Scots blindside Kiwi journos

Fri, 09 Nov 2012 11:16
Scotland play a turgid, ineffective game that belongs in a cave because their players have few skills

The build-up to the clash between Scotland and New Zealand took an ugly turn when a Kiwi journalist was blocked from the home team's press conference.

The New Zealand Herald's video journalist George Berry was denied access to the Scottish team this week as a result of some controversial comments made by his colleague, the Herald's senior sportswriter Chris Rattue.

Rattue caused a stir earlier in the week with claims that the All Blacks are wasting their time playing a significantly weaker Scotland team and Berry suffered the fall-out as he received a cold shoulder at the Scotland press conference.

"I was asked who I was doing the video for by the Scotland media guy and I responded, 'The Herald'," said Berry.

"Is that the same paper as that guy Rattue? I was asked. I responded yes, however I must say I've never met the guy and don't share in many of his beliefs."

"I was then told - if that's the case I'm afraid our team is not interested in talking to The Herald."

After lengthy discussions Berry was eventually allowed a short interview, but that came along with a stern message for the Herald's editor.

"They said to tell him that sort of narrow journalism isn't appreciated in Scotland, and it's a shame that he (Rattue) hasn't got his arse out from behind the desk and followed up his comments by being in Edinburgh."

Rattue claimed that the Scotland team "play a turgid, ineffective game that belongs in a cave because their players have few skills", but had equally severe words about teams such as Wales who he described as "the village idiots of rugby union".

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