Rebel among rebels

Thu, 09 May 2013 11:46
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Who is the leak?

The hunt is on to find who was responsible for the leak that landed Kurtley Beale in trouble.

The Beale camp is furious not only that the precise details of the troubled player's undertakings to the ARU were made public, but are also keen to learn who was the culprit that alerted the ARU and Rebels about the player's latest booze binge.

They also want to know whether his Rebels teammates could have done more to support him last Saturday.

The Rebels and ARU released a broadly worded and very brief statement referring to a breach of ''behavioural guidelines'', but within minutes it was being reported that Beale's slip was over alcohol: that he had agreed not to drink but had done so in the presence of his teammates.

The Rebels were careful not to go into who was and was not aware of Beale's decision-making process after the Storm NRL game but, notwithstanding valid points about personal responsibility, the incident raises further questions about the quality of leadership at the franchise.

Beale's future at the Rebels, already in serious doubt due to overtures from the Waratahs, now looks terminal.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald