Under-20 World Cup

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Kick-off local time : Fri, 20 June 2014 - 19h35
Kick-off : Fri, 20 June 2014 - 09h35
Venue : Auckland
Referee : Ben O'Keeffe (New Zealand)
Match status : Result
  South Africa U20 England U20
Tries Jesse Kriel (20min) and Jesse Kriel (64min) Nathan Earle (40min) and Joel Conlon (53min)
Penalties Handre Pollard (14min) and Handre Pollard (46min) Billy Burns (16min), Aaron Morris (36min), and Billy Burns (44min)
Conversions Handre Pollard (20min) and Handre Pollard (64min) Billy Burns (53min)
Penalty tries
Yellow cards
Red cards
Minute Commentary


Big shove from SA but England keep it and Burns puts it into touch to seal a tight one-point victory which sees England retain their title. So close for the Junior Boks, but they came up just short in the end.


England maul again from the line-out as they look to run the clock down. Their forwards bash away and SA are tackling hard but it is knocked on in the tackle so England have a late scrum.


SA win a tighthead but Schoeman was scrumming in so England can clear. They maul from the line-out but it is ripped away. Pollard swings it wide but it is a bad pass and SA are caught in their own 22 so Pollard has to kick to touch.


SA have a line-out just outside the 22, it is now or never in the dying stages of the final. Brink takes it up in midfield but a forward pass means that England have a scrum.


Desperate defence from England who drive the Junior Boks back. Pollard has a crack at the drop-goal but it drifts just wide.


The ball is lost forward so England scramble it into touch but SA come again from the line-out as Pollard surges into the 22. They go wide to Kriel who is brought down in the corner and the forwards arrive to bash away at the line.


England with the line-out but it is ripped away and Dan Kriel makes a storming run into the 22. It goes out to Van der Merwe and they are right there but it is not coming out so they have a scrum.


England lose the ball forward in SA territory so the Junior Boks have a scrum. Can they come from behind again? It goes to Gelant who spins it out to Van der Merwe. He gets a great pass away on the inside and Kriel is there in support to go over for his second TRY. Pollard adds the CONVERSION to make it 21-20.


SA lose the line-out and England can counter. The teams exchange kicks and England come away with it. SA turn it over on halfway but a poor pass from Smith is intercepted. They take it wide and get right up to the 22. Petersen goes offside this time so Burns has another crack at goal but pulls it wide.


Solid scrum from England and Chisholm is driven back in the tackle. Burns kicks for the corner but it is out on the full so the Junior Boks have a chance from a line-out on halfway.


England take it up in midfield before Packman kicks to the corner. Van der Merwe makes a great run up the left but loses it forward and it goes into touch.


Pollard clears it and Packman steps his way through a gap as England reach the 22 once again. They bash away at the line but Earle is tackled and the ball comes off Petersen before going into touch so England have an attacking line-out. The drive the maul and Conlon goes over for the TRY. Burns adds the CONVERSION to make it 21-13.


England kick deep and SA go off their feet so Burns kicks it into the corner as they look for a try. The ball is lost forward at the line-out so the Junior Boks have a scrum on their 22.


Great pass from Gelant opens up the England defence and he gets it back from Petersen in the 22. England go off their feet so Pollard slots the PENALTY to narrow the gap to 14-13.


The teams exchange kicks and a horrible pass is spilled by SA. England pounce and storm into the 22 where the Junior Boks go off their feet so Burns kicks the easy PENALTY to make it 14-10.


Pollard kicks the second half off and England let it bounce so SA get it back. Du Toit drives it up and gets good support from Els before it is swung out to Esterhuizen. He bumps off a tackle and gets a pass away but it is lost forward by Schickeling so England can clear.


Pollard tackles Morris in the air so England will have a late chance in the first half from a line-out just outside the 22. Tompkins makes a great run in midfield and it is worked out to Earle who scores the TRY in the corner. Burns pulls the kick wide but England have a 11-10 lead at half-time despite being outplayed for most of the first half. Join us in ten minutes for the second half to see if the Junior Boks can fight back again.


England lose it again and SA send it wide to Petersen but he is forced into touch by Earle. Van Rensburg grabs a loose ball but he was offside so Morris is going to have a crack at goal from his own half. and the PENALTY is over to make it 10-6.


The teams exchange kicks as they look for territory and Gelant puts a great kick into touch in the England 22. Schickerling steals another line-out and it goes to Brink who is just short. It goes out to Kriel who is brought down in the corner but the ball is lost forward and England spin it wide. Packman breaks out and kicks ahead but then trips over his own feet so Gelant gets back to clear into touch.


