Drunken Kiwis smash London pub

Sat, 08 Dec 2012 20:46
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Drunken New Zealanders have added another black mark to the good name of their country.

Drunken New Zealanders have added another black mark to the good name of their country, after it emerged All Blacks fans smashed a London pub in the wake of their team's loss to England.

It was revealed on Saturday that a group of London-based Kiwis will return to the venue in an attempt to 'apologise' and restore the good name of New Zealanders.

A group of boozed fans - wearing All Blacks jerseys - sparked a brawl at the All-Bar-One bar, in the London suburb of Moorgate, several hours after New Zealand's record 21-38 loss to England at Twickenham.

The fans' disgraceful behaviour followed the equally distasteful actions of some players on the field - with veterans Adam Thomson (stomping on the head of an opponent) and Andrew Hore (cheap shot from behind on an opponent) both banned for their unacceptable actions.

A witness said the All Black fans were "breaking glass and dishes, tables and chairs everywhere", with staff at the popular establishment being left "in tears".

Following the "disgusting" drunken brawl, bar management banned entry to people wearing replica All Blacks jerseys.

A week on, a group of London-based Kiwis said they will return to All-Bar-One to mend relationships and damage at the bar.

The gesture has been labelled "Redemption Saturday" by the Kiwis In London group, with a message posted on its Facebook site stating: "We are going to the All-Bar-One to show them that not all Kiwis are drunken nasty poor sports.

"We are also bringing stuff along to this - and you're all welcome to bring along something Kiwiana to share with the staff. We hear all the staff who were there last Saturday will be there this Saturday. Let's show what being a Kiwi is ALL about."

The group said they hoped to make it up to the bar staff who were understandably "very upset and shaken up".

The incident was widely debated on the Kiwis In London site this week, with the actions of the All Black jersey-clad brawlers described as "appalling", "embarrassing" and "a bloody disgrace".

One wrote: "Seriously? Meant to be representing ourselves to the rest of the world and showing them what awesome people we are. Not that we are bad losers who can't handle our drink."

An eye-witness to the brawl had earlier written: "To the group of Kiwi guys that had a brawl at All-Bar-One in Moorgate last night around 8pm... You are an embarrassment to yourselves and our country. Your behaviour was disgusting and you left the rest of us in there apologising to the wait staff and other patrons. We were told that they would not be letting anyone else wearing 'those jerseys' [into the bar]."

All-Bar-One manager Jared Kropach could not be reached for comment.

The bar brawl comes nine months after the antics of many London-based expats were slammed following Waitangi Day celebrations when 4000 Kiwis converged on central London for a New Zealand-themed pub crawl.

Source: Fairfax