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Kick-off local time : Fri, 20 June 2014 - 16h10
Kick-off : Fri, 20 June 2014 - 21h10
Venue : Córdoba
Referee : John Lacey (Ireland)
Match status : Result
  Argentina Scotland
Tries Javier Desio (14min) Stuart Hogg (8min)
Penalties Nicolas Sánchez (43min) and Nicolas Sánchez (58min)
Penalty tries
Yellow cards
Red cards
DGs Nicolas Sánchez (29min)
Minute Commentary


Incredible end as Scotland claim 3 from 3 on their tour so far! Join u tomorrow for some big internationals - Australia face France while New Zealand host the English, finally we wrap up with the Springboks taking on the Welsh


Argentina secure the kick-off and have one last chance... the ball comes the Sanchez deep in the pocket, he is under pressure and sends it wide! that is FULL TIME! Scotland snatch a dramatic victory!


The Scots drive well from their maul, it gets them a penalty about 40 metres out, giving Weir another shot to take the game... Weir slots the PENALTY when it matters most!


Martín Landajo sneaks his way under the Scottish defense but he gets isolated as the Scots swarm - the visitors win a penalty as they look to get into the right side of the pitch with time counting down


The Pumas defense is relentless as Harley gets shunted back towards his 22, but the ball gets swung wide to Seymour's wing who does well to break more tackles along the touch line, he in turn offloads to Pyrgos who gets in for the TRY. Weir cannot add the relatively simple conversion which would have seen his team in front!


Scotland get a chance to claw their way back into striking position as Weir lines up a 45 metre PENALTY - it is a solid kick getting them within 6


Scotland losing more momentum now as the Pumas get another penalty which sees them deeper into the Scots half with a good kick


The Scots set another maul but as the ball comes to ground the Pumas pinch the ball and squander the Scots chance at points - they exit well as the kick is knocked on by the Scots nearer the middle of the park


The Scots secure the line-out as the forwards get a little white-line fever - eventually it is swung to the backs but there is another penalty coming


Another strong Scottish scrum, but it is slow ball as it emerges from the base - the visitors go blind side as Seymour does well to chip and chase. The Scots have a penalty and a decision to make - Weir steps up sends the ball into touch for an attacking line- out


TRY - Joaquín Tuculet has just come onto the field and bagged a try, Sanchez has a great bit of vision to fins the substitute winger with a skip pass, he does well to step away from two defenders to slide over the line. Sanchez cannot convert


The Pumas have a change to snatch back those three points as Sanchez lines up another long range penalty - this one on half way - his strike is good as the PENALTY kick sails over


The Scots getting closer now as they look to be more clinical close to the line. It is slow ball as Scotland look to reform their attack - 22 phases later and they are 5 metres out before the ref brings them back for a penalty - Weir knocks over the simple PENALTY kick


Sanchez wastes some good possession by taking his eyes off a pass in the midfield - it is a Scotland scrum which is steady enough, the ball is brought down through De Luca as the Scots look to get through some phases


The Scots get their driving maul going now as they suck in defenders before sending it out to the backs - De Luca gets isolated and is penalised for not releasing the ball as the Pumas clear their lines again


Cross gets caught floating offsides as the Pumas have a chance to exit their half with a relieving penalty - they set the lineout on the on the right side of their 22


Scotland put in a little dab as the fullback picks up and tries to evade the oncoming tacklers - he is caught as Scotland turn the ball over just 5 metres out, the ball is swung to the wings but it is a bad pass that gout out - wasted shot!


An early chance for Sanchez to further his teams lead as he sends over a long-range PENALTY right after the break


We are back for the SECOND HALF as Sanchez kicks off!


The Scots set a driving maul but the Pumas defense is ferocious as they force a turn over, the ball is soon last however as Scotland attack again - the Pumas concede a penalty as Weir steps up for the penalty kick which slides wide. That is HALF TIME


The stats so far speak of a very even match as does the score line as Scotland get a chance to exit their half with a penalty kick, Weir sets them up just about on the 22 as the Scots amble up for their line-out


The Pumas get themselves just inside the Scots half when the ball comes back to the flyhalf who has another crack at a drop goal - but it is wide


Another tighthead for the Scots as the Pumas took to long to get the ball out - it is all wasted when the ball is put on a diagonal kick that is out on the full - Pumas attacking line out


The Pumas happy to keep it with the forwards as they look to punch some holes and find some space, the ball floats out to the backs as Seymour tries an intercept - but it is knocked on


As Scotland continue their attack the Pumas look to play the game in the other half, a good kick puts Ford's throw under pressure but it is well won and as the visitors send the ball back to the Puma's fullback


Pumas win their line-out and slowly work through the phases around the 22. The ball gets sent out to the pocket where Sanchez is waiting to pop over a DROP GOAL


Pumas win the ball and boot it high, it is well dealt with by Seymour but again the Scots are penalized thanks to some strong Pumas defense. Sanchez again kicks up field to set an attacking line-out


