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Clip on new scrum procedures

Fri, 14 Jun 2013 09:08

The link for these clips:


André Watson, South Africa's refereeing boss, has sent out a series of IRB clips on the new engagement procedure for scrums in the desperate hope that scrummaging will be improved.

The IRB's instruction contains detail steps of the procedure to help both referees and players. There is comprehensive visual evidence plus written aids for players and referees.

The link for these clips:

This system has been used in the Junior World Championship, currently taking place in France. It includes giving the scrumhalf the go-ahead to putting the ball in.

There is also an instruction on putting the ball in straight. If this can be achieved it will greatly enhance refereeing credibility.

In Thursdays Junior World Championship match between England and the USA, England won by over a hundred points. They had by far the dominant scrum. That did not stop the England scrumhalf from putting the ball in skew. Old habits die hard it seems.

It is devoutly to be hopped that this will improve scrumming, reduce the infamous hit and make for a better contest in the scrums.

Last Saturday, New Zealand played France in 'perfect conditions' at Eden Park in Auckland. This is a summary of what happened in the scrums:

15 scrums
16 collapses
7 resets
3 free kicks
7 penalties - two against New Zealand, 5 against France
2 scrums were free of problems.

That is hardly ideal.