Drab start to Super Rugby

Mon, 18 Feb 2013 13:15

Super Rugby 2013 kicked off in Australia over the weekend and the stats tell us that it was a drab start.

Jan Taljaard has again sent us his time for ball in play and both matches were well below average.

The two matches were Rebels vs Force in Melbourne and Brumbies vs Reds in Canberra.

In addition we have included the ball-in-play time for Monday's two Varsity Cup matches and  one Community Cup match.

Super Rugby

Rebels vs Western Force (Gardner): 15 minutes 25 seconds + 15 minutes 31  seconds = 30 minutes 56 seconds
Brumbies vs Reds (Lees): 13 minutes 34 seconds + 17 minutes 53 seconds  = 31 minutes 27 seconds
Average: 31 minutes 12 seconds

Varsity Cup

Shimlas vs Tukkies (Tiaan Jonker):
14 minutes 32 seconds + 16 minutes 3 seconds = 30 minutes 35 seconds
Maties vs NMMU (Immelman): 17 minutes 48 seconds + 19 minutes 11 seconds = 36 minutes 59 seconds
Average:  33 minutes 47 seconds

Community Cup

The first round of the Community Cup was played on Saturday - a new national club competition for clubs other than university clubs.

College Rovers vs Despatch (Berry): 16 minutes 39 seconds + 13 minutes 56 seconds = 30 minutes 35 seconds

Last weekend the matches with the ball in play longest were France vs Wales (38 minutes 54 seconds) and in the Varsity Cup, Tukkies vs Ikeys (39 minutes 47 seconds).

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