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Intercountry activity is back in Europe with the Heineken Cup, the Amlin Challenge Cup and the British & Irish Cup. It's a great employment and travelling opportunity for match officials!

Intercountry activity is back in Europe with the Heineken Cup, the Amlin Challenge Cup and the British & Irish Cup. It's a great employment and travelling opportunity for match officials!T

The match between Curaçao and St Vincent & the Grenadines is an historic one - Curaçao's very first Test. It is fitting that the referee, Piet Veldhuizen, is from the Netherlands as Curaçao was formerly the Dutch Antilles, captured by the Dutch from Spain.


North America Caribbean Rugby Association (NACRA) Championship

Curaçao vs St Vincent & the Grenadines in Willemstad
Referee: Piet Veldhuizen (Netherlands)
Assistant referees: George Nicholson (Barbados), Local

Heineken Cup, Round 5

Edinburgh vs Munster at Murrayfield
Referee: Romain Poite (France)
Assistant referees: Cyril Lafon (France), Stéphane Boyer (France)
Television match official: Daniel Gillet (France)
Timekeeper: John Montgomery (England)
Citing commissioner: Alberto Recaldini (Italy)
Assessor: Les Peard (Wales)

Racing-Métro 92 vs Saracens at La Beaujoire, Nantes
Referee: Alain Rolland (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Mark Patton (Ireland), Brian Macneice (Ireland)
Television match official: Simon McDowell (Ireland)
Timekeeper: Eric Gauzins (France)
Citing commissioner: Eddie Walsh (Ireland)
Assessor: Jim Fleming (Scotland)

Ospreys vs Leicester Tigers at Liberty Stadium
Referee: John Lacey (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Sean Gallagher (Ireland), Kevin Beggs (Ireland)
Television match official: Marshall Kilgore (Ireland)
Timekeeper: Terry Thomas (Wales)
Citing commissioner: Iain Goodall (Scotland)
Assessor: Patrick Robin (France)

Toulouse vs Benetton Treviso at Ernest Wallon
Referee: Wayne Barnes (England)
Assistant referees: Greg Garner (England), Robin Goodliffe (England)
Television match official: Graham Hughes (England)
Timekeeper: Bruno Bessot (France)
Citing commissioner: Matt Bayliss (England)
Assessor: Patrick Thomas (France)

Harlequins vs Connacht at The Stoop
Referee: Mathieu Raynal (France)
Assistant referees: Jean-Luc Rebollal (France), Mourad Zitouni (France)
Television match official: John Sheehan (Ireland)
Timekeeper: Vincent Azoulay (France)
Citing commissioner: Jean-Etienne Bernard (France)
Assessor: Bob Ockenden (England)

Zebre vs Biarritz at Stadio at V Aprille, Parma
Referee: Peter Fitzgibbon (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Stuart Gaffikin (Ireland), David Keane (Ireland)
Television match official: Dermot Moloney (Ireland)
Timekeeper: Giovanni Morandin (Italy)
Citing commissioner: Tom McCormack (Ireland)
Assessor: Rosanno Facioli (Italy)

Ulster vs Glasgow Warriors at Ravenhill
Referee: Pascal Gauzere (France)
Assistant referees: Laurent Cardona (France), Stéphane Pomarède (France)
Television match official: Hervé Dubes (France)
Timekeeper: David Armstrong (Ireland)
Citing commissioner: Peter Larter (England)
Assessor: Tom Aplin (Ireland)

Northampton Saints vs Castres at Franklins Gardens
Referee: George Clancy (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Paul Haycock (Ireland), Michael Black (Ireland)
Television match official: Peter Ferguson (Ireland)
Timekeeper: Matthew Peters (England)
Citing commissioner: Douglas Hunter (Scotland)
Assessor: Fergus Neil (Scotland)

Leinster vs Scarlets at RDS
Referee: Jérôme Garces (France)
Assistant referees: Sébastien Cloute (France), Alexandre Ruiz (France)
Television match official: Jean-Claude Levrier (France)
Timekeeper: Andrew Baird (Ireland)
Citing commissioner: François Guers (France)
Assessor: Nigel Williams (Wales)

Clermont Auvergne vs Exeter Chiefs at Marcel Michelin
Referee: Nigel Owens (Wales)
Assistant referees: Neil Hennessy (Wales), Jon Mason (Wales)
Television match official: Derek Bevan (Wales)
Timekeeper: Gilles Cogne (France)
Citing commissioner: Eugene Ryan (Ireland)
Assessor: Claudio Giacomel (Italy)

Toulon vs Cardiff Blues at Stade Felix Mayol
Referee: JP Doyle (England)
Assistant referees: Tim Wigglesworth (England), Andrew Pearce (England)
Television match official: David Grashoff (England)
Timekeeper: Philippe Bonhoure (France)
Citing commissioner: Buster White (England)
Assessor: Clayton Thomas (Wales)

