Cape Schools Week Results, Day 2

Mon, 24 Jun 2013 18:43

Saturday was sunny and lovely, Monday rainy and miserable at Paarl Gim, hosts of the Cape Schools Week.

In the first three matches Eastern Cape were winners but then the West came back with big wins.

Results, Day 2

Selborne vs Rondebosch, 23-17
Queen's vs SACS, 19-17
Grey High vs Boland Landbou, 20-8
Wynberg vs Muir, 38-6
Paarl Gim vs Dale, 38-3

Results, Day 1

Boland Landbou vs Dale, 34-22
Muir vs Rondebosch, 31-27
Paarl Gim vs Grey High, 27-25
Wynberg vs Queen's, 26-20
Selborne vs SACS, 11-9

Fixtures, Day 3, Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A Field

08.00: SACS vs Grey High
09.20: Wynberg vs Dale
10.40: Boland Landbou vs Selborne

B Field
09.20: Rondebosch vs Queen's
10.40: Paarl Gim vs Muir

Photograph: EJ Langner - Rondebosch score against Muir