Campese: Deans destroying Wallabies

Thu, 15 Nov 2012 14:12
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He's the worst thing that has ever happened to Australian rugby

Ex-Wallaby wing David Campese has launched a stunning attack on Australian coach Robbie Deans and has called for him to be sacked.   

Campese, one of the greatest try-scoring wings the game has ever seen, lambasted Australia’s attacking regression under Deans following the Wallabies’ 33-6 defeat to France last Saturday.

"Deans has destroyed Australian rugby and I want him to go," said Campese, who scored 64 tries in 101 Tests.

"We've got a team at the moment that can't catch and can't pass. Wallaby teams in the past were never like this.

“Anyone who knows anything about Australian rugby knows what it's famous for - loops, angles, switches, counter-attack, creative play. Where's all that gone? We can't even pass properly.

“I just want him to go. He's the worst thing that has ever happened to Australian rugby.”

Campese slammed the decision to appoint New Zealand-born Deans ahead of local coaches and referred to the discarded Matt Giteau and Brumbies centre Pat McCabe to illustrate the change in Australian rugby in recent seasons.

“I just don't know why we had to go and get a foreign coach when we've won two World Cups with our own coaches. Look at how Matt Giteau's been treated. He's sitting down there, playing in Toulon, 92 caps, finished with Test rugby, and all because the coach doesn't like him. It's an ego trip.

"Just look at the body language of the players. It's terrible. They're not having fun, not enjoying themselves at all. There are lots of problems within the team.

"You've got to go out and get people to want to come and watch you play. Ain't happening with us, mate. The skill factor is so poor at the moment. Look at Pat McCabe in the centre. He's not a good passer and he's tipped to be the next captain.

"There's no fear factor about the Wallabies any more. And that's a sad state of affairs."