@lantic Sevens from Heidelberg

Thu, 20 Sep 2012 14:28

In the 12th of 16 @lantic Sevens, hosted in Heidelberg by Volkskool Heidelberg, Kempton Park ran out winners.

There were 16 teams divided into four pools.

Pool A: Volkskool Heidelberg, Hoogenhout, Potchefstroom Volkskool, Zwartkop.
Pool B: Wesvalia, Benoni High, Lynx, Merensky
Pool C: Kempton Park, Hoërskool Alberton, Pietersburg, Jeugland
Pool D: Die Anker, Potchefstroom Gimnasium, Brandwag (Benoni), Vereeniging.

NB Lynx is a team selected from smaller schools, mainly private.

Pool Results

Pool A

Hoogenhout vs Volkskool Heidelberg, 21-7
Potchefstroom Volkskool vs Zwartkop, 15-10
Potchefstroom Volkskool vs Hoogenhout , 31-7
Zwartkop vs Hoogenhout, 31-5
Zwartkop vs Potchefstroom Volkskool, 21-7

Pool B
Benoni High vs Wesvalia, 28-5
Wesvalia vs Lynx, 7-7
Wesvalia vs Merensky, 14-12
Benoni High vs Lynx, 26-19
Merensky vs Lynx, 29-0
Merensky vs Benoni High, 48-5

Pool C
Kempton Park vs Hoërskool Alberton, 19-0
Kempton Park vs Pietersburg, 36-0
Jeugland vs Kempton Park, 19-17
Hoërskool Alberton vs Pietersburg, 29-21
Pietersburg vs Jeugland, 26-22
Hoërskool Alberton vs Jeugland, 24-19

Pool D
Potchefstroom Gimnasium vs Die Anker, 17-15
Die Anker, vs Brandwag, 7-5
Die Anker vs Vereeniging, 14-12
Potchefstroom Gimnasium vs Brandwag, 15-12
Brandwag vs Vereeniging, 19-5
Potchefstroom Gimnasium vs Vereeniging, 14-14


Lynx vs Hoogenhout, 31-26
Pietersburg    vs Vereeniging, 36-19
Volkskool Heidelberg vs Wesvalia, 26-5
Brandwag vs Jeugland, 22-12
Potchefstroom Volkskool vs Benoni High, 24-10
Hoërskool Alberton vs Die Anker, 29-12
Merensky vs Zwartkop, 14-10
Kempton Park vs Potchefstroom Gimnasium, 31-5


Kempton Park vs Merensky, 41-14
Alberton vs Potchefstroom Volkskool, 27-5
Brandwag vs Volkskool Heidelberg, 22-0
Pietersburg vs Lynx, 22-12
Player of the tournament: Jamie Campbell of Kempton Park

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