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Kick-off local time : Fri, 04 July 2014 - 19h35
Kick-off : Fri, 04 July 2014 - 09h35
Venue : Hamilton
Referee : Nick Briant (New Zealand)
Match status : Result
  Chiefs Hurricanes
Tries Jamie Mackintosh (28min) and Brodie Retallick (61min) Hadleigh Parkes (66min)
Penalties Aaron Cruden (20min), Aaron Cruden (36min), Aaron Cruden (40min), and Aaron Cruden (57min) Beauden Barrett (23min), Beauden Barrett (33min), and Beauden Barrett (45min)
Conversions Aaron Cruden (28min) Beauden Barrett (66min)
Penalty tries
Yellow cards
Red cards
Minute Commentary


Retallick makes a vital turnover at the breakdown on the 22 so they can clear the danger. Hurricanes run from their own half as they look to salvage a bonus point. It goes wide to Jane as the siren sounds but the Chiefs turn it over one more time to bring an end to the game. Join us later for coverage of the Lions v Rebels from Ellis Park.


Aki does not release in the tackle so the Hurricanes set up another attacking line-out. It is now or never for them with their season in the balance.


Chiefs go wide this time and run the phases as they run down the clock. Savea gets to the breakdown first so the Hurricanes get it back and set up a line-out. They maul it towards the 22 and Fitzgerald goes offside so Barrett has a shot at goal to bring them within striking distance but it goes wide.


Hurricanes spin it wide, they need to score twice in the last ten minutes here. Proctor gets thundered into touch by Tikoirotuma so the Chiefs have it on halfway.


Hurricanes go out to Proctor and then switch it back to their forwards. Schwalger puts pressure at the breakdown so Cruden has a shot at goal put pulls it wide.


Chiefs have a line-out on halfway and Pulu breaks away after darting through the gap. He is isolated and turned over and the ball is not coming out so the Hurricanes have a scrum on their 22.


Hurricanes forwards have a go and then it goes to Pakres who stretches to score the TRY next to the poles and keep the Hurricanes' play-off hopes alive. Barrett adds the CONVERSION to reduce the gap to 24-16.


Hurricanes go to Bateman who reaches the 22 and a huge tackle from Pulu and Squires frees the ball up but he was lifted so the Canes can kick it into the corner.


Chiefs run from deep and a few slick offloads see Cruden burst into space in the 22. His pass in the tackle finds a flying Retallick who thunders into the corner and stretches to score a great TRY. Cruden puts the kick wide but the Chiefs lead 24-9.


Hurricanes must make a move now and they thunder into the 22 with Savea. Latmier gets his hands on the ball and it is not coming out so the Chiefs have a scrum.


Perenara clears again, better kick this time so the Chiefs must come from deep. Their midfield maul is collapsed so Cruden kicks the PENALTY to make it 19-9.


Tameifuna steams into the 22 and then they go wide. Nanai-Williams puts a kick into the in-goal but it rolls to far and the Hurricanes can clear. The Chiefs come again with Messam and the forwards get stuck in once more. They swing it wide to Marshall who goes through a gap but then knocks on just short of the line.


Chiefs on the front foot and Ngatai puts a good grubber into touch in the 22. Perenara clears and the Chiefs will come from the line-out on the 22.


Savea takes the high ball this time and Ngatai does not roll away so Barrett has another shot at goal but he pushes it wide.


Savea knocks the high ball on so the Chiefs have a scrum in Hurricanes territory. Cruden puts in a cross-kick for Lowe who snaps it up but his pass is intercepted and hacked away.


Savea brother combine again to get the Hurricanes going forward. There is a high tackle from Mackintosh so Barrett has a crack at goal and the PENALTY is over to make it 16-9.


Hurricanes run from deep and Ardie Savea breaks the line with a big fend but his pass out to his brother flies into touch.


Cruden kicks the second half off and Lam spills it. The Chiefs charge from the scrum and their forwards drive through the phases. Cruden has a crack but a loose ball is scooped up by Jane. Cane clear and the Chiefs come again.


The Chiefs on the charge late in the first half as Ngatai goes over the 22. They send it wide and Savea intercepts but the Hurricanes were offside so Cruden kicks another PENALTY to put the Chiefs 16-6 up at half-time. Join us in ten minutes for the second half.


This time the Hurricanes go in front of the kicker so Cruden steps up to kick the easy PENALTY to make it 13-6.


The teams exchange kicks and Cruden gets in front of the kicker so Barrett has another shot and the PENALTY is over to reduce the gap to 10-6.


