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We profile Hoër Volkskool of Graaff-Reinet.
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We profile Hoër Volkskool of Graaff-Reinet.

Graaff-Reinet, the jewel of the Karroo, an oasis amongst dry, dramatic mountains, whose nearest neighbour is the Valley of Desolation, a beautiful town with wonderful Cape Dutch buildings, was named for two people – Governor Van de Graaff and his wife Reinet.  Cornelis Jacob van de Graaff was the Governor of the Cape when the town was founded in 1786, making it the fourth oldest town in South Africa.  It was once the scene of a rebellion against the British take-over of the Cape and subsequent government and once the capital of its own brief republic.  Now it is a farming centre, especially sheep farming.

Hoër Volkskool, near neighbours of Union High, was founded in 1922 by Dominee JF Naudé, the first Afrikaans-medium school in the Cape Province, three years before Afrikaans supplanted Dutch as an official language of the Union of South Africa.  A small school in a small town, it has a rich past and strong traditions.


Name of school: Hoër Volkskool
Motto of school: Ons Sal Handhaaf  (We shall Preserve)
Date of foundation: 30 January 1922
School address: PO Box 21, Graaff-Reinet.  6280


In 1926 Mr C Smith of Aberdeen donated a cup for competition between Volkskool and Aberdeen, a match Volkskool won 53-0.  Subsequently the bog match has been between Volkskool and Union High, a passionate match to end the season.

For most of its history Volkskool was situated in North Eastern Cape, and annually provided at least one player for the Craven Week side.  Now it resorts within Eastern Province.  One of its very best teams was that of 1947 when it was unbeaten in 17 matches.

Traditional rivals

Gill College of Somerset East, HS Cradock, HLS Marlow, Adelaide Gymnasium and, above all, Union High.