Referees to 20 January 2013

Mon, 14 Jan 2013 13:51
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As January flies away, the European competitions reach a critical stage - the last round of pool matches. The massive one is Leicester Tigers vs Toulouse in Leicester with George Clancy to referee.

As January flies away, the European competitions reach a critical stage - the last round of pool matches. The massive one is Leicester Tigers vs Toulouse in Leicester with George Clancy to referee.

Munster vs Racing-Métro is also a vital match for both clubs and there are other sides needing something special to get into the quarters - Leinster, Montpellier, Northampton Saints, Biarritz - maybe Harlequins will be merciful 0- and even Castres who play might Ulster.

There is plenrty to bring out the best in referees.


NACRA Championship

USA vs Mexico
Referee Chris Henshall
Assistant referees: Ed Ward (USA), Dave Edwards (USA)



Ireland  vs Spain
Referee: Helen O'Reilly (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Ger English (Ireland), Susan Carty (Ireland)


Lions vs Russia at Ellis Park
Referee: Lourens van der Merwe
Assistant referees: Local
Television match official: Johan Greeff
Assessor: Tappe Henning

Australian Youth Festival in Sydney


The match officials are all Australians.

South Africa vs Japan
Referee: Rachel Horton
Assistant referees: Darren Bradley, Michael Blair

Tonga vs China
Referee: Graham Cooper
Assistant referees: Tim Wills, James Marshall

Japan vs China
Referee: Anthony Moyes
Assistant referees: Michael Hogan, James Walker

Australia vs Tonga
Referee: Matt O'Brien
Assistant referees: Richard Goswell, Darren Bradley

Australia vs South Africa
Referee: Anthony Moyes
Assistant referees: Nathan Pearce, Tim Wills

China vs Japan
Referee: Amy Perrett
Assistant referees: Matt Kellahan, Peter Redwin

South Africa vs Japan
Referee: Will Houston
Assistant referees: Richard Goswell Michael Blair

Tonga vs China
Referee: Graham Cooper
Assistant referees: Nathan Pearce, Phil Baird

Tonga vs Japan
Referee: Will Houston
Assistant referees: Michael Hogan Peter Redwin

Australia vs China
Referee: Amy Perrett
Assistant referees: Darren Bradley, Jamie McGregor

Australia vs China
Referee: Graham Cooper
Assistant referees: Nathan Pearce, Tim Wills

South Africa vs Tonga
Referee: Anthony Moyes
Assistant referees: Michael Hogan, Matt Kellahan

South Africa vs Tonga
Referee: Matt O'Brien
Assistant referees: Richard Goswell, Jamie McGegor

Australia vs Japan
Referee: Rachel Horton
Assistant referees: Nathan Pearce, Tim Wills

Japan vs Australia
Referee: Will Houston
Assistant referees: Michael Hogan, Matt Kellahan

South Africa vs China
Referee: Matt O'Brien
Assistant referees: Richard Goswell, Jamie McGregor

South Africa vs China
Referee: Rachel Horton
Assistant referees: Tim Wills, Phil Baird

Australia vs Tonga
Referee: Amy Perrett
Assistant referees: Nathan Pearce, Matt Kellahan

Japan vs Tonga
Referee: Will Houston
Assistant referees: Jamie McGregor, Tim Wills

South Africa vs Australia
Referee: Anthony Moyes
Assistant referees: Richard Goswell, Michael Hogan

Heineken Cup, Round 6

Munster vs Racing Metro 92 at Thomond Park
Referee: Wayne Barnes (England)
Assistant referees: JP Doyle, (England) Robin Goodliffe (England)
Television match official: David Grashoff (England)
Timekeeper: John Cole (Ireland)
Citing commissioner: Tony Lanaway (England)
Assessor: Tom Aplin (Ireland)