Sale Sharks vs Montpellier at Salford Stadium
Referee: Leighton Hodges (Wales)
Assistant referees: Rhys Thomas (Wales), Wayne Davies (Wales)
Timekeeper: Mike Hamlin (England)
Citing commissioner: Gwyn Bowden (Wales)
Assessor: Andy Clift (Scotland)

Amlin Challenge Cup, Round 5

Mont-de-Marsan vs London Irish at Stade Guy Boniface
Referee: Marius Mitrea (Italy)
Assistant referees: Claudio Blessano (Italy), Stefano Marrama (Italy)
Timekeeper: Jean-Marie Piraveau (France)
Assessor: Michel Lamoulie (France)

Bordeaux-Bègles vs Gloucester at Stade André Moga
Referee: Andrew McMenemy (Scotland)
Assistant referees: Peter Allan (Scotland), Bob Nevins (Scotland)
Timekeeper: Bernard Perez (France)
Assessor: Eric Darriere (France)

VEA Femi-CZ Rovigo vs Worcester Warriors at Stadio Mario Battaglini
Referee: Ian Davies (Wales)
Assistant referees: James Jones (Wales), Greg Morgan (Wales)
Timekeeper: Giannino Cappellozza (Italy)
Assessor: Michael Carroll (Ireland)

Bizkaia Gernika RT vs Perpignan Urbieta at Sport Centre, Guernica
Referee: Ian Tempest (England)
Assistant referees: tba, Gareth Copsey (England)
Assessor: Gabriele Villari (Italy)

London Wasps vs Rugby Mogliano at Adams Park
Referee: Cédric Marchat (France)
Assistant referees: Arnaud Blondel (France), Eric Soulan (France)
Timekeeper: Roy Marfleet (England)
Assessor: Gianni Romano (Italy)

Bayonne vs Newport Gwent Dragons at Stade Jean Dauger
Referee: Andrew Small (England)
Assistant referees: Martin Fox (England), Stuart Terheege (England)
Television match official: Geoff Warren (England)
Timekeeper: Marc Desclaux (France)
Citing commissioner: John West (Ireland)
Assessor: Jack Young (Ireland)

Cammi Rugby Calvisano vs Bucharest Wolves at Peroni Stadium, Calvisano
Referee: Leo Colgan (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Barrie O' Connell (Ireland), David Connolly (Ireland)
Timekeeper: Giuseppe Pera (Italy)
Assessor: Fabrizio Zucchi (Italy)

Bath vs Agen at Recreation Grounds
Referee: Dudley Phillips (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Olly Hodges (Ireland), /Dave O'Flynn (Ireland)
Timekeeper: Laurie Bryant (England)
Assessor: Joel Dumé (France)

London Welsh vs I Cavalieri Prato at Kassam Stadium Oxford
Referee: David Wilkinson (Ireland)
Assistant referees: John Carvill (Ireland), Shane Kierans (Ireland)
Timekeeper: Brian Abrahams (England)
Assessor: Gary Welsh (England)

Grenoble vs Stade Français at Stade Lesdiguières,
Referee: Luke Pearce (England)
Assistant referees: Llyr ApGeraint-Roberts (England), Kevin Stuart (England)
Television match official: Trevor Fisher (England)
Timekeeper: Serge Marzullo (Italy)
Citing commissioner: Richard McGhee (Scotland)
Assessor: Bertie Smith (Ireland)

British & Irish Cup

Ulster Ravens vs Bristol
Referee: Johann van der Merwe (Scotland)
Assistant referees: Oisin Quinn (Ireland), Rob Watson (Ireland)

Moseley vs London Scottish
Referee: Simon Rees (Wales)
Assistant referees: Nicholas Cockburn (England), Michael Patz (England)

Leinster A vs Pontypridd
Referee: Steve Lee (England)
Assistant referees: Ken Henley-Willis (Ireland), Dermot Blake (Ireland)

Stirling County vs Bedford Blues
Referee: Nigel Correll (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Rob Dickson (Scotland) Gus Tweedale (Scotland)
Assessor: Gordon McMurray (Scotland)

Swansea vs Carmarthen
Referee: Eddie Hogan-O'Connell (Ireland)
Assistant referees: tba (Wales)

Doncaster Knights vs Nottingham
Referee: Eanna O'Dowd (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Andrew Taylorson (England), Chris Sharp (England)

Newport vs Cross Keys
Referee: Andrew Jackson (England)
Assistant referees: tba (Wales)

Aberavon vs Munster A
Referee: Ross Campbell (England)
Assistant referees: tba (Wales)

Bedwas vs Neath
Referee: Justin Williams (Wales)
Assistant referees: tba (Wales)

