Preview: Spain to play Uruguay

Wed, 16 Nov 2011 00:00

The Teros of Uruguay have flown over the Atlantic to Europe on a two-Test tour. They beat Portugal 16-9 on Sunday and play Spain on Saturday at Estadio Nacional Complutense in Madrid.

Spain went to the 1999 Rugby World Cup, the only time it has made it, and was in the same pool as Uruguay. The two teams met at Netherdale, Galashiels, in Scotland and the Teros beat the Leones 37-15, which meant that Spain ended last in the pool.

After beating Portugal in Lisbon, Uruguay are probably the favourites for this encounter as Portugal are two places above Spain on the log of the European Nations Cup.

That said, Spain beat Portugal 25-10 in March this year. On the IRB rankings, Uruguay are 19th, Spain 23. It could well be a close match in Madrid.

Spain have several players out injured - Jon Inausti, Fabien Rofes, Manuel García, Sébastien Rouet and Mathieu Peluchon.

They also have several new caps - David Gugernadze, Mathieu Cidré, Nick Marshal, Pierre Belzunce and Adrien Ayestarán.

The teams:

Spain (squad): Martín Heredia (CRC Madrid), Juan Cano (Cisneros), Tom Parker (Ordizia), Pedro Martín (Ordizia), Nicholas Marshall (Bera Bera), Glen Rolls (Vrac Valladolid), Pablo Feijoo (El Salvador), Ryan le Roux (UE Santboiana), Jesús Moreno (Limoges, France), Gauthier Gibouin (Périgueux, France), Anthony Pradalie (Périgueux, France) Adrien Ayestarán (Périgueux, France, Jesús Recuerda (Lille, France), Charly Malie (Béziers, France), Sébassen Ascarat (Auch, France), Beñat Auzqui (Tyrosse, France), Mathieu Visensang (Tyrosse, France), Mathieu Roca (Aurillac, France), Maun Auzqui (St Médard en Jalles, France), Damien Elgoyhen (St Médard en Jalles, France), Mathieu Cidré (Carcassonne, France), David Gurgenazde (Carcassonne, France), Pierre Belzunce (Colomiers, France), César Sempéré (Northampton, England).

Uruguay (squad): Mathias Arocena (Old Christian's), Arturo Avalo (Carrasco Polo), Fernando Bascou (PSG), Federico Berchessi ( Carrasco Polo), Felipe Berchessi (Carrasco Polo), Francisco Bulanti (Trebol), Alejo Corral (SIC), Juan De Freitas (Champagnat), Rodolfo De Mulla (PSG), Oscar Duran (Carrasco Polo), Rodrigo Espiga (Old Christian's), Federico Favaro (Old Christian's), Francisco Jimenez (Champagnat), Nicolás Klapenbach ( Champagnat), Adrian Lewis (Los Cuervos), Guillermo Lijtenstein (Trebol), Diego Magno (MVCC), Gaston Mieres (Lobos), Juan Diego Ormaechea (Carrasco Polo), Agustin Ormaechea (Carrasco Polo), Alberto Roman (PSG), Juan Rombys (Trebol), Juan Tabarez (Belgrano Athletic), Francisco Vecino (Carrasco Polo), Santiago Vilaseca (Old Boys), Santiago Gibernau, Mario Sagario, Jerónimo Etcheverry, Gaston Ibarburu.

Coaches: Sebastian Piñeyrua, Pablo Lemoine

Referee: João Mourinha (Portugal)