Another stolen line-out from Schickerling but England win it back and storm into the 22 with Packman. Great pressure at the breakdown from Brink who wins the penalty so Pollard can clear again.


England go wide and it is almost intercepted but Earle comes away with it and kicks ahead. He finds touch in the 22 and the SA line-out will be under pressure here. Pollard kicks long and makes sure of his touch.


SA steal the line-out and Pollard finds touch near the 22. Schickerling steals another one and they send it wide to Petersen who grubbers through. England clean it up and kick again but Esterhuizen fumbles so England have a scrum in their own half.


SA maul it from the line-out and Pollard tries a drop-goal with the left boot but puts it wide. Esterhuizen kicks high from the drop-out and England secure it. Taylor kicks from the base and Pollard puts it out on the full so England have a line-out just short of the 22.


England knock on again and Pollard kicks deep from the scrum. Earle is there and finds touch on halfway. Vermeulen takes it up and Smith kicks into the 22. Earle is caught by Petersen and it is scrambled into touch again.


Junior Boks charge into the 22 this time and Esterhuizen makes good ground after a solid scrum. They lose it forward and England send it wide but it is knocked on. Pollard puts a great chip kick into the 22 and Jesse Kriel picks it up to go over for the TRY. Pollard's CONVERSION makes it 10-3 to SA.


England hoist this time and Smith knocks on, SA forwards go off their feet so Burns kicks the PENALTY to level the scores at 3-3.


Smith goes into the 22 and then it goes out to Esterhuizen. They keep hammering away and England go offside eventually so Pollard kicks the easy PENALTY to open the scoring.


Smith fumbles it at the base and then SA shove early so England can clear it. Pollard is tackles in the air by Itoje but he misses touch. Morris is there but puts his kick straight out and SA have a line-out near the 22.


Good ground from the SA forwards at the line-out and they are near the 22 this time. England counter-ruck well but lose it forward so SA have a scrum on the 22.


Pollard hoists but it is too long and Earle takes well. England run from their 22 and Earle breaks away but his kick goes straight into touch. England steal the line-out and then send it wide as they approach the 22 but Moriarty holds on too long so SA can clear again.


England not scrumming straight so Pollard thumps it away. Brink takes it up from the line-out before Smith hoists again. England come from their own half this time but Burns' kick is tidied up by Els and Jones goes offside so Pollard looks for touch again.


England turn the ball over in the 22 and bash it up but Moriarty loses it forward so SA have the first scrum deep in their own territory.


Burns kicks the game off and Davis takes it up. Smith's kick is charged but SA get it back and work it out of their 22 before Smith clears.


It is chilly but dry in Auckland so we are set for a good game at the iconic Eden Park. The players are getting ready to take the field now and it will just be the national anthems before actions gets underway.


Both teams favour a physical, structured style so this game is likely to be won or lost up front. South African captain Handre Pollard is the tournament's all-time highest points scorer, but he will need a good platform from his forward pack if he is to have an impact on this game.


The Junior Boks have had a tough road to the final, having had to beat hosts New Zealand twice whilst England have had an easier time of it. It is the defending champions up against the 2012 champions so this should be a hard-fought final between two sides on form.


Welcome to Eden Park in Auckland, where we are gearing up for the BIG Final - South Africa U20 against England U20 at the IRB Junior World Championship. It will be a cracker!
South Africa U20
15 Warrick Gelant
14 Dan Kriel
13 Jesse Kriel
12 Andre Esterhuizen
11 Sergeal Petersen
10 Handre Pollard
9 JP Smith
8 Aidon Davis
7 Cyle Brink
6 Jacques Vermeulen
5 Nico Janse van Rensburg
4 JD Schickerling
3 Dayan van der Westhuizen
2 Corniel Els
1 Thomas Du Toit

23 Duhan Van der Merwe
22 Jean-Luc du Plessis
21 Zee Mkhabela
20 Jean-Luc Du Preez
19 Victor Sekekete
18 Wilco Louw
17 Pierre Schoeman
16 Joseph Dweba
England U20
15 Aaron Morris
14 Howard Packman
13 Nick Tompkins
12 Harry Sloan
11 Nathan Earle
10 Billy Burns
9 Henry Taylor
8 James Chisholm
7 Gus Jones
6 Ross Moriarty
5 Charlie Ewels
4 Maro Itoje
3 Paul Hill
2 Tom Woolstencroft
1 Danny Hobbs-Awoyemi

23 Henry Purdy
22 Sam Olver
21 Callum Brayley
20 Joel Conlon
19 Hayden Thompson-Stringer
18 Biyi Alo
17 Alex Lundberg
16 Jack Walker