Cardiff vs Bridgend
Referee: Simon Harding (England)
Assistant referees: tba (Wales)

Llandovery vs Melrose
Referee: Sean Brickell (Wales)
Assistant referees: tba (Wales)

Plymouth Albion vs Rotherham Titans
Referee: Tom Foley (England)
Assistant referees: Jonathan Healy (England), James Minards (England)

Gala vs Llanelli
Referee: Kieran Barry (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Andy Ireland (Scotland), Graeme Marshall (Scotland)
Assessor: John Bacigalupo (Scotland)

Newcastle Falcons vs Connacht Eagles
Referee: Kevin White (Scotland)
Assistant referees: Wayne Falla (England), Alan Hughes (England)

Jersey vs Leeds Carnegie
Referee: Sean Davey (England)
Assistant referees: William Halford (England), tba (England)

Cornish Pirates vs Dundee
Referee: Neil Perkins (Wales)
Assistant referees: Nick Williams (England), Dino Maddern (England)



Pro D2, Round 17

Albi vs Oyonnax at Stadium Municipal d'Albi
Referee: Jérôme Lamirand
Assistant referees: Sébastien Grellety, Philippe Milani
Goal judges: Jean-Claude Pairault, Christophe Abadie

Aix-en-Provence vs Aurillac at Stade Maurice David
Referee: Vincent Blasco-Baqué
Assistant referees: Cédric Chartrain, Bruno Gabaldon
Goal judges: Maxime Bernard, Stéphane Lamagnere
Massy vs Auch at Stade Jules Ladoumègue
Referee: Christophe Mallet
Assistant referees: Jérôme Lobregat, Eric Sentucq
Goal judges: C Grégoire, Patrick Chaniol

Dax vs La Rochelle at Stade Maurice Boyau
Referee: Flavien Hourquet
Assistant referees: Alexandre Vallon, Pascal Lafond
Goal judges: Sébastien Vigier, Charles Bonfanti

Narbonne vs Colomiers at Parc Des Sports Et De L'Amitié
Referee: Laurent Millotte
Assistant referees: Robert Crabos, Régis Gabard
Goal judges: Frédéric Cambou, Christian Olivier

Béziers vs Lyon at Stade De La Méditérranée
Referee: Tual Trainini
Assistant referees: Christian Coussan, Stéphane Duberger
Goal judges: Philippe Lecomte, Emmanuel Heinrich

Brive vs Carcassonne at Stade Amédée Domenech
Referee: David Rosich
Assistant referees: François Godin, Franck Bernos
Goal judges: Gaëtan Sanchez, Laurent Colin

Pau vs Tarbes at Stade Du Hameau
Referee: Adrien Descottes
Assistant referees: Frédéric Chazal, Alain Monteux
Goal judges: Bernard Lagardère, Lionel Fillol


Trofeo Eccellenza, Round 5

Petrarca Padova vs M-Three San Donà
Referee: Filippo Navarra (Trieste)
Assistant referees: Francesco Lento (Tricesimo, UD), tba

Crociati vs Viadana
Referee: Federico Meconi (Frascati, Roma)
Assistant referees: Andrea Laurenti (Bologna), Marco Borraccetti (Forlì, FC)

Mantovani Lazio vs Fiamme Oro Roma Mantovani Lazio
Referee: Claudio Castagnoli (Livorno)
Assistant referees: Fabrizio Zucchi (Livorno), marco Masetti (Arezzo)

L’Aquila vs Reggio
Referee: Simone Colantonio (Roma)
Assistant referees: Paulo Pappalardo (Roma), Paulo Paluzzi (Segni, RM)


Campeonato De España Femenino De Selecciones Territoriales

Referees: Itiaz Díaz (Madrid), Miguel Nievas (Málaga), Joaquin Santoro (Valencia)

División de Honor, Round 12

Atletico Madrid vs Ordizia
Referee: Fernando Raposo (Valladolid)
Assistant referees: Manuel Lázaro, Pancho Benegas

La Vila vs Cetransa Salvador
Referee: Igotz Gallastegi (Guipúzcoa)
Assistant referees: Real, Herrero

Vrac Quesos Entrepinares vs Ciencias Fund Cajasol
Referee: Iñigo Atorrasagasti (Guipúzcoa)
Assistant referees: Eneko Gañan, De La Vega

UE Santboiana Seat vs Cisneros
Referee: Pedro Montoya (Álava)

Hernani vs Universidade Vigo
Referee: Victor Riera (Barcelona)
Assistant referees: Ruíz García, Bilbao

División de Honor B, Round 9

Bera Bera vs Sant Cugat
Referee: Luis Santos (León)

Oviedo vs FC Barcelona
Referee: Juan Manuel Gárate (Cantabria)

Durango vs Independiente Santander
Referee: Iñigo Aguirre (Barcelona)

