Kearsney Easter Fixtures 2013

Tue, 05 Feb 2013 13:17
Only one school was not in the FNB Top 20 in 2012

There will again be a powerful group of schools at Kearsney for its Annual Easter Festival.

Schools taking part: Boland Landbou (Paarl), Dr EG Jansen (Boksburg), Framesby (Port Elizabeth), Glenwood (Durban), Grey College (Bloemfontein), Kearsney (Durban), Nico Malan (Humansdorp), Outeniqua (George), Paarl Gim, Selborne (East London), Paul Roos (Stellenbosch), Westville (Durban)

Nico Malan is the only school not in the FNB Top 20 last year but they were beating at the door in week after week. Last year Paarl Gim were third, Grey fourth and Outeniqua fifth.

Kearsney Easter Festival Fixtures

Day 1 Thursday 28 March

08.30: KwaZulu Natal U13 Provincial Development vs Westville Senior Primary
09.30: Kearsney vs Framesby
10.45: Selborne vs Nico Malan
12.00: Glenwood vs Paul Roos
13.15: Grey College vs Boland Landbou
14.30: Outeniqua vs Dr EG Jansen
15.45: Paarl Gim vs Westville

Day 2 Saturday 30 March

08.30: KwaZulu Natal U13 Provincial Development vs Highbury Primary School
09.30: Nico Malan vs Boland Landbou
10.45: Outeniqua vs Westville
12.00: Kearsney vs Paarl Gim
13.15: Glenwood vs Selborne
14.30: D EG Jansen vs Paul Roos
15.45: Grey College vs Framesby

Day 3 Monday 01 April

08.30: KwaZulu Natal U13 Provincial Development vs Glenwood Preparatory
09.30: Dr EG Jansen vs Nico Malan
10.45: Framesby vs Westville
12.00: Gray College vs Outeniqua
13.15: Paul Roos vs Selborne
14.30: Paarl Gim vs Glenwood
15.45: Kearsney vs Boland Landbou

17.00: Awarding of Sharks Academy Bursaries