Schools Day Results

Mon, 18 Mar 2013 23:37

What a wonderful chance for schoolboys to play in such a great stadium!


The ninth modern Schools Day was held at Newlands on Monday, 18 March.

There was mini rugby, Under-13 matches and five 1st XV matches. The 1st XV matches were 20 minutes each way.

Autumns weather at the Cape has been a mixed bag. Some days have been almost unbearably hot and then there were days like Monday - cold and damp, and Newlands is the dampest part of South Africa. But what a wonderful chance for schoolboys to play in such a great stadium, one of the oldest in the world where Test matches date back to 1891.

For many exciting rugby means lots of tries but the match between Rondebosch and Paarl Boys' High produced no tries. Not a single point was scored and yet it was a thriller. The Rondebosch defence was brave.

The 1st XV Results

SACS vs Strand, 5-5
Bishops vs Stellenberg, 25-10
Paul Roos vs Wynberg, 20-15
Rondebosch vs Paarl Boys' High, 0-0
Paarl Gim vs Boland Landbou, 20-5

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