Wales ponder Cardiff pitch change

Sun, 16 Dec 2012 16:32
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The Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) will consider installing a synthetic pitch at the Millennium Stadium ahead of the 2015 World Cup.

The famous Cardiff venue is set to host six World Cup matches but with the pitch currently needing to be relayed several times a year, the WRU believe it might be time to change to an artificial surface.

"It is being given serious consideration. We are looking at the implications," WRU chief executive Roger Lewis told The Sunday Times.

The International Rugby Board-approved artificial surface comprises a layer of stone, a thick rubber shock pad and a covering of artificial grass filled in with black rubber crumb.

The WRU’s only concern is whether a synthetic pitch would be able to handle hosting live music shows, which the stadium regularly does.

"They use some very serious trucks for their equipment," Lewis said.

"We'd need to be satisfied that the new surface can take it."