Checking on a goal

Tue, 22 Jan 2013 10:51
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Worcester Warriors are investigating a new device to ensure the scoring of a goal at rugby. It is called GoalScan.

Worcester Warriors are investigating a new device to ensure the scoring of a goal at rugby. It is called GoalScan.

Till now the referee has relied on his own judgement and in big matches the advice of a TMO. GoalScan will, it is thought, remove any doubt as to whether a penalty, conversion or drop goal has been successful or not.

GoalScan is the creation of Hereford-based advanced technology company IA Technology Limited. The device it designed  generates an electronic curtain which, when intruded by a rugby ball, transmits a signal to the referee. It will also, if required, activate flashing lights within the bar, LCD units and television monitors.

It is hoped that the technology will eradicate possible controversies such as the one which occurred in the match between Wales and South Africa at the 2011 Rugby World Cup. James Hook’s 14th minute penalty possibly was over as it sailed high towards the right upright. The goal was not awarded  by the touch judges or referee, and the referee, Wayne Barnes, did not refer the kick to the TMO. Wales lost the match by one point. It happened in the 15th minutes when South Africa were leading 10-3.

IA Technology took the concept of GoalScan to CEO of the RFU Francis Barron, who then arranged a meeting at Twickenham and it is now anticipated that GoalScan will become a part of an IRB trial.

The company now hope that their technological breakthrough will make a difference – and it is already being championed by Warriors chairman Cecil Duckworth, who said: “We have experienced some doubtful decisions here at Sixways Stadium so when I was approached by IA Technology we immediately thought it was a great idea so I contacted the RFU who were also very impressed.

“Hopefully it will be accepted by the IRB and I give the project my wholehearted support.”

Warriors players are set to test the technology at Sixways Stadium on Wednesday 23 January 2013 at 11.00.

There is at present no mention of cost, the nature of its installation or how frequently and widely it could be in use.