Final Day Results at Krugersdorp

Tue, 02 Apr 2013 17:11

Easter Monday was the final day of the Krugersdorp High School Easter Festival, advertised as the 'best in the west'. again it was a day of high scoring.

Day 3, Monday 1 April 2013:

Falcon (Zimbabwe) vs Krugersdorp High, 42-3
Linden vs Jabulani, 71-0
Rustenburg vs Viadana (Italy), 37-0
St Charles vs President, 36-5
St George’s (Zimbabwe) vs Standerton 17-10
Warmbad vs St David's, 38-5

Day 1, Thursday 28 March 2013:

Krugersdorp High vs Jabulani 14-10
Linden vs Falcon (Zimbabwe) , 39-32
Rustenburg vs St George’s (Zimbabwe), 32-7
St Charles vs Viadana (Italy), 18-7
St David’s vs Standerton, 29-24
Warmbad vs President, 58-0

Day 2, Saturday 30 March 2013:

Falcon (Zimbabwe) vs St David’s, 39-14
Linden vs Warmbad, 17-10
President vs Jabulani, 49-17
Rustenburg vs Standerton, 37-18
St Charles vs Krugersdorp High, 25-13
Viadana (Italy) vs St Georges (Zimbabwe), 20-13

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