Saracens vs Edinburgh at Vicarage Road
Referee: Jérôme Garces (France)
Assistant referees: Sébastien Cloute (France), Jérôme Lamirand (France)
Television match official: Jean-Marie Piraveau (France)
Timekeeper: John Burtenshaw (England)
Citing commissioner: Denis Templeton (Ireland)
Assessor: John Sheehan (Ireland)

Leicester Tigers vs Toulouse at Welford Road
Referee: George Clancy (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Mark Patton (Ireland), Olly Hodges (Ireland)
Television match official: Simon McDowell (Ireland)
Timekeeper: Brian Abrahams (England)
Citing commissioner: Ray Wilton (Wales)
Assessor: Patrick Robin (France)

Benetton Treviso vs Ospreys at Stadio Di Monigo
Referee: Greg Garner (England)
Assistant referees: Luke Pearce (England), Paul Dix (England)
Television match official: Trevor Fisher (England)
Timekeeper: Giovanni Morandin (Italy)
Citing commissioner: Yves Thieffine (France)
Assessor: Jim Fleming (Scotland)

Connacht vs Zebre at Sportsground
Referee: Pascal Gauzere (France)
Assistant referees: Jean-Luc Rebollal (France), Cyril Lafon (France)
Television match official: Daniel Irazoqui (France)
Timekeeper: Louis Cunningham (Ireland)
Citing commissioner: Aurwel Morgan (Wales)
Assessor: Fergus Neil (Scotland)

Biarritz vs Harlequins at Stade Aguiléra
Referee: John Lacey (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Paul Haycock (Ireland), Michael Black (Ireland)
Television match official: Seamus Flannery (Ireland)
Timekeeper: Eric Gonthier (France)
Citing commissioner: Roberto Carra (Italy)
Assessor: Nigel Williams (Wales)

Glasgow Warriors vs Northampton Saints at Scotstoun
Referee: Leighton Hodges (Wales)
Assistant referees: Gwynn Morris Wayne Davies (Wales)
Television match official: Huw Lewis (Wales)
Timekeeper: John McLaughlin (Scotland)
Citing commissioner: Maurizio Vancini (Italy)
Assessor: Gabriele Villari (Italy)

Castres vs Ulster at Pierre Antoine, Castres
Referee: Nigel Owens (Wales)
Assistant referees: Sean Brickell Jon Mason (Wales)
Television match official: Derek Bevan (Wales)
Timekeeper: Jean-Pierre Pellaprat (France)
Citing commissioner: Wade Dooley (England)
Assessor: Eric Darriere (France)

Scarlets vs Clermont Auvergne at Parc & Scarlets
Referee: Neil Paterson (Scotland)
Assistant referees: David Changleng (Scotland), Adrian Graves (Scotland)
Television match official: Jim Yuille (Scotland)
Timekeeper: Terry Thomas (Wales)
Citing commissioner: Alan Mansell (England)
Assessor: Claudio Giacomel (Italy)

Exeter Chiefs vs Leinster at Sandy Park
Referee: Romain Poite (France)
Assistant referees: Christophe Berdos (France), Eric Soulan (France)
Television match official: Bernard Dal Maso (France)
Timekeeper: Laurie Bryant (England)
Citing commissioner: Paul Minto (Wales)
Assessor: David Herbert (Wales)

Cardiff Blues vs Sale Sharks at Arms Park, Cardiff
Referee: Peter Fitzgibbon (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Eddie Hogan-O'Connell (Ireland), Will O'Connor (Ireland)
Timekeeper: Tony Rowlands (Wales)
Citing commissioner: Jean-Claude Legendre (France)
Assessor: Andy Clift (Scotland)

Montpellier vs Toulon at Stade Yves du Manoir
Referee: Alain Rolland (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Stuart Gaffikin (Ireland), Kevin Beggs (Ireland)
Television match official: Marshall Kilgore (Ireland)
Timekeeper: Serge Marzullo (Italy)
Citing commissioner: Shaun Gallagher (England)
Assessor: Patrick Thomas (France)

