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Kick-off local time : Sat, 17 November 2012 - 21h00
Kick-off : Sat, 17 November 2012 - 22h00
Venue : Lille
Referee : Steve Walsh (Australia)
Match status : Result
  France Argentina
Penalties Nicolas Sánchez (10min), Nicolas Sánchez (13min), Nicolas Sánchez (44min), and Nicolas Sánchez (56min)
Conversions Nicolas Sánchez (6min)
Penalty tries
Yellow cards
Red cards
DGs Nicolas Sánchez (65min)
Minute Commentary


France are on the attack again as they look to close out with a try but the Pumas hold firm in defence. The ball is not coming out of there and that is the end of the game, France simply too good for the Pumas on the night.


France go wide from the scrum with Huget taking it up and losing it. Argentina fling it wide but Pape claims it and France go to the right. Michalak spreads it wide and Fernandez Lobbe goes offside this time so Michalak will kick for poles again. The PENALTY is over and France lead 39-22.


France chuck it wide again and a big collision out wide has both sets of medical teams on the park. Agulla leaves the field on a stretcher and France set up another attacking line-out. Parra gets the ball away as they go to the short side but the ball is turned over and Argentina have an opportunity but Amorosino loses it forward.


Picamoles peels off the back of the maul and Sanchez is in the way in an offside position so Michalak will kick for poles again. The PENALTY is over and France lead 36-22.


Parra wins the high ball and the Pumas go offside so France set up a line-out outside the 22. They set a maul at the front but the Pumas counter it well. They drive over the 22 and it goes to the backline. Huget is wrapped up but then Michalak switches. The chip ahead is marked and Camacho finds touch eventually.


Argentina engage early at the scrum and France take it quickly. The Pumas go offside at the breakdown so Michalak will have a shot to restore the 11-point lead. He slots the PENALTY to make it 33-22.


The Pumas drive it up to the 22 and Sanchez slots a DROP-GOAL to make it 30-22.


Sanchez hoists it and Michalak knocks it on so the Pumas have a scrum in French territory. Mas goes down so Sanchez will have a shot at goal. The kick is short and France scramble it into touch.


Parra finds touch from the base of the ruck and the Pumas knock it on at the back of the line-out so France have a scrum. Michalak spins it wide and the ball is turned over so the Pumas go down the backline this time.


France drive a maul up the left side and over the 22 with Picamoles doing well. The ball is lost forward and there is a scrap off the ball. Sanchez scrambles it into touch after a good scrum from France. Michalak tries to dance his way through and the Pumas do not release in the tackle so he will have a shot at goal. The PENALTY is over and France lead 30-19.


Picamoles takes it at the back of the line-out and Michalak bangs it into touch. The Pumas drive it up the right and Clerc does not roll away so Sanchez will have another shot at goal. The PENALTY is over to make it 27-19.


France bash away and Macheneud hoists. Sanchez does the same and the Pumas win it back. It goes to Tiesi who crashes before Sanchez puts a grubber into touch in the French 22.


The Pumas crash it up in midfield and then kick deep, the ball came off a French hand so Argentina have the line-out. It is stolen by France and they bash away up the middle. The ball is lost forward so Argentina have a scrum, much scrappier in the second half.


France claim the line-out and send it wide to Mermoz. The forwards drive it on before Michalak kicks it into the corner. Imhoff is there and kicks ahead but France secure it and Michalak finds a good touch in the 22.


The Pumas run it out of their 22 and Sanchez stabs a kick into touch short of halfway. Macheneud kcisk high and the Pumas secure it through Imhoff. Landajo's kick is charged and France send it out to Fofana. It is slow ball so Michalak slots a DROP-GOAL to make it 27-16.


Leguizamon comes away with it after Picamoles loses control and the Pumas send it wide. Amorosino takes it up to the 22 but the ball is lost forward. There were hands in the ruck from France so Sanchez slots a PENALTY to reduce the gap to 24-16.


Michalak kicks off the second half and Sanchez kicks long. It is returned up the right by Michalak and Sanchez throws a forward pass so France have a scrum on halfway.


Pape loses the ball forward so the Pumas have a scrum near halfway. Forestier drops his bind so Argentina will have one last shot this half from the line-out. They maul it on before Amorosino tries a chip over the top but it is lost forward and that is the end of the first half. Join us in ten minutes to see whether the Pumas can fight back.


Tiesi goes off his feet at the breakdown so Michalak will have a crack at goal. He has the line but goes under the bar.


The Pumas hoist it but France secure it and find touch in Argentina territory. The Pumas rumble it up in midfield and then spin it wide as Imhoff finds some space on the inside. Tiesi straightens it up as they bash away.


