Eight-week ban for Castres flank

Wed, 19 Dec 2012 15:58
Ibrahimdiarraglasgow Ibrahimdiarracastres

Castres flank Ibrahim Diarra was on Wednesday suspended for eight weeks for stamping at a disciplinary hearing in Dublin.

Diarra was cited for allegedly stamping on Glasgow Warriors prop Moray Low during his team’s 10-8 European Cup win on Sunday.

Judicial officer Christopher Quinlan (England) heard evidence and submissions from Diarra, who pleaded not guilty to the offence, Castres chief executive Patrick Alran and ERC disciplinary officer, Roger O’Connor at the hearing.

Quinlan upheld the complaint and found that Diarra had committed a deliberate stamp and had made contact with Low’s head.

Employing the IRB sanctions for Law 10.4(b), he determined that the offence was at the high-end entry point of nine weeks.

Taking into account Diarra’s clean disciplinary record, he deducted one week and imposed a suspension of eight weeks.

Diarra will thus be free to play on February 11. Both the player and ERC have the right to appeal the decision.