Amlin Cup, Round 6

London Irish vs Bordeaux-Bègles at Madejski Stadium
Referee: David Wilkinson (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Barrie O' Connell (Ireland), Ken Henley-Willis (Ireland)
Timekeeper: Roy Marfleet (England)
Assessor: Michel Lamoulie (France)

Gloucester vs Mont-de-Marsan at Kingsholm
Referee: Dudley Phillips (Ireland)
Assistant referees: John Carvill (Ireland), David Keane (Ireland)
Timekeeper: David Hudson (England)
Assessor: Clayton Thomas (Wales)

Worcester Warriors vs Bizkaia Gernika RT at Sixways
Referee: Cédric Marchat (France)
Assistant referees: Arnaud Blondel (France), Stéphane Boyer (France)
Timekeeper: Tony Turner (England)
Assessor: Gary Welsh (England)

Perpignan vs VEA Femi-CZ Rovigo at Aimé Giral
Referee: Neil Hennessy (Wales)
Assistant referees: Martyn Lewis Barrie Gregory (Wales)
Television match official: Nigel Whitehouse (Wales)
Timekeeper: Gérard Borreani (France)
Citing commissioner: Peter Brown (Scotland)
Assessor: Gordon McMurray

Mogliano vs Bayonne at Stadio Maurizio Quaggia
Referee: Ian Davies (Wales)
Assistant referees: James Jones Chris Williams (Wales)
Timekeeper: Valter Borghetto (Italy)
Assessor: Rosanno Facioli (Italy)

Newport Gwent Dragons vs London Wasps at Rodney Parade
Referee: Marius Mitrea (Italy)
Assistant referees: Stefano Pennè (Italy), Stefano Marrama (Italy)
Television match official: Alan Falzone (Italy)
Timekeeper: Tony Rowlands (Wales)
Citing commissioner: Francis Palmade (France)
Assessor: Les Peard (Wales)

Bath vs Bucharest Wolves at Recreation Grounds
Referee: Laurent Cardona (France)
Assistant referees: Salem Attalah (France), Mourad Zitouni (France)
Timekeeper: Matthew Peters (England)
Assessor: Michael Carroll (Ireland)

Agen vs Cammi Calvisano at Stade Armandie
Referee: Ian Tempest (England)
Assistant referees: David Rose (England), Nigel Carrick (England)
Timekeeper: Bruno Bessot (France)
Assessor: Bertie Smith (Ireland)

I Cavalieri Prato vs Grenoble at Stadio Enrico
Referee: Leo Colgan (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Kieran Barry (Ireland), Barry O'Keeffe (Ireland)
Timekeeper: Giorgio Maggi (Italy)
Assessor: Gianni Romano (Italy)

Stade Français vs London Welsh at Stade du Hainaut, Valenciennes
Referee: Andrew McMenemy (Scotland)
Assistant referees: Peter Allan (Scotland), Bob Nevins (Scotland)
Television match official: Iain Ramage (Scotland)
Timekeeper: Daniel Dartigeas (France)
Citing commissioner: Richard Gwynn (Wales)
Assessor: Joël Dumé (France)

British & Irish Cup

Munster A vs Plymouth Albion
Referee: Rhys Thomas (Wales)
Assistant referees: Dave O’Flynn (Ireland), Mark Connolly (Ireland)

Dundee vs Swansea
Referee: Nigel Correll (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Cammy Rudkin (Scotland) Stephen Ward (Scotland)
Assessor: John Bacigalupo (Scotland)

Leeds Carnegie vs Leinster A
Referee: Simon Rees (Wales)
Assistant referees: Brendan Fitzmaurice (England), tbc (England)

Rotherham Titans vs Aberavon
Referee: Simon Harding (England)
Assistant referees: Karl Kirkpatrick (England), Darryl Chapman (England)

Nottingham vs Llandovery
Referee: Sean Gallagher (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Marcus Caton (England), Simon McConnell (England)

Cross Keys vs Newcastle Falcons
Referee: Eanna O'Dowd (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Tim Davies (Wales), Ian Buckland (Wales)

