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rugby365 TV: Kim's Review - Part 2

Fri, 04 Nov 2011 00:00

For Part Two of Kim's Rugby Pub Review our intrepid presenter Kim Senogles and the rugby365 TV crew visited the legendary Fireman's Arms in Cape Town.

Kim continues on her noble mission in search of the ultimate rugby-watching pubs in South Africa - all in a bid to find the perfect place to settle in and watch eighty minutes of rugby.

Is there enough beer? What about her much talked-about pink drinks? Are there enough TVs?

Kim digs the dirt to find out all that... and more!

In the first installment of her humble quest to see whether the different venues match up to 'Kim's Scale of Awesomeness' she travelled to the Waterfront's Quay Four. Click here to compare that with what the Fireman's Arms had to offer!

* Kim is driven by 1 For the Road - It's NOT negotiable.

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