Hogg attempts a run from the back and makes some good yards, the ball comes for Low who releases the backline as the Scots barge into the Puma's 22. The ball is slowed as the forwards take it up a few phases, eventually it is handed to Seymour who runs out of room - Puma's line-out


The Scots secure the scrum and look to crash through their big centres and outside backs, it is a wasted opportunity however as the Pumas get a penalty for Low not releasing the ball, Sanchez boots the ball clear


Pumas get a let off as the ball is knocked on in the line out by the Scots, they still have to do with a defensive scrum about 7 metres out. It is a battle but De la Vega comes away with it and runs back into traffic, the ball becomes stuck so it is now a Scottish attacking scrum


Puma's starting to find their feet now in attack, Hogg is forced to kick the ball back and give the Argentineans an attacking line out about 40 metres out, the ball is poached and weir sends it down field


Seymour is all over the place as he takes a crash ball in midfield, he tries to offload but it goes forward - Puma's scrum. Better this time from Argentina, they go blind through Amorosino, his chip is too long as the Scots dot it down for a 22


The ball is swung out through the hands until it finds the flank Desio on the wing, he has an open run in as he dives into the corner for the TRY! Sánchez's first kick is poor as it doesn't curl round enough


Seymour gets the ball again down his blind wing and finds mountains of space, he chips the fullback but the bounce of the ball is cruel as the Pumas now counter attack - the ball is loose as the Pumas look to take advantage, now 5 metres out


Weir's penalty is not out as the Pumas return the kick - it gives Hogg a chance to make sure as he gives the Pumas a line-out in their half


The Pumas have their first scrum which is turned into a tight head by a solid Scottish scrum, the ball comes loose quickly though and the Pumas have it again as they attack for the first time - they manage to reach the 22 before conceding a penalty for entering the ruck from the side


TRY - Great run down the blind side by Seymour who brushes off two would-be tacklers, he is wise enough to offload to Stuart Hogg on his inside who is over the line untouched. Weir's CONVERSION is good from a tough angle


Scotland have another scrum as the Pumas rush their defense and knock on, it is steady as Hart gets the ball to the Scottish backs. The Puma's defense is strong, especially in the tackle - Weir tries a grubber round the back of the advancing defensive line but it rolls harmlessly into touch - of a Puma's player - Scotland continue to attack


Horne looks to smash it up the middle but is stopped dead, knocking on the ball in the process, it is another penalty, this time to the Pumas as they set a line out on halfway


First scrum of the game comes about thanks to a Pumas knock on. Ross Ford in the middle of the Scottish pack becomes the all-time most capped Scottish hooker today. The referee quickly gives the traveling Scots a penalty from the scrum as Weir sets a line out


We are underway as Duncan Weir kicks off onto the Pumas!


It is still bright in sunny at the Estadio Mario Alberto Kempes in Córdoba for this afternoon kick-off. Much of the impressive crowd having to shield their eyes from the sun


Scotland, under new coach Vern Cotter, have split their tour, with only a handful of those who were involved in the North American leg staying on for the second batch of games - against the Pumas and Springboks after that.


Argentina have lost their last two encounters against Ireland are are slowly slipping down the rankings - however not too much can be read into this with the majority of their squad based at home. The Argentinean stars have not been included in the mid-year tour - the focus being on rebuilding the team from the bottom up.


Welcome to this first international of the weekend as Argentina take on Scotland. The Scots got their international season off to a good start then they beat the USA in a solid display two weeks again. The game against Canada was a different story, a late Laidlaw penalty was just enough to see the Scots home by two points
15 Santiago Cordero
14 Gonzalo Camacho
13 Matias Moroni
12 Juan Pablo Socino
11 Juan Imhoff
10 Nicolas Sánchez
9 Martín Landajo
8 Facundo Isa
7 Juan Martin Fernández Lobbe
6 Javier Desio
5 Tomas Lavanini
4 Manuel Carizza
3 Ramiro Herrera
2 Agustin Creevy
1 Marcos Ayerza

23 Lucas Gonzalez Amorosino
22 Santiago Iglesias,
21 Tomás Cubelli
20 Leonardo Senatore
19 Matias Alemanno
18 Matias Diaz
17 Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro
16 Santiago Iglesias Valdez
15 Stuart Hogg
14 Dougie Fife
13 Mark Bennett
12 Matt Scott
11 Tommy Seymour
10 Finn Russell
9 Greig Laidlaw
8 David Denton
7 Blair Cowan
6 Adam Ashe
5 Jonny Gray
4 Jim Hamilton
3 Euan Murray
2 Ross Ford
1 Ryan Grant

23 Tim Visser
22 Greig Tonks
21 Sam Hidalgo-Clyne
20 Robert Harley
19 Tim Swinson
18 Geoff Cross
17 Alasdair Dickinson
16 Fraser Brown