Rugby Championship

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Kick-off local time : Sat, 05 October 2013 - 19h40
Kick-off : Sun, 06 October 2013 - 00h40
Venue : Estadio Gigante de Arroyito, Rosario
Referee : Wayne Barnes (England)
Match status : Result
  Argentina Australia
Tries Martín Landajo (50min) Israel Folau (3min), Adam Ashley-Cooper (33min), Israel Folau (35min), Israel Folau (42min), Joe Tomane (65min), Benn Robinson (75min), and Bernard Foley (79min)
Penalties Nicolas Sánchez (28min) Christian Lealiifano (25min), Christian Lealiifano (31min), and Quade Cooper (55min)
Conversions Nicolas Sánchez (37min) and Nicolas Sánchez (50min) Christian Lealiifano (3min), Christian Lealiifano (35min), Quade Cooper (42min), Bernard Foley (75min), and Bernard Foley (79min)
Penalty tries
Yellow cards Pablo Matera (30min) James Slipper (15min) and Rob Simmons (51min)
Red cards
Minute Commentary


That is the game, the Wallabies winning comfortably in the end. The Pumas finish last and are still looking for their first win.


The Pumas looking for a consolation and Sanchez steps close. Quick hands but the Wallabies are up quickly. Amorosino breaks clear but then loses it forward. The Wallabies clear it and Tomane follows up well before getting it away to Foley who streaks away for the TRY. He adds the CONVERSION as well to make it 54-17.


It is a big scrum from the Wallabies who win the ball and Hooper drags a few defenders with him into the 22. It goes out to Robinson who crashes over for the TRY. foley adds the CONVERSION to make it 47-17.


They go wide to Tomane and then Genia puts it into touch in the 22. The Pumas hoist it and the Wallabies knock on so the home side have a defenaive scrum.


The Pumas go wide as they look for a response and it is knocked on so the Wallabies have a scrum on their 22.


Imhoff hits the line at pace but then loses the ball forward. Tomane picks up the loose ball and races away to score the TRY in the corner.


Fardy makes a steal on the 22 so the Wallabies can clear the danger. They take it over halfway and Genia looks for territory but puts it out on the full.


The teams exchange kicks before the Pumas break away and find some space on the outside. Hernandez grubbers and Folau is there but knocks on so the Pumas have a scrum on the 22.


The Pumas come again as Hernandez regathers a chip. The Wallabies go offside and they take it quickly but then come in from the side so the Wallabies can clear.


Genia gives it to Tomane who breaks clear again but Hooper can't hang on to the insisde ball on the 22 so the Pumas have a scrum. Leguizamon is caught in possession at the back so Cooper kicks the PENALTY to make it 35-17.


The Pumas kick it into the corner but they lose the line-out and Cooper clears to touch. The Pumas maul it over the 22 and it goes to Bosch who is isolated and holds on too long.


The Pumas are finding plenty of gaps now as Bosch breaks free again. It goes into touch as Contepomi is taken out off the ball with no arms by Simmons who is shown a YELLOW CARD.


Imhoff breaks through in midfield as they approach the 22. Bosch takes it to the line and Sanchez finds Imhoff with an inside ball but he is brought down just short. Eventually it is Landajo who crashes over for the TRY next to the poles. Sanchez adds the CONVERSION to make it 32-17.


The Wallabies take it through the phases but hold on too long on the 22 so the Pumas can clear it.


The Wallabies lose it forward so the Pumas have a scrum inside their own half. Quick hands sees Agulla take it up to the 22. Contepomi makes an offload but Cabello can't hang on so the Wallabies have a scrum.


The Pumas look to run it out of their own half but it is turned over and the Wallabies snap onto attack. It goes out to Moore and Cooper flips it inside to Folau who is over for the TRY. Cooper adds the CONVERSION to make it 32-10.


The Pumas find touch on the 22 as they look for another try before half-time but Leguizamon loses it forward. The Wallabies clear and Bosch runs it back but it is knocked on and that is half-time, the Wallabies with a 15-point lead. Join us in ten minutes for the second half.


The pumas hit back as Sanchez steps past a few defenders and finds his captain in support. It is swung out to Bosch who swerves past Folau to go over for the TRY. Sanchez adds the CONVERSION to make it 25-10.


