Lancaster: It's a tough pool

Mon, 03 Dec 2012 19:26
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It is definitely a pretty tough pool

England coach Stuart Lancaster concedes his team had been dealt an unenviable hand at the 2015 World Cup draw in London on Monday.

Two days after England’s astounding 38-21 win over New Zealand, the 2015 tournament hosts were drawn in the “pool of death” with Six Nations champions Wales and two-time World Cup winners Australia.

Speaking directly after the draw, Lancaster admitted the draw was less than ideal.

"It is definitely a pretty tough pool. To win the World Cup you have to win big games and I have got a huge amount of respect for what Wales have done recently,” he said.

"We know their squad pretty well, it is a young side and a lot of them will still be around in 2015. Australia have just beaten us and if you look at the age and profile of their squad, they have got some young lads as well. We will look forward to it."

On the fact that England will be hosting the prestigious event, Lancaster said: "It is unbelievably exciting. Twelve months ago I went out to New Zealand for two weeks and got a little sample of what it is like and the impact on that country.

"We have seen what the Olympic Games did for our country and the next big sporting event is the 2015 Rugby World Cup. By that time everybody is going to be revved up and it's going to be a big party."