WRU calls for central contracts

Tue, 02 Apr 2013 10:38

The Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) has invited representatives from each of the four regional organisations to a meeting to discuss the contracting centrally of key Welsh rugby talent.
The WRU has appealed to the four regional organisations to put aside their agreement not to play centrally contracted players and work with the union to help secure the future of young Welsh players.
The WRU will table, in advance of the meeting, a range of detailed options to be discussed, in addition to those already proposed, so that the four regional organisations are fully prepared to take part in a meaningful debate.
In an official statement the WRU stated that they would also welcome suggestions from the four regional organisations on how best a centrally contracted player system would work to help safeguard Welsh rugby.

In a separate statement released on Monday, the WRU claimed that despite having first tabled an offer to discuss centrally contracting Welsh qualified regional players in August 2012 and since renewing that proposal no meaningful response from the Regions has yet been received.

The WRU revisited the issue of George North and agreed to consider assisting in a financial model to retain him in Wales with one of the four Regions.

The WRU has recently discovered that the Regions signed an agreement which precludes any of them playing an individual who is centrally contracted to the Union.

The WRU urged all four Regions to abandon this stance and return to the negotiating table.