Hurricanes go wide from the line-out but Bateman's pass is forward so the Chiefs have a scrum in midfield.


Chiefs set the maul and it is not coming out so they have a scrum just short of the tryline. They bash away with their forwards and the TRY is awarded to Mackintosh. Cruden adds the CONVERSION and the Chiefs are 10-3 up.


Fitzgerald snaps up a loose ball and storms into the 22. Proctor turns it over and the Hurricanes manage to scramble it away. Marshall makes a great run back into the 22 and Thrush goes offside. Cruden opts to kick for the corner - Chiefs need a bonus point here.


The Hurricanes surge forward from the restart and Schwalger goes off his feet at the breakdown so Barrett has a crack at goal from just under 50m out and he sneaks the PENALTY over to level the scores.


Latimer goes over the 22 and Toomaga-Allen comes in from the side so Cruden steps up and kicks the PENALTY to make it 3-0.


Chiefs go blindside to Tikoirotuma but his chip goes out on the full. Perenara kicks from the line-out and that goes out on the full as well so the Chiefs have the net gain. They maul from the line-out and then go to Ngatai who runs straight.


Perenara slides a grubber in and the Chiefs send it wide. Cruden chases a kick and knocks on so the Hurricanes can counter this time. Proctor makes good ground but it is lost forward by Ardie Savea at the base of a ruck so the Chiefs get it back.


Ker-Barlow's kick is blocked by Franks and then he knocks on as he tries to regather so the Hurricanes have a scrum ten short of halfway.


Hurricanes on the front foot now as a high ball is spilled by the Chiefs in the 22. They have a scrum just short of the line and it goes to Savea. The forwards take over and they bash away at the line and the Chiefs are holding firm so it goes wide. Tameifuna gets over the ball and wins the penalty. Cruden taps it and the Chiefs run from their 22.The kick ahead and Barrett gets back but he puts it out on the full so the Chiefs are back in opposition territory.


Barrett clears and Marshall runs it back. Franks strays offside so Cruden has a shot at goal but it goes wide.


Big scrum from the Hurricanes but they get it away. Cruden kicks for the corner and Proctor clears to touch. The Chiefs come again from the line-out and they bash into the 22. Ngatai knocks on metres short of the line so the Hurricanes have a relieving scrum.


The Chiefs clear it and the Hurricanes run it back through Savea, but the ball is lost forward again so the Chiefs have another scrum near halfway.


Barrett kicks the game off and the Hurricanes force the Chiefs onto the back foot early on but a knock on means the home side have the first scrum.


It is not raining at present, but conditions are slightly greasy and there may be a shower during the match. Both teams will be hoping the passes stick in a crucial game in the New Zealand conference.


The Hurricanes were impressive in their gritty victory over the Crusaders last week and it does not get any easier for them against a Chiefs side which has no option but to come out firing.


The Hurricanes have been hit hard by injury and they are up against a desperate Chiefs side who have to win convincingly at home to retain any hope of defending their title.


Welcome to live coverage of the New Zealand derby between the Chiefs and the Hurricnes from Hamilton. All of the New Zealand teams still have a mathematical chance of making the play-offs there there will be all to play for here.
15 Dwayne Sweeney
14 Asaeli Tikoirotuma
13 Tim Nanai-Williams
12 Bundee Aki
11 James Lowe
10 Aaron Cruden
9 Tawera Kerr-Barlow
8 Liam Squire
7 Tanerau Latimer
6 Liam Messam
5 Brodie Retallick
4 Michael Fitzgerald
3 Ben Tameifuna
2 Mahonri Schwalger
1 Jamie Mackintosh

23 Tom Marshall
22 Gareth Anscombe
21 Augustine Pulu
20 Tevita Koloamatangi
19 Matt Symons
18 Nick Barrett
17 Pauliasi Manu
16 Nathan Harris
15 Matt Proctor
14 Cory Jane
13 Tim Bateman
12 Hadleigh Parkes
11 Julian Savea
10 Beauden Barrett
9 TJ Perenara
8 Brad Shields
7 Ardie Savea
6 Jack Lam
5 Blade Thomson
4 Jeremy Thrush
3 Jeffery Toomaga-Allen
2 Dane Coles
1 Ben Franks

23 James Marshall
22 Cardiff Vaega
21 Chris Smylie
20 Adam Hill
19 James Broadhurst
18 Reg Goodes
17 Chris Eves
16 Ash Dixon