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Referees for IRB Sevens

Wed, 20 Sep 2006 00:00
Full house for Hirabayashi

The IRB has made known the referes for its Sevens Series which starts in Dubai in December. Taizo Hirabayashi, the impressive Japanese referee, will referee at all eight tournaments.

It is clear from the appointments that teh IRB is looking to throw the refereeing net wider.

Paris is off the coming circuit, replaced by Melrose where Sevens started.

The tournament dates are as follows:

Dubai: 1/2 December 2006
George: 8/9 December 2006
Wellington: 2/3 February 2007
San Diego: 10/11 February 2007
Hong Kong: 30/31 March 2007
Adelaide: 7/8 April 2007
London: 26/27 May 2007
Melrose: 2/3 June 2007


Julian Pritchard (Australia): Wellington, Hong Kong, Adelaide
Andrew Lindsay (Australia): Adelaide
Chris Rooney (New Zealand): Wellington
Matt Stanish (New Zealand): Wellington, San Diego, Hong Kong, Adelaide
Gareth Lloyd-Jones (South Africa): Dubai, George, Wellington, San Diego
Pro Legoete (South Africa): George
Andrew McPherson (Scotland): London, Melrose
David Keane (Ireland): Dubai, George
Simon McDowell (Ireland): London, Melrose
James Jones (Wales): Dubai, George, Hong Kong, Adelaide, London, Melrose
Bruce Robertson (England): Dubai, George, London, Melrose
Carlos Damasco (Italy): London, Melrose
Jean-Luc Rebollal (France): London, Melrose
Joao Paulo Lameirao Mourinha (Portugal): Dubai, George
Marcelo Pilara (Argentina): Dubai, George, Wellington, San Diego, Adelaide
Phil Smith (Canada): San Diego, Hong Kong
Graeme Bullen (USA): San Diego
Taizo Hirabayashi (Japan), Dubai, George, Wellington, Hong Kong,  Adelaide, San Diego, London, Melrose
Eva Mafi (Tonga): Wellington, San Diego, Hong Kong, Adelaide