nic White takes over the kicking as he sets up for a penalty on halfway - the kick is good and the PENALTY is over


Strauss tries to go on a bit of a lateral run but he uses his team mates as blocking runners so the Brumbies have a shot at goal from the penalty. Lealiifano's strike is much better but it still hooks out to the left


The line-out is juggled but eventually won by the Cheetahs, they are lucky to hang onto the ball as Goosen is rushed in his pass - Cheetahs keep pushing for the line and it all ends in a YELLOW CARD for Scott Fardy for repeated infringements. Goosen kicks the PENALTY over


Some good play by the Cheetahs sees them on the front foot, so much so that Speight gets penalised for being offsides - the Cheetahs opt for the line-out not the shot at goal. The maul is set but then gets collapsed - Le Roux goes for a cross kick that is too long so they go back for a penalty that Strauss sets up for another lineout


Goosen snaps a drop goal that looks good but just slides wide, Brumbies 22 drop out is long as the home team look to fight their way back into the red-zone


Hendricks finds himself in some pace on the wing, he tries a little chip which is slowed by Jesse Mogg's hand, Nic White picks the ball up but is soon slammed into touch - Cheetahs line-out that is stolen and booted away by White


Goosen finds himself chasing a kick from an offsides position so Lealiifano can have a crack in claiming back three points. The kick is a tough one that does not find it's target


Brumbies give away a PENALTY that Goosen easily kicks over adding to his first one at the beginning of the game


The first scrum comes from a silly Cheetahs error, it needs a reset before the ball gets going though Nic White - the ball gets to Toomua who plays Speight who is over the line running through the 22 - the referee wants the TMO to check for obstruction and he rules that there is so they try does not stand


Cheetahs start well through captain Strauss who pumps his legs through the defense, they get into the 22 with relative ease and continue pressing until they get a penalty for the Brumbies not releasing. Goosen kicks over the PENALTY


We are off for the last time today as Goosen kicks off onto the Brumbies


It is clear and cool in Bloemfontein with no rain around - hopefully this is the the advantage of the home team


The Cheetahs will be up against the Brumbies negative attacking style with the like of Le Roux, Hendricks and Benjamin wanting to try and run them to empty but look to the Brumbies to kick them out of the game


Welcome to Bloemfontein where the Brumbies begin their South African tour with this match against the Cheetahs, the Brumbies will want to keep their momentum against South Africans going after defeating the Sharks at home
16 AJ Coertzen
15 Ryno Benjamin
14 Francois Venter
13 Joubert Engelbrecht
12 Raymond Rhule
11 Elgar Watts
10 Sarel Pretorius
9 Boom Prinsloo
8 Jean Cook
6 Tienie Burger
5 Francois Uys
4 Carl Wegner
3 Luan De Bruin
2 Torsten Van Jaarsveld
1 Kevin Stevens

24 JP du Plessis
23 Willie du Plessis
21 Henco Venter
20 Waltie Vermeulen
19 Neil Claassen
18 Rudolph Botha
17 AJ le Roux
15 Jesse Mogg
14 Henry Speight
13 Tevita Kuridrani
12 Christian Lealiifano
11 Robbie Coleman
10 Matt Toomua
9 Nic White
8 Ben Mowen
7 Jarrad Butler
6 Scott Fardy
5 Leon Power
4 Sam Carter
3 Ben Alexander
2 Josh Mann-Rea
1 Scott Sio

23 Pat McCabe
22 Joe Tomane
21 Michael Dowsett
20 Tom McVerry
19 Fotu Auelua
18 Allan Alaalatoa
17 Ruan Smith
16 Ruaidhri Murphy