IRB says Shingler is forever 'Welsh'

Wed, 16 May 2012 00:00

Steven Shingler has lost his appeal against an IRB ruling and will forever be only eligible to play for Wales.

Shingler was judged by the IRB to have been "captured" by Wales after playing in an Under-20 international against France in 2011.

The IRB Council said in a statement on Tuesday it considered the appeal by Shingler against the decision of the IRB Regulations Committee.

"Under the Regulations Committee decision Shingler was deemed to have been captured by Wales having represented the Wales Under-20 team against the France Under-20 team in a 2011 Six Nations fixture," the IRB said.

"Both Wales and France had individually designated their Under-20 teams as their next senior national representative teams.

"In accordance with IRB Regulation 2, the IRB Council has the power to endorse or overturn the decision of the Regulations Committee.

"Following the Scottish Rugby Union's appeal of the Shingler decision, the IRB Council considered and determined the matter during its Annual Meeting in Dublin.

"Council, having considered all the facts and having heard submissions from the SRU and WRU legal representatives, dismissed the appeal and upheld the decision of the IRB Regulations Committee.

"The Council therefore determined that Steven Shingler is tied to Wales in accordance with IRB Regulation 8 and therefore is ineligible to represent another Union."

Scotland coach Andy Robinson initially selected Shingler in February on the understanding he qualified for Scotland through his mother, who was born in Dumfries.

However, he was axed from the Scottish Six Nations squad after the initial ruling and has since unsuccessfully attempted to have that ruling overturned.