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Kick-off local time : Sat, 03 August 2013 - 17h00
Kick-off : Sat, 03 August 2013 - 17h00
Venue : Johannesburg
Referee : Stuart Berry (South Africa)
Match status : Result
  Lions Kings
Tries Jaco Kriel (55min) Schalk Ferreira (68min) and Scott van Breda (73min)
Penalties Elton Jantjies (30min) and Elton Jantjies (44min) Scott van Breda (10min), Scott van Breda (13min), and Scott van Breda (39min)
Conversions Elton Jantjies (55min) Scott van Breda (68min) and Scott van Breda (74min)
Penalty tries
Yellow cards
Red cards
Minute Commentary


The Kings do not release in the tackle so the Lions boot it into touch to bring an end to the game. The Kings won today but they have lost their Super Rugby status as the margin of victory was not big enough. Joy for the Lions and their fans who will be back in Super Rugby next year.


The forwards bash it up but there was obstruction and the Kings will have to run from their own tryline to keep their Super Rugby status. Janse van Rensburg is blown up for scrumming in but Whitehead misses touch. Volminck runs it back but a loose pass has the Lions caught on the back foot.


Three points will see the Kings retain their Super Rugby status and they have four minutes to get them. They have a scrum on their 22 and it is kicked deep. The Lions return the kick and chase up well. Engelbrecht loses it and the Lions send it wide. They are right there now with the match hanging in the balance.


The ball is sent wide but lost forward in the tackle and the Kings go off their feet at the breakdown so the Lions can clear it.They set a maul as they try to slow the game down. It moves over the 22 but the Kings rip it away and Gates breaks out. The ball is worked out to Van Breda and he goes over in the corner for the TRY. He nails the CONVERSION again and the Kings lead 23-18.


The Kings steal a lineout and Roodt plays the ball on the ground so the Kings kick it into the corner again. They must win by eight points if they want to play Super Rugby next year.


The Kings bash away as they look for a try and they are right on the line now. Ferreira forces his way over for the TRY Van Breda adds the CONVERSION and ther Kings trail 18-16.


Britz breaks from the base of the scrum but Jantjies gets a horrible pass from Cronje and knocks on. The Kings go to the blindside and then switch it back. A dangerous tackle from Hanekom means that he is shown a YELLOW CARD and the Kings kick it into the corner again.


The Lions go offside this time as Minnie chases up a kick and the Kings kick for the corner as they look for a way back into this match. The throw is not straight so the Lions can clear it.


Jantjies crashes it up and the forwards arrive in support. The Kings go offside at the breakdown so Jantjies has another shot at goal but he pushes it wide.


The Lions run it out of their 22 with Volminck making ground. They send it wide and Kriel takes it up to the 22. The ball is intercepted by Marais but he loses it forward so the Lions have a scrum.


The Lions go wide to Botha and then switch it back with Kriel finding some space. He pins his ears back and surges over for the TRY. Jantjies' CONVERSION makes it 18-9.


The Lions try to run it out of their 22 and Ferreira does not roll away so Jantjies kicks for touch. Engelbrecht claims the line-out but Buys enters a ruck from the side so the Lions can clear again.


They maul it again and then go to Jantjies who reaches the 22. The Kings turn it over and Whitehead clears into touch.


Another huge shove from the Lions but the ball bounces loose and Engelbrecht breaks away. They swing it wide to Marais but he puts it out on the full so the Lions will have another chance.


Ferreira is blown up again for scrumming in and the Lions call for another scrum. Buys drops his bind this time and the referee has a word with Nell the Kings captain.


The Lions send it wide and Helberg finds some space on the outside. Whiteley does well to get it way and they kick ahead. The ball is forced over the tryline and they are going to the TMO again. No try but there was a Kings knock-on so the Lions have a scrum in the 22.


It is a big scrum from the Lions so it is reversed and they will have a chance to attack. Ferreira drops his bind this time so Jantjies slots the PENALTY to give the Lions a 11-9 lead.


Jantjies gets the second half underway and Whitehead clears. Jantjies takes it up to the line but loses it in the tackle so the Kings have a scrum.


A sloppy pass is hacked into touch by Whitehead and that is half-time. The Kings with a one-point lead but plenty of action to come in the second half, join us in ten minutes.


Venter kicks high and the Kings win it back. Whitehead chips into the 22 but the Lions were offside so Van Breda slots the PENALTY to put the Kings back in the lead at 9-8.


