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We profile Ndzondelelo High School of Zwide Township, Port Elizabeth.

School profile

We profile Ndzondelelo High School of Zwide Township, Port Elizabeth.

The settlers who came from Europe brought many new things to Southern Africa. Amongst those new things were towns and cities and big industry.

The beaten tribes found their way to the fringes of these towns and cities brining the strength of their labour to industry. But their poverty, in monetary terms, provided only subsistence living and dwellings in townships with their overcrowding and many social problems.

One such township is Zwide, bordering New Brighton and Kwazakele in Port Elizabeth and named after the principal of the Bethalsdorp Coloured Primary School, Fair Hansen Manchinger Zwide.  It is a typical township with its narrow dusty streets, maze of shacks and matchbox houses and its high unemployment.

The township was formed in the 1970s and the school, Ndzondelelo High School, was founded in 1979. Its name means Perseverance.

School Information

Name: Ndzondelelo High School
Foundation date: 1979
Motto: Strive for Success
Pupils: 1300 (60% girls)
Rugby teams: 8

Rugby at Ndzondelelo

The school has played rugby form its inception and has eight teams. Dan Ngcabe, a rugby administrator and a deputy principal at the school, speaks proudly of its rugby. “We are without doubt the strongest rugby school in the townships and the one with the biggest support.”

For some big matches, for example against Loyiso and Nathaniel Nyaluza, the school fields are not big enough and off they go to Dan QeQe Stadium.

Dan QeQe is a rugby legend in the Eastern Cape. He was an aggressive hooker in his playing days and an aggressive administrator and businessman when they were over. The main thoroughfare in Zwide Township is QeQe Street, and the stadium, often the venue for protests in apartheid times, is named after him.

In 1986 Dan Ngcabe persuaded Coca Cola to sponsor the match, providing drinks and music. They were so taken with the occasion and the huge crowd of spectators that they upped their sponsorship and sponsored a tournament for all Township schools.

In addition Ndzondelelo have won the Night Series played at the beginning of each season three times in a row. They won in 2003 but were knocked out in 2004.


Loyiso High School is also in Zwide Township. They are Ndzondelelo’s biggest rivals. The two compete each year for the Nondumo Trophy, which Ndzondelelo have won more often than Loyiso.  In fact they won it three years in a row.

Then there is Nathaniel Nyaluza of Grahamstown. The two schools have competed four times in an FNB Classic, and Nyaluza have won all four. Ndzondelelo have beaten them in other tournaments but not in the FNB. This year’s match in Port Elizabeth will be at Zwide Stadium while Dan QeQe Stadium is being rebuilt.

Old Boys

Dan Ngcabe believes that the old boy who made the biggest contribution to the school’s rugby while at school and to rugby in the township since leaving school is Mongezi Cwilana. He was the school’s captain and scrumhalf in the mid-Eighties who got the school’s rugby on a successful path. Now he is the successful coach of Vista University.

Eastern Province three-quarter Xola Jacobs is an old boy and Dan Ngcabe believes that EP Craven Week star Vuyani Mfanta could have been the best of the lot but for his premature death.