Michalak misses touch but it is kicked back by the Pumas. Mermoz finds touch this time near the 22. The Pumas maul it from the line-out and Landajo clears into touch. France maul it this time and Nyanga breaks away to score a TRY next to the poles. Michalak adds the CONVERSION and France are in control at 24-13.


The Pumas go to Amorosino but he is held up and turned over. Michalak clears into touch on halfway and the Pumas forwards drive it on from the line-out. The break comes in midfield but a stray pass hands it back to France who are awarded a penalty when Landajo goes offside.


The throw goes over the back and France come away with it. Michalak kicks deep and the Pumas shift it wide. The grubber ahead is swept up but Pape goes off his feet so the Pumas set up an attacking line-out.


France win a Pumas line-out and spread it again. Nyanga carries it up before Michalak finds a good touch in the Argentina 22. Landajo clears into touch from the line-out and France run it back at them. Macheneud makes it over the 22 but holds on too long and the Pumas can clear.


The Pumas set a maul from the line-out and then crash it up in midfield but France turn it over and go wide, the grubber ahead sits up perfectly for Clerc and he races over for his second TRY. Michalak adds the CONVERSION and France lead 17-13, what a game so far.


The Pumas go wide and Leguizamon grubbers ahead, they get it back and put another little kick over the top but the mark is made. France launch an incredible counter attack which sees some great handling and interplay between forwards and backs resulting in Clerc surging over for a great TRY. Michalak adds the CONVERSION and France trail 13-10


Landajo hoists and France send it down the hands again. Picamoles amkes good ground and Mas supports him well. Mermoz loses it forward and the teams exchange kicks until Fernandez Lobbe takes it up.


The Argentina forwards make good ground up the middle with some powerful drives and Forestier is offside so Sanchez kicks another PENALTY to make it 13-3.


France send it wide as they look to hit backand Michalak hoists but Sanchez is there. He is dumped heavily into touch by Picamoles who took him out in the air.


Argentina lose it forward and France send it out to Fofana. Michalak chips it over the top but the Pumas secure it and Amorsino tries to step out of his 22. It goes high and Macheneud coughs it up again handing it to the Pumas. France were offside so Sanchez adds a PENALTY to make it 10-3.


The Pumas send it down the hands and Amorsino steps his man before getting the offload on the inside to Bosch and the centre breaks clear to score a great TRY under the poles. Sanchez adds the CONVERSION and Argentina lead 7-3.


The Pumas go offside on defence so Michalak is going to have a crack at goal from wide on the left. The PENALTY is over and France lead 3-0.


The Pumas go to Tiesi and the forwards support but the ball is lost forward and France send it wide as they look to counter. Fofana makes ground up the right and they send it down the hands again as they approach the 22.


Sanchez gets the game underway and Imhoff wins it but then takes it into touch. Machenaud's kick is charged but France retain it in their 22 before it is cleared into touch.


France will be intent on backing up their good performance last week with another southern hemisphere scalp, but they will have to play well if they want to get past a Pumas team that has benefited from a season in the Rugby Championship.


Welcome to live coverage of the clash between France and Argentina from Paris. The Pumas are something of a bogey team for the French and they will be full of confidence after their defeat of Grand Slam champions Wales. They face an impressive France side who outclassed the Wallabies last week so this is set to be a great match.
15 Scott Spedding
14 Yoann Huget
13 Gael Fickou
12 Maxime Mermoz
11 Noa Nakaitaci
10 Jules Plisson
9 Sebastien Tillous-Borde
8 Loann Goujon
7 Bernard le Roux
6 Thierry Dusautoir
5 Yoann Maestri
4 Alexandre Flanquart
3 Nicolas Mas
2 Guilhem Guirado
1 Vincent Debaty

23 Mathieu Bastareaud
22 Remi Tales
21 Rory Kockott
20 Damien Chouly
19 Romain Taofifenua
18 Uini Atonio
17 Rabah Slimani
16 Benjamin Kayser
15 Santiago Cordero
14 Gonzalo Camacho
13 Matias Moroni
12 Juan Pablo Socino
11 Juan Imhoff
10 Nicolas Sánchez
9 Martín Landajo
8 Facundo Isa
7 Juan Martin Fernández Lobbe
6 Javier Desio
5 Tomas Lavanini
4 Manuel Carizza
3 Ramiro Herrera
2 Agustin Creevy
1 Marcos Ayerza

23 Lucas Gonzalez Amorosino
22 Santiago Iglesias,
21 Tomás Cubelli
20 Leonardo Senatore
19 Matias Alemanno
18 Matias Diaz
17 Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro
16 Santiago Iglesias Valdez