Pontypridd vs Jersey
Referee: Matthew Carley (England)
Assistant referees: David Jones (Wales), Simon Wycherley (Wales)

Carmarthen Quins vs Cornish Pirates
Referee: Johann van der Merwe (Scotland)
Assistant referees: Jon Hardy (Wales), Stuart Vaudin (Wales)

Connacht Eagles vs Newport
Referee: Greg McDonald (England)
Assistant referees: Karol Collins (Ireland), Daniel Collins (Ireland)

Melrose vs Doncaster Knights
Referee: Steve Lee (England)
Assistant referees: Gary Gordon (Scotland), Rab McHenrey (Scotland)
Assessor: Colin High (Scotland)

Bridgend vs Ulster Ravens
Referee: John Meredith (England)
Assistant referees: Gareth Saunders (Wales), Gerwyn Taylor (Wales)

Neath vs Stirling County
Referee: Andrew Davies (Wales)
Assistant referees: Phil Harrhy (Wales), Mark Davis (Wales)

London Scottish vs Gala
Referee: Greg Morgan (Wales)
Assistant referees: Terry Hall (England), Roger Baileff (England)

Bedford Blues vs Bedwas
Referee: Tom Foley (England)
Assistant referees: Thomas Davis (England), James Minards (England)

Bristol vs Cardiff
Referee: Gary Conway (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Michael Cooper (England), Michael Patz (England)

Llanelli vs Moseley
Referee: Lloyd Linton (Scotland)
Assistant referees: Hugh Watkins (Wales), Simon Harris (Wales)



All Ireland Cup

Ballymena vs Cork Constitution
Referee: Darragh McCormack

Galwegians vs St Mary's
Referee: Brian Macneice


South Africa


UJ vs KOVSIES in Kroonstad
Referee: Jaco Kotze

South Western Districts vs NMMU at Outeniqua Park
Referee: Jason Jaftha

South Africa Under-20 vs UWC at Paul Roos Stadium
Referee: Quinton Immelman

South Western Districts vs Ikey Tigers at Plettenberg Bay
Referee: Jason Jaftha


División de Honor, Round 13

Universidade Vigo vs Atletico Madrid
Referee: Julio Aguirre (Barcelona)
Assistant referees: José Miguel Cuñado, Maxi Fraga

Ordizia vs La Vila
Referee: Jorge Molpeceres (Barcelona)
Assistant referees: Iñaki/Vergara, Arnaltz Bilbao

Getxo Artea vs Vrac Quesos Entrepinares
Referee: Sergi Figueruelo (Barcelona)
Assistant referees: Pedro Montoya, Arlantz Morentin

Ciencias Fund Cajasol vs UE Santboiana Seat
Referee: Félix Villegas (Valladolid)
Assistant referees: Manuel Rivero, Sebastian Macias

Cisneros vs Hernani
Referee: Alhambra Nievas (Málaga)
Assistant referees: Rubén Díaz, Ignacio Chaves

División de Honor B, Round 10

Barcelona Universitari Club vs L'Hospitalet
Referee: Marc Riera (Barcelona)

Durango vs Crat A Coruña
Referee: Fernando Raposo (Valladolid)

Oviedo vs Independiente Santander
Referee: Iñigo Atorrasagasti (Guipúzcoa)

Bera Bera vs FC Barcelona
Referee: Alfonso Mirat (Madrid)

Sant Cugat vs Eibar
Referee: Alberto Ruiz Jiménez (Málaga)

Atletico Portuense vs Arquitectura
Referee: Juan Manuel Gárate (Cantabria)

Liceo Francés vs Helvetia Rugby
Referee: Luis Santos (León)

CAU Valencia vs Universidad de Granada
Referee: David Castro (Asturias)

Ingenieros Indust vs Les Abelles
Referee: Rafael Ortega (Cádiz)

1ª División Nacional

Gaztedi vs Uribealdea
Referee: Alberto Ruiz Garcia (Vizcaya)

