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rugby365 TV: Kim's review - Part 3

Sun, 04 Dec 2011 00:00

Join Kim Senogles in the third - and this year's final - episode of 'Kim's review', as's roving reporter uses rugby365 TV in her quest to find the perfect place to take in eighty minutes of rugby.

Is there enough beer? What about her pink drinks?

Are there enough TVs... and are they easily visible?

And which rugby players would you expect to find at the venues she's already been to?

See if these pubs - or bars - pass the test on 'Kim's Scale of Awesomeness', as she visited HQ & Caveau at Heritage Square in Cape Town in this week's episode, having already been to the Waterfront (at Quay Four) and Fireman's Arms in previous episodes.

* Kim is driven by 1 For the Road - It's NOT negotiable.

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