Fichardtpark's huge sports day

Thu, 28 Feb 2013 21:29
Large balls stacked

Some 4 500 boys and girls will take part in the 12th Hoërskool Fichardtpark's sports day on Saturday.

Some 4 500 boys and girls will take part in the 12th Hoërskool Fichardtpark's sports day on Saturday.

They will be taking part in several activities - rugby, netball, hockey, golf, indoor shooting. chess and tennis. at various Bloemfontein venues.

Some 300 parents will join with the Fichardtpark staff to present the day.

Rugby Fixtures

A Field

08.00: Staatspresident Swart vs Gill
09.10: Grens vs Zastron
10.20: Rooiskool vs Marlow
11.30: HTS Louis Botha vs Welkom Gimnasium
12.40: Noordkaap vs Hentie Cilliers
13.50: Grey Cherries vs Landboudal
15.00: Grey College vs Bethlehem Voortrekker
16.10: Fichardtpark vs Witteberg

B Field

08.00: Welkom High vs HTS Kimberley
09.10: Hendrik Potgieter vs Middelburg
10.20: Hangklip vs Hoërskool Bloemfontein
11.30: Douglas vs Hopetown
12.40: Burgersdorp vs Hennenman
13.50: Riebeeckstad vs De Aar
15.00: Koffiefontein vs Hoopstad
16.10: President Steyn vs Aliwal-Noord

C Field

07.00: Fichardtpark U19C vs Landboudal
08.00: Grens U15A vs HTS Louis Botha
09.10: Grens U16A vs HTS Louis Botha
10.20: Marlow U15A vs Bethlehem Voortrekker
11.30: Noordkaap U19B vs Bethlehem Voortrekker
12.40: Grey College U16B vs Bethlehem Voortrekker U16A
13.50: Grey College U16A vs Noordkaap
15.00: Rooiskool U19B vs Landboudal
16.10: HTS Louis Botha U19B vs Welkom Gimnasium

Fichardtpark Primary

Under-14 matches

08.00:  Landboudal vs Welkom Gimnasium
09.00: Marlow vs Bethlehem Voortrekker
10.00: Fichardtpark B vs Wessel Maree A
11.00: Fichardtpark vs Witteberg
12.00: HTS Louis Botha vs Grens
13.00: Rooiskool vs Noordkaap
14.00: President Steyn vs Riebeeckstad
15.00: Staatspresident Swart vs Hentie Cilliers
16.00: Hoërskool Bloemfontein vs Welkom High

Martie du Plessis A Field

08.00: Fichardtpark U19B vs Wessel Maree U19A
09.10: Rooiskool U15A vs Noordkaap
10.20: Welkom High vs Hoërskool Bloemfontein
11.30: President Steyn U16A vs Landboudal
12.40: De Aar U16A vs Wessel Maree
13.50: Martie du Plessis U19A vs President Steyn U19B
15.00: Hendrik Potgieter U15A vs Douglas
16.10: HTS Kimberley U15A vs Hennenman

Martie du Plessis B Field

08.00: Fichardtpark U15A vs Witteberg
09.10: Aliwal-Noord U15A vs Staatspresident Swart
10.20: Zastron U15A vs Hoopstad
11.30: Hentie Cilliers U15A vs Landboudal
12.40: Middelburg U15A vs Fichardtpark U15B
13.50: Witteberg U16A vs Fichardtpark
15.00: De Aar U15A vs Riebeeckstad
16.10: Martie du Plessis U15A vs Dr Brõhmer