Battle of Mbombela expected

Fri, 14 Jun 2013 13:44
De-villiers630 Jean-de-villiers-bok-presse
Nothing has changed for us from a game-plan point of view

Springbok captain Jean de Villiers is not underestimating Scotland in the slightest as they prepare to take them on in Nelspruit.

Although South Africa have a favourable record over the Scots there is always that opportunity that they could spring a surprise. They did it in 2010 when they beat the Springboks in Ediburgh.

Jean de Villiers remembers that day but he has not let it get into his mind heading into this fixture.

"Four of five guys played in that game and it was a massive low in my career, but once you start concentrating on the negative, it can influence you badly," he said.

The Scots have been ravaged by injury but this is not distracting De Villiers.

"They made a couple of changes but I think it is a stronger team than the one they played last week."

It is important that sides focus on their game and the Springboks are wel and truly focused on what they have to do after a good win over Italy last weekend.

The way in which South Africa beat Italy was exciting, although they might not have had the strongest opposition they still managed to produce solid, entertaining rugby.

The game-plan is not changing for the Boks - and it should not.

"Nothing has changed for us from a game-plan point of view. It is just identifying the space and getting the ball into that space.

"We did that well last week and the decision-making was much better.

"If we can remain spot on with that, then hopefully we can see more tries again," De Villiers added.

It is still two years away but De Villiers also mentioned the importance of getting one over the Scots mentally because they will share a pool at the next World Cup in England.

"The fact that Scotland is in our pool for 2015 means you want to get the mental edge over them, but that is still two years away and some of the guys that are playing in this game will probably not be there in 2015," he said.