Irún vs Ordizia “B”
Referee: Alberto Pérez Iglesias (Asturias)

Belenos vs Atletico San Sebastian
Referee: Tirso López Lozano (Coruña)

Zarautz vs Baztan
Referee: Ignacio Marquinez (Cantabria)

Ponent vs GEIEG
Referee: Francisco Pesce (Madrid)

Sitges vs Poblenou Enginyers
Referee: Antoni Rodríguez Rigat (Barcelona)

UE Santboiana “B” vs Ibiza
Referee: José Luis Beltran (Valencia)

XV Sanse Scrum vs Badajoz
Referee: Joaquin Santoro (Valencia)

CAU Madrid vs Olímpico Pozuelo
Referee: Manuel Lázaro (Madrid)

Cáceres vs Complutense Cisneros
Referee: Andrés Rodríguez (Valladolid)

There are currently no matches being played
Fri, 27 April 2018
Hurricanes v Sunwolves 07h35 Wellington
Stormers v Rebels 13h00 Newlands
Leicester Tigers v Newcastle Falcons 18h45 Welford Road
Sat, 28 April 2018
Reds v Lions 05h05 Suncorp Stadium
Blues v Jaguares 07h35 Eden Park
Brumbies v Crusaders 09h45 Canberra
Kings v Cheetahs 13h00 Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium
Exeter Chiefs v Sale Sharks 14h00 Sandy Park
Worcester Warriors v Harlequins 14h00 Sixways
Gloucester v Bath 14h00 Kingsholm
Connacht v Leinster 14h05 Sportsground
Dragons v Scarlets 14h05 Rodney Parade
Bulls v Highlanders 15h15 Loftus Versfeld
Treviso v Zebre 16h00 Stadio Monigo
Cardiff Blues v Ospreys 16h35 Cardiff Arms Park
Munster v Ulster 16h35 Thomond Park
Edinburgh v Glasgow Warriors 18h35 Myreside
Sun, 29 April 2018
London Irish v Saracens 14h00 Madejski Stadium
Wasps v Northampton Saints 14h00 Ricoh Arena
Sun, 22 April 2018
Racing Metro v Munster 27 | 22
Brumbies v Jaguares 20 | 25
Sat, 21 April 2018
Ulster v Glasgow Warriors 36 | 15
Zebre v Ospreys 37 | 14
Sharks v Stormers 24 | 17
Leinster v Scarlets 38 | 16
Bulls v Rebels 28 | 10
Reds v Chiefs 12 | 36
Crusaders v Sunwolves 33 | 11
Fri, 20 April 2018
Waratahs v Lions 0 | 29
Blues v Highlanders 16 | 34
Sun, 15 April 2018
Saracens v Bath 41 | 6
London Irish v Exeter Chiefs 5 | 45
Sat, 14 April 2018
Leinster v Treviso 15 | 17
Kings v Cardiff Blues 12 | 45
Pool 1
Team P W D L Pts
La Rochelle 6 4 0 2 20
Wasps 6 3 0 3 17
Ulster 6 4 0 2 17
Harlequins 6 1 0 5 7
Pool 2
Team P W D L Pts
Clermont Auvergne 6 5 0 1 22
Saracens 6 3 1 2 18
Ospreys 6 2 1 3 15
Northampton Saints 6 1 0 5 6
Pool 3
Team P W D L Pts
Leinster 6 6 0 0 27
Exeter Chiefs 6 3 0 3 15
Montpellier 6 2 0 4 13
Glasgow Warriors 6 1 0 5 7
Pool 4
Team P W D L Pts
Munster 6 4 1 1 21
Racing Metro 6 4 0 2 19
Castres 6 2 1 3 12
Leicester Tigers 6 1 0 5 7
Pool 5
Team P W D L Pts
Scarlets 6 4 0 2 21
Toulon 6 4 0 2 19
Bath 6 4 0 2 18
Treviso 6 0 0 5 4