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Kings Park booze ban

Tue, 16 Apr 2013 17:51
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Supporters will no longer be allowed to drink alcohol on Kings Park’s outer fields.

According to The Mercury, police have moved to enforce existing legislation banning drinking alcohol in public spaces and that anyone caught drinking on the outer fields will face arrest.

This follows the recent murder of UK rugby fan Brett Williams by a group of fans on the Kings Park outer fields.

Berea Rovers chairman Wayne Scott said the club will inform all patrons driving on to its fields that if they chose to drink at their vehicles, they would do so at their own risk.

“Obviously this is going to affect clubs like ours as people who buy alcohol from our bars may now not want to if they cannot drink it at their cars. We may have to look at reducing our prices so that they are encouraged to come in and drink at the bar.

’I do not know of anywhere in this country or even overseas where you can find the same atmosphere you find here at Kings Park. But recent incidents, by a minority, have spoilt it and the police now have to act, and rightly so,” said Scott.