Cape Schools Week survives

Mon, 24 Jun 2013 15:41

Kenny Ball, the SACS headmaster, strongly advocated the continuance of the week


There was a suggestion that the Cape Schools Week, first played in 1980, be scrapped.

Those suggesting its scrapping were partly opposed to the amount of rugby boys were playing in the first half of the season, the lack of edge to the week in the light of the proliferation of tournaments at Easter and other times and the effect of Craven Week and preparations for Craven Week at this time.

The participants held their AGM on Monday morning and Kenny Ball, the SACS headmaster, stood up and strongly advocated the continuance of the week, after which opposition  largely evaporated.

The Cape Schools Week will go ahead in the same format of Eastern Cape and Western Cape schools playing each other.

Grey High will host the 2015 Cape Schools Week in Port Elizabeth.

The first Cape Schools Week was held in 1980. It's founder, Ray Connellan, died earlier this month.