Henry in the 'sin bin'

Thu, 23 May 2013 09:53
Graham-henry-pulls-face John-kirwan-_-graham-henry- Graham-henry-hands-up Graham-henry-630 Graham-henry-pensive

Graham Henry, who will front up to a SANZAR disciplinary hearing on Sunday, has already been "punished" by the Blues for his tactless blow-up at a media briefing earlier this week.

Following his verbal attack on match officials in the Blues' loss to the Crusaders, SANZAR on Thursday revealed they have brought a misconduct complaint against Henry, currently an assistant coach at the Blues.

The Blues attempted to play down the looming hearing and make light of the issue, by revealing that he has been removed from fronting up to the media.

"Sorry to disappoint you guys, but we let him out, he's had a bit of a dig, so we've just put him back again and settled him down a wee bit," Blues coach John Kirwan said.

"It certainly changed the last three days for me."