Folau picks up a good pass and swerves past a few defenders to go through the middle for a TRY. Lealiifano adds the CONVERSION and the Wallabies are in complete control at 25-3


The Wallabies send it wide after winning a high ball and Ashley-Cooper gets over in the corner for the TRY which stretches the lead to 18-3.


Lealiifano slots the PENALTY to make it 13-3.


The Pumas run it from their 22 and Leguizamon hits a big gap. He tries a long pass which flies into touch. Cooper wraps around and Fardy breaks clear. He is brought down in the corner by Matera who is shown a YELLOW CARD for not using his arms in the tackle.


The Pumas win the restart back but they are caught on the back foot and Contepomi puts it out on the full. It goes to Tomane again but Imhoff makes an intercept and gets it away to Bosch. Albacete crashes it up as the forwards get involved and Horwill goes offside so Sanchez slots a PENALTY to make it 10-3.


Horwill bashes it up in midfield and the Pumas play it on the ground so Lealiifano kicks the PENALTY to make it 10-0.


The line-out is lost forward so the Pumas have a scrum in Wallabies territory. It goes to Sanchex who loses it in the tackle and Hooper tears away. It goes to Tomane who chucks it inside to earn the line-out.


Hernandez puts it into touch and Genia takes it up from the line-out. The forwards bash over the 22 but Mowen loses it in the tackle. Landajo hits a gap and gets good support from Imhoff. He is brought down on the 22 but Cabello comes in from the side and the Wallabies can clear.


The Wallabies spread it wide as they run the phases over the 22 and cooper steps past a few tackle. Mowen is held up in the tackle and the Pumas get it back.


The Pumas call for another scrum as they look for a pushover but Hooper picks up the loose ball and Genia clears. Hernandez runs it back but holds on too long so the Wallabies can look for touch.


Another penalty and the referee has a chat with Horwill about the front row going down. They scrum again, Mowen goes early and Argentina call for another scrum. They go down again and this time Slipper is shown a YELLOW CARD.


It is a big shove from the Pumas and they have another crack. The Wallabies go offside and they call for another scrum.


The Pumas clear and Cooper spins it wide as the Wallabies counter but it is lost forward again so the Pumas have another scrum on halfway. The Wallabies go early but the Pumas cough it up straight away. More scrappy play and the Pumas hack it ahead. Cooper gets there but carries it over the tryline so the Pumas have an attacking scrum.


The Wallabies go to Tomane again and he breaks away again but the ball is lost forward so the Pumas have the first scrum in their own half.


Tomane breaks a tackle in midfield and is eventually brought down on the 22. They send it wide and it goes to Folau on the inside and the fullback is over for the TRY. Lealiifano kicks the CONVERSION to make it 7-0.


Sanchez kicks off and Genia puts it into touch. The Pumas go over halfway and then send it wide but it flies into touch.


It is Felipe Contepomi's final Test match, so his teammates will be hoping to send him out on a high at the end of a long career.


The wooden spoon is on the line tonight, and the Pumas will fancy their chances against a Wallabies side that has battled to find any form under new coach Ewen McKenzie.


Welcome to live coverage of the last Rugby Championship match of the year, with Argentina looking for their first win in the competition as they host Australia in Rosario.
15 Joaquin Tuculet
14 Lucas Gonzalez Amorosino
13 Horacio Agulla
12 Gabriel Ascarate
11 Juan Imhoff
10 Nicolas Sánchez
9 Martín Landajo
8 Benjamin Macome
7 Julio Farias Cabello
6 Juan Manuel Leguizamon
5 Mariano Galarza
4 Manuel Carizza
3 Maximiliano Bustos
2 Eusebio Guiñazu
1 Marcos Ayerza

23 Santiago Cordero
22 Javier Rojas
21 Tomas Cubelli
20 Pablo Matera
19 Tomas Lavaninni
18 Matias Diaz
17 Nahuel Lobo
16 Santiago Iglesias Valdez
15 Israel Folau
14 Joe Tomane
13 Adam Ashley-Cooper
12 Christian Lealiifano
11 Nick Cummins
10 Quade Cooper
9 Will Genia
8 Ben Mowen
7 Michael Hooper
6 Scott Fardy
5 James Horwill
4 Rob Simmons
3 Sekope Kepu
2 Stephen Moore
1 James Slipper

23 Bernard Foley
22 Mike Harris
21 Nic White
20 Dave Dennis
19 Kane Douglas
18 Ben Alexander
17 Benn Robinson
16 Tatafu Polota-Nau