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Kick-off local time : Sat, 16 March 2013 - 19h30
Kick-off : Sat, 16 March 2013 - 19h30
Venue : Johannesburg
Referee : Marius Jonker (South Africa)
Match status : Result
  Lions Mont de Marsan
Tries Warwick Tecklenburg (53min) and Andries Coetzee (62min) Daniele Baleinadogo (9min), Daniele Baleinadogo (26min), Jean-Marc Mazzonetto (66min), and Martin Jagr (80min)
Conversions Marnitz Boshoff (2min), Marnitz Boshoff (5min), Marnitz Boshoff (32min), Marnitz Boshoff (34min), Marnitz Boshoff (53min), and Marnitz Boshoff (57min) Benat Arrayet (9min) and Benat Arrayet (26min)
Penalty tries
Yellow cards Vasssili Bost (49min)
Red cards
Minute Commentary


The French side storm into the 22 with some slick passing and the Lions are tackling hard. Kriel goes offside and it is taken quickly. They are just metres short now and Martin Jagr finds some space out wide to go over for the TRY. The conversion is wide and that is the game. The Lions were dominant but conceded four tries to a willing Stade Montois outfit.


They send it wide as they look for a late try but the ball is forced into touch, so the Lions will have another chance. They send it down the hands but a wild pass from Helberg goes into touch.


Stade Montois steal the ball and try to run it from their line. The Lions win it back in the 22 but then go off their feet so the French side set up a line-out on halfway.


The ball is knocked on at the base by Minnie so the French side have a defensive scrum. They clear the ball and the Lions will come again from the line-out. It goes to Cronje who puts a grubber in but the defence comes across and the Lions will have another attacking scrum.


The Lions chuck it wide again as they look for more tries and Lionel Cronje breaks and chips ahead. The defence gets back but the Lions have an attacking scrum.


Guy Cronje makes a break and gets the pass away. The ball is held up and Cronje is there in support to go over for the TRY. Lionel Cronje adds the CONVERSION.


The visitors are back on the attack as they go wide once more. The ball is kicked deep and Nel goes on a weaving run. The Lions go wide this time as Kriel takes it up but the ball is knocked on.


The Lions take it up but Kriel does not release in the tackle so Mont de Marsan kick it to the corner for an attacking line-out. They drive the maul and then send it wide where Jean-Marc Mazzonetto goes over for the TRY.


The visitors win the ball at the back of a sloppy Lions line-out and they send it wide. A great linebreak sees them go into the 22 but Willie Britz makes a crucial interception. Helberg hits a gap and gets it away to Coetzee who goes over for the long-range TRY. Lionel Cronje adds the CONVERSION to make it 49-12.


Mont de Marsan storm into Lions territory but a double movement gives the ball back to the home side. They shift it wide and Ruhan Nel shows good pace on the outside to go over for the TRY. Boshoff adds the CONVERSION.


The Lions continue to hammer away and Warwick Tecklenburg breaks through to crash over for the TRY. Boshoff slots the CONVERSION to make it 35-14.


The visitors go offside again and Boshoff kicks it into the corner as they look for another try. Another deliberate infringement sees Vasssili Bost shown a YELLOW CARD.


The Lions are on the attack in the 22 and the visitors are offside. Willie Britz breaks from the base and goes over but there was obstruction so the try is disallowed.


The Lions jump on the attack early on and Van Rensburg is through but there was a forward pass so they come back for the scrum.


The Lions knock on in the tackle so Mont de Marsan have a late scrum. They bash away in the 22 but the Lions turn it over and put it into touch to bring an end to the half.


The French side run it back at them and put some phases together as they go over the 22. The Lions were offside so the French side set up a line-out in the corner.


Roodt breaks away and find Du Plessis in suppoirt. He is brought down just short but Roodt is there in support and goes over for the TRY. Boshoff adds the CONVERSION to make it 28-14.


The line-out is stolen but the ball squirts into touch so the Lions have another chance. They drive it on once more and it goes wide. Bondesio spots a gap and darts over for the TRY. Boshoff adds the CONVERSION to give the Lions a 21-14 lead.


The Lions send it wide and Coetzee makes some ground but the ball goes into touch off a French player so the Lions have another line-out. Some pulling down in the line-out means that the Lions can kick into the corner.


The Lions have an opportunity from an attacking line-out and they opt to maul but the ball is turned over and hacked into touch.


The Lions crash it up in midfield but then go off their feet so Mont de Marsan set up a line-out in the 22. Lucu makes a good run and it goes to Baleinadogo who powers over for his second TRY. Arrayet adds the CONVERSION to level the scores at 14-14.


The Lions drive it up but a knock-on in midfield sees the French side clear it. Volminck boots into touch just short of halfway. Mont de Marsan maul it forward and then go to the backline but a kick is out on the full so the Lions have it back.


Boshoff kicks deep and Zimum Lucu runs it back but is tackled into touch. Bondesio hoists and a knock-on means the Lions have a scrum inside opposition territory.


The ball goes to the backline and a few slick passes sees Baptiste Chedal go over, but there was a forward pass so the Lions escape with a scrum.


The French side drive it up with their forwards and move into the 22. They send it wide and the Lions go offside so they will scrum again. The Lions go down but the will scrum again.


The French team find some space with some good passing but Minnie steals it on the ground so Boshoff can clear. There is obstructive running from Hanekom so Mont de Marsan have a scrum.


The Lions stray offside and Mont de Marsan set up an attacking line-out. They set a maul before going to Daniele Baleinadogo who bashes his way over for the TRY. Benat Arrayet adds the CONVERSION.


The Lions are playing with plenty of width and a break from Bondesio sees them on the attack again. Minnie hands off a tackler to cruise over for another TRY. Boshoff adds the CONVERSION.


The Lions make good ground and Volminck breaks. The forwards are there in support and Roodt is over for the TRY. Boshoff adds the CONVERSION.


Boshoff kicks the game off and the ball flies into touch on the full. The ball is lost forward and the Liond go on the attack.


The French side may be something of an unknown quantity for the Lions, but they are sure to give the Johannesburg side a good run. The home side will be keen to build some momentum ahead of their tour to North America.


Welcome to live coverage of the clash between the Lions and French Top14 club Mont de Marsan from Ellis Park.
15 Andries Coetzee
14 Ruan Combrinck
13 Harold Vorster
12 Alwyn Hollenbach
11 Courtnall Skosan
10 Elton Jantjies
9 Francois de Klerk
8 Warren Whiteley
7 Warwick Tecklenburg
6 Jaco Kriel
5 Franco Mostert
4 Martin Muller
3 Julian Redelinghuys
2 Armand van der Merwe
1 Schalk van der Merwe

23 Howard Mnisi
22 Marnitz Boshoff
21 Dillon Smit
20 Albertus Smith
19 Robert Kruger
18 Ruan Dreyer
17 Corne Fourie
16 Malcolm Marx
Mont de Marsan
15 Yoan Durquet
14 Jean-Marc Mazzonetto
13 Baptiste Chedal
12 Daniele Baleinadogo
11 Zimum Lucu
10 Benat Arrayet
9 Arnaud Pic
8 Alexandre Ricaud
7 Lodie Britz
6 Julien Tastet
5 Berend Botha
4 Scott Murray
3 Sebastien Ormaechea
2 Piet Grobler
1 Alexandre Menini

25 Jean-Baptiste Dubie
24 Vasssili Bost
23 Mathieu Giudicelli
22 Martin Jagr
21 Thibault Duvallet
20 Julien Cabannes
19 Yann Brethous
18 Vickus Liebenberg
17 Pierre Correia
16 Julien Janaudy