Barcelona Universitari Club vs Crat A Coruña
Referee: Iñaki Vergara (Guipúzcoa)

L'Hospitalet vs Eibar
Referee: Castro Muñiz (Asturias)

AD Ingenieros Indust vs CAU Valencia
Referee: José Bogas (Barcelona

Liceo Francés vs Alcobendas Rugby
Referee: Alfonso Mirat (Madrid)

Atco Portuense vs Helvetia Rugby
Referee: Francisco Ruiz Jiménez (Málaga)

CD Arquitectura vs Les Abelles
Referee: Félix Villegas (Valladolid)

1ª División Nacional, round 11

Ordizia“B” vs Gaztedi
Referee: Miguel De La Vega (Valladolid)

Atletico San Sebastian vs Irún
Referee: Bilbao (Vizcaya)

Baztan He vs Belenos
Referee: Alberto Ruiz Garcia (Vizcaya)

Universitario XV Bilbao vs Zarautz
Referee: Adrian Rodriguez Noriega (Asturias)

Poblenou Enginyers vs Ponent
Referee: José Luis Molpeceres (Barcelona)

Ibiza vs Sitges
Referee: Ignacio Chaves (Madrid)

Valencia vs UE Santboiana “B”
Referee: Eliseo Patron Costas (Granada)

Complutense Cisneros vs Badajoz
Referee: Vasile Mugurell (Alicante)

Olímpico Pozuelo vs XV Sanse Scrum
Referee: José Ignacio Fernandez Soria (Madrid)

Cáceres vs Majadahonda
Referee: Eneko Gañan (Segovia)

There are currently no matches being played
Sun, 26 February 2017
Bristol v Bath 11h00 Ashton Gate
Wasps v Gloucester 12h30 Ricoh Arena
Zebre v Ulster 12h30 Stadio Sergio Lanfranchi
Treviso v Connacht 12h30 Stadio Comunale di Monigo
Ospreys v Glasgow Warriors 13h05 Liberty Stadium
England v Italy 15h00 Twickenham Stadium
Mon, 27 February 2017
UCT-Ikeys v Maties 14h45 Cape Town
UWC v TUT 16h30 Cape Town
Rhodes v Fort Hare 16h30 Grahamstown
CUT-Ixias v UJ 16h30 Bloemfontein
CPUT v UKZN-Impi 16h30 Cape Town
UP-Tuks v Wits 16h30 Pretoria
Shimlas v NWU-Pukke 17h00 Bloemfontein
Thu, 02 March 2017
Force v Reds 10h30 Perth
Fri, 03 March 2017
Chiefs v Blues 06h35 Hamilton
Connacht v Zebre 19h35 Ascoli Piceno
Ulster v Treviso 19h35 Kingspan Stadium
Edinburgh v Ospreys 19h35 Myreside
Sale Sharks v Northampton Saints 20h15 AJ Bell Stadium
Sat, 04 March 2017
Hurricanes v Rebels 04h15 Wellington
Highlanders v Crusaders 06h45 Dunedin
Brumbies v Sharks 08h45 Canberra
Sunwolves v Kings 10h55 Singapore
Lions v Waratahs 13h05 Johannesburg
Leicester Tigers v Exeter Chiefs 15h00 Welford Road
Glasgow Warriors v Dragons 15h00 Scotstoun Stadium
Worcester Warriors v Bristol 15h00 Sixways
Bath v Wasps 15h00 Recreation Ground
Gloucester v Harlequins 15h00 Kingsholm
Stormers v Jaguares 15h15 Cape Town
Cardiff Blues v Munster 17h15 BT Sport Cardiff Arms Park
Cheetahs v Bulls 17h30 Bloemfontein
Leinster v Scarlets 19h35 RDS Arena
Pool 1
Team P W D L Pts
Munster 6 5 0 1 24
Glasgow Warriors 6 4 0 2 19
Leicester Tigers 6 2 0 4 8
Racing Metro 6 1 0 5 5
Pool 2
Team P W D L Pts
Wasps 6 4 1 1 22
Toulouse 6 3 2 1 18
Connacht 6 4 0 2 18
Zebre 6 0 0 6 0
Pool 3
Team P W D L Pts
Saracens 6 5 1 0 24
Toulon 6 3 0 3 16
Scarlets 6 2 1 3 11
Sale Sharks 6 1 0 5 4
Pool 4
Team P W D L Pts
Leinster 6 4 1 1 23
Montpellier 6 3 0 3 16
Castres 6 2 1 3 12
Northampton Saints 6 2 0 4 9
Pool 5
Team P W D L Pts
Clermont Auvergne 6 5 0 1 26
Bordeaux 6 3 0 3 14
Exeter Chiefs 6 2 0 4 12
Ulster 6 2 0 4 10