They launch another maul and the Kings drive them backwards but the Lions regroup well and Minnie goes over the line and this one is going upstairs. The TRY is awarded and the Lions take the lead but Jantjies misses the kick.


The Kings send it wide as they look for a response but they go off their feet so Jantjies kicks to touch again. The Lions set another maul and they get good momentum going towards the line. The Kings were diving over the maul and the Lions kick it into the corner as they look for the try.


Marais clears it into touch and the Lions launch another maul from the line-out. The Kings go offside so Jantjies has another shot at goal and the PENALTY is over to make it 6-3


The Lions go wide again and Botha puts a grubber in behind the Kings defence. Van Breda gets there first and runs it into touch so the Lions will continue to press. They launch at the line but it is held up before the line so the Kings get it back for a defensive scrum.


The Lions come again and Ferreira is blown up for interfering with the scrumhalf. Jantjies sets up an attacking line-out as the Lions look for a try. They maul it over the 22 and it goes out to Jantjies but his pass is intercepted and kicked long by PARKES.


The Lions take it wide and Jantjies finds Hanekom. The Kings intercept and kick deep so the Lions run it back. A high tackle gives Jantjies his first chance for points but he pushes it wide.


The Kings win it and hoist it high. Van der Merwe goes off his feet at the breakdown but Van Breda pushes the kick wide.


The Kings maul again and then go to Murray in midfield. The Lions are up quickly in defence and Maku goes off his feet so Jantjies can kick to touch.


Jantjies' restart is short so the Kings have a scrum on halfway. They take it up and the Lions go offside so Van Breda slots another PENALTY to make it 6-0.


The Kings take it through the phases outside the 22 and Minnie goes off his feet. Van Breda slots the PENALTY to make it 3-0 to the Kings.


A big scrum from the Kings but Volminck clears it. The kick is returned but Marais is there and he finds touch on halfway. Venter kicks high and the Kings get it back. Marais puts a grubber into touch on the 22. Cronje kicks long and the Kings send it wide to Cooke. Hanekom intercepts but he is dragged into touch.


It goes to Du Preez in midfield and Whitehead kicks for the corner. Cronje gets there first and he takes it into touch so the Kings have a good attacking chance. The throw is not straight so the Lions get off there.


They maul it and Roodt takes it over halfway. It goes down the backline but lost forward in the tackle so the Kings have the first scrum. Janse van Rensburg slips his bind so the Kings set up a line-out.


Whitehead kicks the game off and the Kings are up quickly but they go offside. Jantjies finds touch and thr Lions will attack.


Although Director of Rugby Alan Solomons is leaving to coach Edinburgh and there have been rumours of their top players signing for different franchises, the Kings will have to keep their focus if they are to turn things around and earn a second season in Super Rugby next year, whilst the Lions will be determined to finish this off well.


The weather in Johannesburg is good, so we should have a nice open game. With so much on the line in this match emotions will be running high, so it will be interesting to see whether the teams manage to keep their discipline.


Welcome to live coverage of the second leg of the Super Rugby promotion/relegation play-off between the Lions and the Kings from Ellis Park. The Kings need to win this game by more than eight points after losing by seven in Port Elizabeth and they will have to do so in front of a sold out Ellis Park so this should be a great match.
15 Andries Coetzee
14 Ruan Combrinck
13 Harold Vorster
12 Alwyn Hollenbach
11 Courtnall Skosan
10 Elton Jantjies
9 Francois de Klerk
8 Warren Whiteley
7 Warwick Tecklenburg
6 Jaco Kriel
5 Franco Mostert
4 Martin Muller
3 Julian Redelinghuys
2 Armand van der Merwe
1 Schalk van der Merwe

23 Howard Mnisi
22 Marnitz Boshoff
21 Dillon Smit
20 Albertus Smith
19 Robert Kruger
18 Ruan Dreyer
17 Corne Fourie
16 Malcolm Marx
15 SP Marais
14 Scott van Breda
13 Ronnie Cooke
12 Waylon Murray
11 Hadleigh Parkes
10 George Whitehead
9 Shaun Venter
8 Jacques Engelbrecht
7 Wimpie van der Walt
6 Cornell du Preez
5 David Bullbring
4 Darron Nell
3 Kevin Buys
2 Bandise Maku
1 Schalk Ferreira

22 Shane Gates
21 Wesley Dunlop
20 Nicolas Vergallo
19 Devin Oosthuizen
18 Steven Sykes
17 Hannes Franklin
16 Charl du Plessis