U15 at Hilton

Wed, 03 Apr 2013 08:39

Hilton is the magnificent venue for the Independent Schools' Under-15 Rugby Festival, starting on Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The 17 schools will play six matches (25 minute chukkas) over three days.

The participating schools: St Dunstan’s (Benoni), Woodhill (Pretoria), Kingswood (Grahamstown), Ashton (Ballito), Woodridge (Port Elizabeth), Clifton (Durban), Uplands (White River), Penryn (Nelspruit), St Charles (Pietermaritzburg), Michaelhouse (Balgowan), St Andrew’s School (Bloemfontein), St Alban’s (Pretoria), Thomas More (Kloof), St Andrew’s College (Grahamstown), Kearsney (Botha's Hill), St David’s (Inanda, Johannesburg) and hosts Hilton College.


Wednesday 3 April 2013

Gilfillan Field

08.00: Hilton vs St Dunstan’s
08.30: Woodhill vs Kingswood
09.00: Ashton vs Woodridge
09.30:Clifton vs Uplands
10.00: Penryn vs St Charles
10.30: Michaelhouse vs St Andrew’s (Bloemfontein)
11.00: St Alban’s vs Thomas More
11.30: St Andrew’s (Grahanmstown) vs Kearsney
12.00: St David’s vs Hilton
12.30: St Dunstan’s vs Woodhill
13.00: Kingswood vs Ashton
13.30: Woodridge vs Clifton
14.00: Uplands vs St Charles
14.30: Penryn vs Michaelhouse
15.00: St Andrew’s (Bloemfontein) vs St Alban’s
15.30: Thomas More vs St Andrew’s (Grahamstown)
16.00: Kearsney vs St David’s

Thursday 4 April 2013


08.00: St Dunstan’s vs Ashton
08.30: St David’s vs Woodhill
09.00: Kingswood vs Clifton
09.30: Penryn vs Woodridge
10.00: Uplands vs Thomas More
10.30: Michaelhouse vs St Alban’s
11.00: St Andrew’s (Bloemfontein) vs Kearsney
11.30: Hilton vs St Andrew’s (Grahamstown)
12.00: St Charles vs Ashton
12.30: Clifton vs St Dunstan’s
13.00: St David’s vs Thomas More
13.30: Uplands vs Woodridge
14.00: Kearsney vs Penryn
14.30: Michaelhouse vs Kingswood
15.00: Woodhill vs St Charles
15.30: St Andrew’s (Grahamstown) vs St Andrew’s (Bloemfontein)
16.00: Hilton vs St Alban’s

Saturday, 6 April 2013


08.00: Woodhill vs Ashton
08.30: Hilton vs Clifton
09.00: Kearsney vs Uplands
09.30: Michaelhouse vs St Andrew’s (Grahamstown)
10.00: Hilton vs Kingswood
10.30: Ashton vs St Alban’s
11.00: St Andrew’s (Bloemfontein) vs Thomas More
11.30: Woodridge vs Kearsney
12.00: Clifton vs Michaelhouse
12.30: St David’s vs Uplands

Lombard Field

08.00: Kingswood vs St Dunstan’s
08.30: Penryn vs St Alban’s
09.00: St Andrew’s (Bloemfontein) vs St Charles
09.30: Thomas More vs Woodridge
10.00: Penryn vs Woodhill
11.00: St Andrew’s (Grahamstown) vs St David’s
11.30: St Charles vs St Dunstan’s