Prep Results Day 3

Tue, 02 Apr 2013 12:24

The Easter Rugby Festivals at St John's and KES ended on Easter Monday. Prep schools were included in both tournaments.

In June there is the Independent Prep Schools Rugby Festival hosted by Waterkloof House Preparatory School.

St John's Results Day 3

Clifton vs St John's, 33-7
Cordwalles vs Waterkloof House, 12-7
KwaZulu Natal Development vs Orchards, 34-0
Leeuwenhof vs Maragon, 55-0
St Benedict's vs Pridwin, 10-0
The Ridge vs Woodridge, 27-7
Virginia vs St Stithians, 22-19

KES Results Day 3

Bedfordview vs Pirates, 29-22
Florida vs Bryanston, 44-0
Jan Celliers    vs Golden Lions, 33-14
KEPS vs Linksfield, 50-0
Laerskool Rynfield     vs Rynfield Primary, 51-0
Wynberg vs Hurlyvale, 31-0

Day 1

St John's

Clifton vs The Ridge, 24-15
Cordwalles vs Maragon, 44-0
KwaZulu Natal Development vs St Stithians, 21-10
Leeuwenhof vs Pridwin, 43-12
St Benedict's vs Virginia Prep, 17-12
St John’s vs Orchards, 14-5
Woodridge vs Waterkloof House, 14-13


Bedfordview vs Linksfield, 12-5
Bryanston vs Bedfordview, 45-0
Florida vs Pirates, 39-19
Hurlyvale vs Pirates, 35-17
Jan Celliers vs Bryanston, 31-0
Jan Celliers vs Linksfield, 52-0
KEPS vs Golden Lions, 35-0\
KEPS vs Hurlyvale, 19-13
Laerskool Rynfield vs Florida, 48-0
Laerskool Rynfield vs Wynberg, 14-12
Rynfield Primary vs Golden Lions, 20-0
Wynberg vs Rynfield Primary, 24-7

Day 2

St John's

Cordwalles vs Pridwin, 12-0
Leeuwenhof vs KwaZulu Natal Development, 38-5
St Benedict’s vs Clifton, 22-15
St Stithians vs Orchards, 21-5
The Ridge vs Maragon, 26-5
Waterkloof House vs Virginia, 27-5
Woodridge vs St John’s, 26-0


Golden Lions vs Hurlyvale, 12-10
Golden Lions vs Linksfield, 71-0
Jan Celliers vs Bedfordview, 66-0
Jan Celliers vs Rynfield Primary, 40-12
KEPS vs Bryanston, 53-0
Laerskool Rynfield     vs Pirates, 69-0
Laerskool Rynfield vs Bedfordview, 73-0
Pirates vs Bryanston, 29-14
Rynfield Primary vs Linksfield, 57-0
Wynberg vs Florida, 33-7
Wynberg vs KEPS, 35-6