Bright future for Boland

Fri, 01 Mar 2013 16:06
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The union is in good hands

Boland Rugby Union president Francois Davids is confident the union will go from strength to strength after the election of the new Executive Committee at their annual general meeting in Wellington on Thursday.

Denver Pienaar, A.K. Warnick, Bertrum Vraagom, Hennie Lategan, Stephen Jones and Maurice Markus join Davids, vice-president Nigel Samuels and chief executive officer Willie Small on the Executive Committee for the next two years.

“The new members are strong individuals and each bring a certain level of expertise to the table. We are excited about the road ahead and together, every member can added value to the Boland Rugby Union,” said Davids.  

Small echoed Davids’ sentiments.

“The new committee held a meeting following the election and we are positive about the strategic direction in which the Boland Rugby Union will be moving. With knowledgeable management who all hold leadership positions at their clubs, we are convinced the union is in good hands.

“The fact that the business arm (Boland Rugby Pty Ltd) is now the sole owner of the Boland Rugby Union and the committee members all boast business experience means they will be able to take Boland rugby to the next level,” said Small.  

Davids indicated that he will be making additional appointments with regard to transformation and other specialist areas.

The matter relating to a motion of no confidence by Rangers Rugby Club against the presidency and former Executive Committee that surfaced in the media last year was rejected at the annual general meeting with no viable proposition.

“If you look at where the union was in 2009 and where the union is today, there’s a significant improvement. The union is on the right track and we are excited about the future of Boland rugby,” said Davids.