Welsh regions hit back at WRU

Mon, 01 Apr 2013 14:12
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Staggered and bitterly disappointed

The four Welsh regions have hit back at a statement released by the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) on Sunday covering a number of issues.

The statement from the WRU clarified their position on the Professional Regional Game Board (PRGB), marketing of the four regions, player transfers, central contracts and the controversy surrounding wing George North's potential move to the English Premiership.

Regional Rugby Wales responded to this by releasing a statement of their own which expressed shock at the approach that the WRU took to the situation.

"The four Welsh regions are united in expressing how staggered and bitterly disappointed they all are with the nature, intent and content of the public statement made by the WRU on a number of issues affecting Welsh rugby," it read.

As a result of the divisive statement, Regional Rugby Wales is considering how best to proceed with the matter.

"There are a number of significant comments made within the WRU statement, that the four regions will now need to consider very seriously and with the appropriate amount of time and discussion before making a full and united response."

The WRU statement explained that the four regions have slowed the progress of the PRGB, a suggestion that was denied by Regional Rugby Wales.

"The Regions have not changed or altered in any way their interpretation, understanding, intent or commitment to the agreements reached since the first proposals were made in May 2012.

"The only queries raised subsequently, which have affected the establishment of the PRGB and the memorandum of understand signed by all five parties, have been made by the WRU which has in turn delayed the process.

"The four Welsh regions have been committed and open in providing full and detailed information for the PwC report and its recommendations and have been consistent in their aims to work in partnership for successful establishment of the PRGB," read the statement.